GATE 2022 CSE Answer Key with Question Paper (Out) – Download PDF for Computer Science Engineering

GATE 2022 CSE Answer Key with Question Paper – Candidates can check the GATE 2022 CSE Answer key from this page. It is available now. The answer key has been released unofficial by premier coaching institutes. Candidates can use them to calculate their probable score before the official answer key becomes available. To check probable score candidates should follow the marking scheme of GATE 2022. Questions of both 1 mark and 2 mark will be asked in the exam. For each 1 mark question, the correct answer gives 1 mark and a wrong answer gives -1/3 mark. Similarly for each 2 mark question, the correct answer gives 2 mark and a wrong answer gives -2/3 mark. The official answer key for GATE 2022 CS will be tentatively released soon by IIT KGP. Scroll down to know more about GATE Computer Science Paper (CS) answer key 2022.

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GATE 2022 CS Answer Key with Question Paper

GATE CSE Answer Key PDF 2022


Answer: Option A, R A R 


Answer: Option A, fare/fair 


Answer: 1.42 

Q. COA questions 

Answer: There will be no difference in the miss penalty. The average excess value is not more than 30ns. The value of x= 0.85

Q. Tools Compliment Based Question 

Answer: Option A

Q. Find the minimum sequence number field with the given values 

Answer: 36 

Q. Root aggregation question

Q. TOC and Computer Network Questions 

Satellite question

Answer: 0/20

Answer: 7.08 ms

Q. NAT Question – There are 6 identical balls, and 3 identical bins. Distribute the balls in the bins. In how many ways can you break the 6 balls in a maximum of 3 parts? 

Answer: 7 

Q. Aptitude question

Answer: Option D, Metrics are useful in organizations with good work culture

Q. Aptitude Questions

Answer: Option A, Statement 1 and Statement 3

Q. Data Structure Question

Ans. ZKS

Q. In a recently conducted national entrance test, boys constituted 65% of those who appeared for the test. Girls constituted for the remaining candidates and accounted for 60% of the qualified candidates. Who qualified less, girls or boys?

Answer: Option B. The number of boys who qualified the test is less than the number of girls who qualified.

Q. Aptitude Probability Question. A box contains 5 balls of the same size and same shape. 3 of the balls are green, 2 orange balls. Balls are drawn from the box one at a time. If a green ball is drawn it is not replaced. If the first ball is an orange ball, then it is replaced with an orange ball. 

What is the probability of getting an orange ball in the next draw? 

Option A) 23/50

Option B) 19/50 

Option C) 2/25

Option D) 1/2 Answer: Option A, 23/50

Q. DBMS question 

Answer: 2 

Q. Relational Algebra Question – Return the query the gives set of employee ids who own all the brands (MSQ)


Answer: Both A and B 

Q. Transaction Serializability Question 

Which of the following options are conflict equivalent to this?

Option A) T3 T1 T4 T2 

Option B) T1 T4 T3 T2 

Option C) T1 T3 T4 T2 

Option D) T4 T1 T3 T2 

Answer: Option C, T1 T3 T4 T2

Q. DBMS question – Identify which statement is true?

Option A) If all attributes are prime attributes then relation is always in BCNF

Option B) A relation with two attributes in BCNF 

Answer: Option B – A relation with two attributes in BCNF 

Ques) MCQ (1 Marks) – Which of the following give the maximum throughput for transferring data from hard disk to main memory?

Ans) Option A

Q. MCQ (2 Marks)Consider a 3-D array :

Ans) Option A

Q. Expression Tree Question 
Compute the expression

Ans. 80

Q. CD Question

Ans. 5

Ques) NAT (1 Mark) Find the number of super keys. 

            R (A B C D E)

            AB → C

            BC → D

            C → E        

Ans) There are 8 super keys

Q. Mathematics Limit Question

Ans. -0.5

Ques) NAT (1 Mark)

If 10 vertices are there, what is the maximum number of edges in disconnected graph?

Ans) 36

Ques) NAT (1 Mark) 

           S→ S

           S→ S + R

           R→ R*P / P

           P→ (S)/id

          If Io[S’→S, S→ S + R], find the number of productions?

Ans) 5

Q. The information is given : R4(X), R2(X), R3(X), R1(Y), W1(Y), W2(X), R3(Y), R4(Y). Is it conflict   serializable or not?

Ans) Yes

Q. Pointer Question 

Answer. 10 10 14

Q. Mathematics Algorithm Question 

Question: What is the worst case time complexity of an algorithm that reverses a singly linked list in order of 1 space complexity? 

Answer: Order of N, O(N) 

Q. Which one of the following is/are eigenvectors of the matrix?

The options for the asked question are: 

Answer: Option A and D.

Q. For making elements of Q2 -> 4,3,2,1, how many minimum number of NQ operations are required?

Ans) 10 minimum steps are required

Q. Mathematics Area Question asked:

Answer. A) 13/6

Q. ​If r is root of x^2+2x+6=0Then value of (r+2)(r+3)(r+4)(r+5) is?

A) -51 B) – 51 C) -126 D) -126

Q. Which of the decimal numbers of the  below given is false?

Option A) A+C= 0 

Option B) B= 3C

Option C) C= A+B

Option D) = (B-C) > 0 

Answer: C C=A+B is False 

Q. Digital Question – Floating point question 

Floating point representation of three points A, B and C has been given

The floating point of A is C140 0000 H

The floating point of B is 4210 0000 H

The floating point of C is 4140 0000 H

Q. There was a diagram question, like this

A.(ba*a + ab*b)* (ab* + ba*)

Q. a[3] [3] [3] = {1, 2, 3…9} {10, 11, …18} {19, ….27} for (i=o; i<3; i++) for (k=o; k<3; k++)

Q. If a graph has 10 vertices and is undirected then what will be the maximum number of edges?

A. 45

Q. r²+2r+6=0 and value of (r+2)(r+3)(r+4)(r+5) where r root of quadratic equation

What is GATE 2022 CS Memory Based Answer Key?

Premier institutions like Brilliant and Allen make answer keys for examination on the day the exams get over, so that students can check their answers before the official key releases. These answer keys will be based on the questions provided by the candidates who took the exam. These questions will be based on their memory of the questions asked in the paper. Candidates can download the Memory based answer keys from the above mentioned link.

How to Use GATE 2022 CS Answer Key to Calculate Score

GATE 2022 question paper contains of 10 General Aptitude question (15 marks) and 55 subject questions (85 marks).

The question may carry 1 or 2 marks. The General Aptitude section will contain 5 questions of 1 mark each and 5 questions of 2 marks each. While the subject part of the question paper will contain 25 questions carrying 1 mark and 30 questions carrying 2 marks.

The questions may be of MCQ (Multiple Choice Question), MSQ (Multiple Select Question) or NAT (Numerical Answer Type). The number of questions in each type are prone to changes every year and among different papers.

For 1 mark questions, candidates gain a positive mark of 1 for each correct answer and a negative of -1/3 for each wrong answer. For 2 mark questions, candidates gain a positive mark of 2 for each correct answer and a negative of -2/3 for each wrong answer. In both types of questions, 0 marks are provided for any answer left unmarked.

Candidates can use the answer keys to find out the number of correct and wrong answers and use the marks per question to calculate their total score.

When will Official GATE 2022 CS Answer Key Release?

Gate 2022 CS answer key with question paper is set to be released by the second week of March 2022. After this, a short period of time will be allotted for the candidates to contest the answer key against a payment.

On 17th March 2022, the final answer key for GATE 2022 Computer Science (CS) will be released on the official website. After this, the final result of GATE 2022 CS will be released. Qualified candidates can download the score cards from their account after the results are declared

How to download official GATE CS answer key with question paper 2022?

Candidates can download GATE 2022 CS answer key with question paper from the GATE 2022 Website. The answer keys and question papers will be displayed individually for all the 29 papers. Candidates should make sure the code for the paper they downloaded matches the one which they wrote.

The responses submitted by the candidate can also be viewed after logging into the GATE 2022 official Website with the candidates credentials. Candidates can use this to match their answers with the answer key and to challenge the answer key.

How to Challenge GATE 2022 answer key

Candidates may submit their contests on the answer key provided during the allotted time period by submitting a payment. They need to follow the following steps to submit their challenges for the answer key:

  • STEP 1: The Candidates need to log in to the official GATE 2022 website using their credentials to challenge the gate 2022 Answer key.
  • STEP 2: Candidates can click on the question number they want to contest from the answer key and challenge it.
  • STEP 3: They need to select the correct answer and upload the supporting documents for the same.
  • STEP 4: By paying a fee of Rs. 500, the challenge made by the candidate is then accepted and put under review.

It is worthy to be noted that, if the contest is found to be correct, the amount paid by the candidate will be refunded.

GATE 2022 question paper

GATE 2022 CS Answer key with the question paper will be released by the second week of March 2022 on the official GATE website. The question paper will contain 2 different sections, the General Aptitude section for 15 marks and the subject section for 85 marks. The GA section will contain 10 questions while the subject section will contain 55 questions.

GATE 2022 contains 29 different question papers, each for a different subject. The papers might see slight variations in number of questions and marks per question, but generally it will consist of 15 marks of General Aptitude questions and 85 marks of Subject questions.

The different types of questions and their marking scheme can be found below:

Paper CodeGeneral Aptitude MarksSubject marksTotalTime allotted
AE, AG, BM, BT, CE, CH, CS, CY, EC, EE, ES, EY, IN, MA, ME, MN, MT, NM, PE, PH, PI, TF, ST1585100180 minutes
AR [Part A + Part B1 or B2
(B1: Architecture or B2: Planning)]
1560 + 25100180 minutes
GE [Part A + Part B (Section I or Section II)1555 + 30100180 minutes
GG [Part A + Part B (Section 1: Geology or Section 2: Geophysics)]1525 + 60100180 minutes
XE (Section A + Any TWO Sections)1515 + 35*2100180 minutes
XH (Section B1 + Any ONE Section)1525+60100180 minutes
XL (Section P + Any TWO Sections)1525 + 30*2100180 minutes
AE – Aerospace Engineering, AG – Agricultural Engineering, AR – Architecture and Planning, BM – Bio-medical Engineering,
BT – Biotechnology, CE – Civil Engineering, CH – Chemical Engineering, CS – Computer Science and Information
Technology, CY -Chemistry, EC – Electronics and Communication
Engineering, EE – Electrical Engineering, ES – Environmental Science &
Engineering, EY – Ecology and Engineering, GE – Geomatics Engineering, GG – Geology and Geophysics,
IN – Instrumentation Engineering, MA – Mathematics, ME – Mechanical Engineering, MN – Mining Engineering,
MT – Metallurgical Engineering, NM – Naval Architecture and Marine
Engineering, PE – Petroleum Engineering, PH – Physics, PI – Production and Industrial
Engineering, ST – Statistics, TF – Textile Engineering and
Fiber Science, XE – Engineering Sciences, XH – Humanities and Social Sciences, XL – Life Sciences

FAQS on GATE 2022 CS answer key with question paper

Question: When does the official answer key release?

Answer: The official answer key will be released on the second week of March 2022. It will be released on the official web page of GATE 2022.

Question: What is the marking scheme of GATE 2022?

Answer: Questions of both 1 mark and 2 mark are available in the exam. For each 1 mark question, the correct answer gives 1 mark and a wrong answer gives -1/3 mark. Similarly for each 2 mark question, the correct answer gives 2 mark and a wrong answer gives -2/3 mark.

Question: How can I challenge the answer key?

Answer: Candidates can challenge the answer key after logging into their account using their credentials. They need to choose the question, the correct answer and upload the supporting documents. A payment of Rs. 500 has to be made which will be refunded if the contest is deemed valid.

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