GATE 2021 Life Science (XL) Answer Key (Out) – Check Question Paper, Solutions

GATE 2021 Life Science (XL) Answer Key: Get here the GATE Life Science (XL) Answer Key 2021. Using the answer key and the marking scheme of the paper, candidates can check their probable score. The scores of GATE 2021 XL paper will be announced by IITB with the GATE 2021 result. Check more details on the GATE 2021 Life Science (XL) Answer Key on this page.

Latest: IIT Bombay has released the official answer key and question paper for Life Science (XL). Check it below.

GATE 2021 XL Answer Key

The official answer keys of GATE 2021, prepared and released by the IIT Bombay. However, immediately after the exam, the unofficial answer keys are available. These are released by various coaching institutes and academic mentors. Candidates can check out the schedule of events related to GATE 2021 below.

EventsImportant Dates
GATE 2021 Exam Date06, 07, 13 and 14, Feb 2021
GATE 2021 answer key26 Feb 2021
GATE 2021 Result Declaration22 Mar 2021
Last date to download GATE 2021 Scorecard31 May 2021

GATE 2021 Official Life Science (XL) Answer Key

The official answer key of the GATE 2021 exam has been released now. These are prepared and released by the conducting body of the exam. Candidates can download the GATE 2021 Official Answer Keys of Life Science (XL) as per schedule from

Life Science (XL)Answer Key
XL-P: ChemistryCheck Here
XL-Q: BiochemistryCheck Here
XL-R: BotanyCheck Here
XL-S: MicrobiologyCheck Here
XL-T: ZoologyCheck Here
XL-U: Food TechnologyCheck Here

GATE 2021 Question Paper

The question papers of the GATE exam releases with the answer key and the candidate response sheets. Candidates can download the GATE 2021 question paper after the exam from the official website of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay as per schedule. The question paper releases at as per schedule.

Life Science (XL)Question Paper
XL-P: ChemistryCheck Here
XL-Q: BiochemistryCheck Here
XL-R: BotanyCheck Here
XL-S: MicrobiologyCheck Here
XL-T: ZoologyCheck Here
XL-U: Food TechnologyCheck Here

How to Download GATE 2021 Official XL Answer Key?

Candidates can download the GATE 2021 Official Answer Key by following the simple steps given below.

1st Step: Using any internet browser, open the website

2nd Step: Look for the link to download the GATE 2021 Answer Key.

3rd Step: Click on the link and verify the subject code.

4th Step: The answer key is displayed on the screen. Candidates can save the PDF on their device.

How to Calculate Score Using GATE 2021 XL Answer Key?

One of the most important uses of the GATE 2021 Answer Keys is estimating the final score even before the results are released. With the help of the answer key and candidate response sheet, one can estimate their final score in the exam. For this, candidates also require the knowledge of the marking scheme. Check out the steps to estimate final score using GATE 2021 Answer Key below.

1st Step: Candidates must download the GATE 2021 Answer Key, Candidate Response and Question Paper.

2nd Step: Compare the answers on the candidate response sheet with those given in the answer keys.

3rd Step: Count the number of correct and wrong answers.

4th Step: Use the formula below to estimate the final score.

GATE Scores = (No. of correct question x marks for correct answer) – (no. of incorrect questions x negative marking)

GATE 2021 Marking Scheme

Check out the marking scheme of GATE 2021 as per official information brochure below.

QuestionsCorrect Answer MarksNegative Marking
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and
Multiple Select Questions (MSQs)
+1 or +2 marks-1/3 for 01 mark question
-2/3 for 02 mark question
Numerical Answer Type (NAT)+1 or +2 marksNo Negative Marking

GATE 2021 Life Science (XL) Paper Cut Off

Cut offs are released by the conducting body of GATE 2021 as per schedule with the results. The cut offs are decided on the basis of a number of factors including the number of candidates appearing in the exam, availability of seats, level of difficulty of the exam. Candidates can check out the cut offs of the last few years of GATE exam below.

YearGeneralOBC (NCL)SC/ ST/ PWD
201929.9 26.9 19.9

GATE 2021 Result

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay releases the GATE 2021 result after the exam. The result releases at the official website i.e. as per schedule. Conventionally, the result releases after the final answer keys. Candidates can also download the scorecard of GATE 2021 from the aforementioned website as per schedule.

GATE 2021 Life Science (XL) Answer Key

  • Exam Date –  February 13, 2021
  • Time – 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM
  • Subject Paper –  Life Science (XL)
  • GATE 2021 Result Date: 22 March 2021

If you appeared for GATE 2021 XL paper, then submit your questions and we will provide you the answer key. Click on the button below to submit answers. All the best!

Check memory based questions and answers of GATE 2021 XL paper below:

Q: Which enzyme carries out substrate level phosphorylation
a) Phoshofructokinase I
b) ATP Synthase
c) Pyruvate Kinase
d) Succinate thiokinase

Q: Which lipid is non anionic?
a) Lecithin
b) Phoshphatidylinositol
c) Sphingomyelin
d) Galactocerebroside

Q: What is the column used in Gel Filtration Chromatography made of?
a) Cellulose-DEAE
b) Cellulose-CM
c) Sepharose
d) Dextran Blue

Left shift in HbO2 saturation plot indicates?
a) High pH
b) High 2,3-BPG
c) High CO2
d) Decrease in cooperativity

Q: Which is correct about SDS PAGE?
a) Larger proteins move slower than smaller proteins
b) Beta-mercaptoethanol reduces disulfide bonds in the tertiary protein
c) Proteins move toward the anode
d) Ethidium bromide is used to visualise the extent of the electrophoresis

Q: Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (HGPRT) is absent in which cell:
a) B cell
b) T cell
c) Myeloid cell
d) Macrophage

Q: Which enzyme is used in PCR
a) Primase
b) Taq DNA pol
c) Klenow fragment
d) DNA Pol II

Q: To which base can Inosine pair with, in the wobble position?
a) U
b) A
c) G
d) C

Q: Which amino acid forms a push pull system with dansyl?
a) Aspartate
b) Asparagine
c) Lysine
d) Histidine

Q: Which Vitamin is not a coenzyme
a) Riboflavin
b) Folic acid
c) Ascorbic Acid
d) Thiamine

What is the pKa of Arg side chain
a) 4
b) 7
c) 9

Q: Anti B antibodies are found in the serum of people with blood group:
a) A
b) B
c) AB
d) O

Q: Which Carbohydrate pairs are epimers
a) Glucose, Galactose
b) Glucose, Fructose
c) Mannose, Fructose
d) Glucose, Mannose

Q: Where in hepatocytes are drugs metabolized
a) RER
b) SER
c) Golgi
d) Nucleoli

Q: Which of the following does not absorb at 280nm at 1mg/mL concentration?
a) ATP
b) polydeoxyguanidylate
c) Phe
d) Tyr

Q: Which mode of transport requires ATP
a) Active transport
b) Facilitated diffusion
c) Unaided diffusion
d) Na-K pump

Q: Which of the following are high energy compounds
a) 1,2-bisphosphoglycerate
b) PEP
c) AMP
d) Vitamin K

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About GATE 2021

The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) is conducted once a year by one of the Indian Institutes of Technology or the IISc Bangalore. The purpose of the examination are multi-variate. Candidates can get admission to Master’s degree in Engineering on the basis of GATE score. In addition, various PSUs also accept GATE score for recruitment purposes. Candidates can check out the latest updates and complete information about GATE 2021 from the official website i.e.


Q1. On which website the GATE 2021 Answer Key releases?

Ans. The answer key releases at

Q2. Is candidates login required to download GATE 2021 Answer Key?

Ans. No, there is no need for candidate login.

Q3. Does IIT Bombay release candidate response sheet for GATE 2021?

Ans. Yes. The response sheet is also released with the GATE answer key.

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