GATE 2022 CE 2 Analysis – Paper Difficult, 34 MCQs, 24 NATs, 7 MSQs

GATE 2022 CE 2 Analysis – IIT Kharagpur successfully conducted the second session of the Graduate Aptitude Test in Civil Engineering, GATE CE 2 exam today, February 12, 2022. The exam was held in the second shift from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm at various affiliated cities across the country. Along with the Civil Engineering exam, other exams conducted today include Biotechnology, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Ecology, and Physics. Applicants who appeared for the exam today, expressed that the GATE CE-2 exam was difficult. Check detailed analysis from below.  

GATE 2022 CE 2 Analysis

GATE 2022 Answer Key | GATE 2022 Result

The analysis for GATE CE – 2 2022 exam is as follows:

  • The overall paper was calculative in nature and had tough mathematical calculations.
  • 34 MCQs, 24 NATs, 7 MSQs were asked.
  • The difficulty level of the paper was moderate to tough.
  • The highest weightage was of the topic – Geotechnical, Environmental Engineering & Transportation and Engineering.
  • Questions of the General Aptitude & Mathematics were moderate in nature.

The breakup of marks subject wise was as follows: 

Name of SubjectNumber of 1 Mark QuestionsNumber of 2 Mark QuestionsTotal Marks of Section (2022)
Engineering Mathematics 3513
Strength of Materials 113
Engineering Hydrology012
Engineering Mechanics000
Geotechnical Engineering 5311
Structural Analysis036
Surveying 226
Building Material and Construction Management214
Design and Steel Structure 012
Irrigation Engineering 113
Transportation Engineering 238
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics 238
Environmental Engineering 5311
Design of Concrete Structure 238
General Aptitude 5515

GATE 2022 CE-2 Analysis for Last Year

In the year 2021, the Gate CE-2 examination was conducted on February 06, 2021, for 3 hours from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm respectively. The exam was held in online computer-based CBT mode at various affiliated centers across the country. According to reports, 1.15 lakh candidates appeared for the Gate Civil Engineering exam in 2 shifts. Applicants reported that the exam was moderately difficult due to high weightage questions based on Environment and Geotech.

The GATE CE-2 2021 exam included 80% calculation-based questions while the remaining 20% were conceptual in nature. The question paper consisted of a total of 65 questions out of which 10 questions were asked on general aptitude, 10 on General Mathematics, and the remaining 45 were based on the subject topics. Types of questions asked in the GATE CE-2, 2021 exam include Numerical Answer Test, Multiple Select Question (MSQ), and Multiple Choice Question (MCQ). Candidates wishing to check topic-wise weightage for the GATE CE-02 2021 exam can refer to the table mentioned below:

SubjectWeightage (in %)
General Aptitude 15 
Engineering Mathematics13
Mechanics of Material6
Irrigation and Hydrology6
Fluid Mechanics6
Engineering Mechanics5
Structural Analysis2
Steel Structure1

Past 5 Year Analysis for GATE 2022 CE-2 exam

GATE Civil Engineering Exam is conducted every year for candidates interested in pursuing masters in the aforementioned field. Applicants who appeared for the GATE 2022, CE-2 exam today, can compare the level of difficulty of their question paper with the past 5 years GATE CE questions papers with the help of analysis mentioned in the table below. By referring to the table mentioned below, candidates can compare the difficulty level of the exam, number of good attempts, topics that were given high weightage in the exam, topics that were tough to manage in the exam, and types of questions framed in the exam, in the past 5 years.

Difficulty levelTo be announcedModerate Easy to ModerateModerate to DifficultModerate
Total no, of questionsTo be announced65656565
Types of questionsTo be announcedNAT, MSQ, MCQNAT, MSQ, MCQNAT, MSQ, MCQNAT, MSQ, MCQ
General aptitude weightage in %To be announced15151515
Engineering Mathematics weightage in percentageTo be announced11121215
Civil branch subjects weightageTo be announced74737370
High weightage topicTo be announcedGeotech, TransportationGeotech, EnvironmentSoil Mechanics, TransportationEngineering Mathematics, Geotech and Environmental
Easy topicsTo be announcedGeneral Aptitude, Geotech General Aptitude, Engineering MathematicsGeneral AptitudeGeneral Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics
Difficult topicsTo be announcedEnvironmentEnvironmental and TransportationEnvironment and GeotechGeotech and Transportation
Good attemptsTo be announced40-4550-5238-4540-50
Good ScoreTo be announced55-7070-7550-7055-75

GATE 2022 CE-2 Paper Pattern

The GATE 2022 CE-2 paper pattern is set up by IIT Kharagpur. Earlier the institute released the official brochure collectively for all the exams on August 01, 20221. GATE CE-2 paper pattern is mentioned in the official brochure of the exam. Students wishing to check the paper pattern can search it by visiting the official website of GATE or by referring to the table mentioned below. The paper pattern table includes all the particulars that a candidate must know while appearing for the GATE 2022 CE-2 exam.

Exam ModePen-paper based (offline)
Exam Duration3 Hours
SectionsGeneral Aptitude (GA)Engineering MathematicsCandidate Selected Subject
Types  of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)Multiple Select Questions (MCQs)Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions
Design of QuestionsApplication-based
analysis based
comprehension based
memory based.
Number of Questions65 Questions 
Weightage of General Aptitude question15%
Weightage of Engineering Mathematics12-13 %
Total Marks100 Marks
Marking scheme for 1 mark question+1 for correct answer-⅓ for incorrect answer
0 for unattempted question
No negative marks for NAT
Marking scheme for 2 mark question+2 for the correct answer
-⅔  for incorrect answer
0 for unattempted question
No negative marks for NAT

GATE 2022 Answer Key and Question Paper

Soon after the GATE 2022 CE-2 exam was concluded, candidates got eager to check the answer key for the same. According to the GATE 2022 schedule released by the IIT Kharagpur, the results will be declared on March 17, 2022. Hence various events related to the release of provisional answer keys, raising objections against the provisional answer key, the release of the final answer key will be concluded a week before the declaration of results. Candidates can expect the provisional answer key to be released by the last week of February 2022.

While the official answer keys will take some time before IIT Kharagpur actually releases them, candidates can refer to the unofficial answer keys published by various subject experts online. The unofficial answer keys are posted online as soon as the exam gets concluded. These answer keys are mostly posted on YouTube including websites of these channels. Candidates must note that the unofficial answer key may differ a little from the official one however applicants will get an estimate of their marks scored in the GATE 2022 CE-2 examination.

IIT Kharagpur will very soon release the GATE 2022 CE-2 question papers along with the official answer keys and response sheet on their official website mentioned above. Candidates are advised to keep a close check on notifications related to the upcoming GATE 2022 events.

GATE 2022 Exam Schedule 

Detailed branch-wise GATE 2022  exam dates and timings for both the sessions are mentioned in the table given below. The main examinations are scheduled to be held on February 05, 06, 11, and 12, 2022 respectively. Apart from this IIT Kharagpur has scheduled Miscellaneous Activities from 2 PM to 5 PM on February 04 and 11, 2022 respectively. Candidates wishing to check the GATE 2022 exam schedule are advised to refer to the table mentioned below.

4th February 2022 (Friday)14:00 – 17:00 hrsMiscellaneous Activities*
5th February 2022 (Saturday)09:00 – 12:00 hrs(Forenoon Session – FN)CS & BM
14:30 – 17:30 hrs(Afternoon Session – AN)EE & MA
6th February 2022 (Sunday)09:00 – 12:00 hrs(Forenoon Session – FN)EC, ES, ST, NM, MT & MN
14:30 – 17:30 hrs(Afternoon Session – AN)CY, CH, PI, XH, IN, AG, GG & TF
11th February 2022 (Friday)14:00 – 17:00 hrsMiscellaneous Activities*
12th February 2022 (Saturday)09:00 – 12:00 hrs(Forenoon Session – FN)CE-1**, BT, PH & EY
14:30 – 17:30 hrs(Afternoon Session – AN)CE-2**, XE & XL
13th February 2022 (Sunday)09:00 – 12:00 hrs(Forenoon Session – FN)ME-1**, PE & AR
14:30 – 17:30 hrs(Afternoon Session – AN)ME-2**, GE & AE


What was the weightage of the General Aptitude section in the GATE 2022 CE-2 exam?

The weightage of the General Aptitude section was 15%.

What were the types of questions asked in the GATE 2022 CE-2 exam?

Types of questions framed in the GATE 2022 CE-2 exam include MCQ, MSQ, and NAT-based questions.

Which topics were given the highest weightage in the GATE 2022 CE 2 examination?

Geotechnology was given the highest weightage (14%) in the GATE 2022 CE-2 exam.

What was the level of difficulty of the GATE 2022 CE-2 exam?

According to reports, the exam was moderately difficult.

What is the marking scheme for the GATE 2022 CE-2 exam?

1 mark questions will get +1 on a correct attempt and -⅓ for the incorrect attempt. On the other hand, 2 mark questions will get +2 for correct attempts and -⅔ for incorrect attempts.

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