GATE 2021 Syllabus for CSE (Computer Science & Information Technology)

GATE 2021 Syllabus for CSE

Get here the GATE 2021 Syllabus for CSE. Know the topics in the syllabus for Computer Science & Information Technology and download pdf also from this page. There are 10 broad sections under the CS syllabus. These 10 sections further include topics and subtopics. In the GATE 2021, out of total 65 questions, 55 will be based on CS and Mathematics. The remaining 10 questions will be based on GA (General Aptitude). The syllabus for all the subjects is different in GATE 2021 and is available on the official website of GATE. Candidates can check the CS syllabus from this page. 

The syllabus for Computer Science and Information Technology includes topics like Engineering Mathematics, Digital Logic, Computer Organization and Architecture, Programming and Data Structures, Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Compiler Design, Operating System, Databases, and Computer Networks. 

Section 1: Engineering Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics:
Propositional and first order logic. Sets, relations, functions, partial orders and lattices. Monoids, Groups. Graphs: connectivity, matching, coloring. Combinatorics: counting, recurrence relations, generating functions.
Linear Algebra: Matrices, determinants, system of linear equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, LU decomposition.
Calculus: Limits, continuity and differentiability. Maxima and minima. Mean value theorem. Integration.
Probability and Statistics: Random variables. Uniform, normal, exponential, poisson and binomial distributions. Mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Conditional probability and Bayes theorem. Computer Science and Information Technology.

Section 2: Digital Logic – Boolean algebra. Combinational and sequential circuits. Minimization. Number representations and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating point)

Section 3: Computer Organization and Architecture – Machine instructions and addressing modes. ALU, data‐path and control unit. Instruction pipelining, pipeline hazards. Memory hierarchy: cache, main memory and secondary storage; I/O interface (interrupt and DMA mode).

Section 4: Programming and Data Structures Programming in C. Recursion. Arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, binary search trees, binary heaps, graphs.

Section 5: Algorithms Searching, sorting, hashing. Asymptotic worst case time and space complexity. Algorithm design techniques: greedy, dynamic programming and divide‐and‐conquer. Graph traversals, minimum spanning trees, shortest paths.

Section 6: Theory of Computation – Regular expressions and finite automata. Context-free grammars and push-down automata. Regular and contex-free languages, pumping lemma. Turing machines and undecidability.

Section 7: Compiler Design – Lexical analysis, parsing, syntax-directed translation. Runtime environments. Intermediate code generation. Local optimization, Data flow analyses: constant propagation, liveness analysis, common subexpression elimination.

Section 8: Operating System System calls, processes, threads, inter‐process communication, concurrency and synchronization. Deadlock. CPU and I/O scheduling. Memory management and virtual memory. File systems.

Section 9: Databases– ER‐model. Relational model: relational algebra, tuple calculus, SQL. Integrity constraints, normal forms. File organization, indexing (e.g., B and B+ trees). Transactions and concurrency control.

Section 10: Computer Networks – Concept of layering: OSI and TCP/IP Protocol Stacks; Basics of packet, circuit and virtual circuit switching; Data link layer: framing, error detection, Medium Access Control, Ethernet bridging; Routing protocols: shortest path, flooding, distance vector and link state routing; Fragmentation and IP addressing, IPv4, CIDR notation, Basics of IP support protocols (ARP, DHCP, ICMP), Network Address Translation (NAT); Transport layer: flow control and congestion control, UDP, TCP, sockets; Application layer protocols: DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, Email.

GATE 2021 General Aptitude Syllabus

The syllabus for General Aptitude is same in all subjects of GATE 2021. There will be 10 questions asked in this section, out of which half will be of 1 mark each and the other half will be 2 marks each. Also, the section is divided into two categories – General Aptitude, Mathematics and Subject-Based. For syllabus GA syllabus check below. 

Verbal Ability: English grammar, sentence completion, instructions, verbal analogies, word groups, critical reasoning, and verbal deduction.
Numerical Ability: Numerical computation, numerical estimation, numerical reasoning and data interpretation. 

GATE CS 2021 Mock Tests 

Your GATE 2021 preparation should be done rigorously through practicing mock tests. The tests will help you practice a wide variety of questions. It will also help you in practicing time management well. 

GATE 2021 CS Exam Pattern

You must go through the exam pattern of the exam before starting their preparation for GATE 2021. This will help you in understanding the exam better. Before an exam you must be aware of the sections that will be tested in the exam and what types of questions will be asked in those sections. 

Section   Total Marks
GA15% of the total marks
Mathematics15% of the total marks
CS – Subject-Based70% of the total marks
Exam ModeOnline, Computer Based Test (CBT)
Duration3 hours
Types of questionsMCQs and NATs 
Sections General Aptitude, Mathematics and Subject-based 
Total questions65 questions
Total marks100 marks
Negative markingOnly for MCQs

Marking scheme

Type of questionNegative marking for wrong answerMarking for correct answer
MCQsfor 1 mark questions⅔ for 2 marks questions1 or 2 marks
NATsNo negative marking 1 or 2 marks

How to Prepare for GATE 2021 CS?

Your preparation should be smart enough to help you bag impressive marks. But there are a few things that you are supposed to do before you start your preparation. First, you must go through the exam pattern and the marking scheme of the exam. These are a must and that’s why we have discussed them already, before coming to the preparation of the exam. After you have gotten familiar with both of them, you must look through previous years’ question papers. After you have done these two things, you can start your preparation. For preparation tips, read below. 

Section-wise Preparation

Start your preparation with one section at a time. This will help you in concentrating properly on a single section. It will also reduce the chances of losing any marks in any of the section. You can start from the General Aptitude section as it is the easiest. The section doesn’t require any significant effort on your part. You should have the basic verbal and numerical aptitude. You will have to work hard for Mathematics and Subject-based tests as they carry a lot of weightage and are comparatively hard. Try to complete the important topics and the topics with more weightage first.

Set your priority 

Set your priority for topics that are extremely important and cannot be afforded to skip. Get over with these topics first. Then move on to the topics that are less important or have less weightage. Go through those topics once that you have knowledge about. This will save your time that you can spend in practicing more important topics. 

Prepare notes

During your preparation make it a habit of writing down notes. These notes should be made for every topic. The notes should be short and to the point so that through one glance you get the gist of it. Notes should include only vital points such as mathematical formulas or concept explanation in limited words.


Once the preparation time is up, you must start revising the entire syllabus. Start from the easy topics that you can complete revising together in a few days. Then move on to more lengthy topics that will take up a little more time to revise. Do refer to the notes that you made during preparation. They were made for the sole reason to practice and revise. 

GATE 2021 CS Books for Preparation 

When you are looking up for study material to prepare for GATE 2021, choose the material that is created by renowned authors. Your study material should be limited and of good quality. We have suggested a few books for you that you can use in your GATE 2021 preparation. 

                    Title of the book Name of the Author/ PublicationLink to buy
1.GATE 2021: Computer Science and IT Engineering Previous Solved Papers ME Editorial BoardLINK
2.GATE 2021: Computer Science and IT Guide with 10 Practice sets Disha Experts LINK

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the study of processes that involves interaction with data and that can be represented as data in the form of a program. It involves the use of algorithms to store & communicate digital information. The field involves the study of theory of computation and the practice of designing software systems. 

GATE 2021 Preparation FAQs

Q1. How do I prepare for GATE 2021 CS parallel to a job?
Ans. You can prepare for GATE 2021 even with a job. You will have to start your preparation early. Give at least 3 hours every day to GATE preparation and increase your preparation hours on the weekends. You can also take weekend coaching so that you remain disciplined throughout. 

Q2. Should I join a coaching for GATE 2021 preparation? 
Ans. You can join a coaching if you feel like you can’t study on your own or you have discipline issues. However, you can prepare well through self-study as well. You just have to prepare sincerely and put in a lot of hard work.

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