GATE 2021 Mechanical (ME) Answer Key (Released)- Check Here for ME 1, 2

GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Answer Key – IIT Bombay has conducted the GATE 2021 Mechanical exam on February 14, 2021, in two shifts. GATE ME answer key 2021 is available for Shift 1 and Shift 2. Candidates can use it to cross-check their answers and calculate their marks by adding and deducting the marks as per the marking scheme. Check more details on GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Answer Key from this page.

Latest: GATE 2021 ME-1 & ME-2 answer key and question papers are available now. Check it below.

GATE 2021 Mechanical (ME) Answer Key

IIT Bombay has released the official answer key and question papers for GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering (ME). Candidates can challenge window will be open from 2nd to 4th March.

Mechanical EngineeringAnswer KeyQuestion Papers
Mechanical Engineering (ME -1)Check HereCheck Here
Mechanical Engineering (ME -2)Check HereCheck Here

GATE 2021 ME Answer Key by Coaching Institutes

Various coaching institutes have also released answer key for GATE 2021. Candidates can check and download it from below.

CoachingGATE ME 1 Answer KeyGATE ME 2 Answer Key
The GATE AcademyCheck Here (V1) | Check Here (V2)Check Here
Made EasyCheck HereCheck Here
GATE ForumCheck HereCheck Here

GATE 2021 Mechanical (ME) Answer Key

  • Exam Date – February 14, 2021
  • Time – 9.30 am to 12:30 pm | 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Subject Paper – Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • GATE 2021 Result Date: 22 March 2021

If you appeared for GATE 2021 ME paper, then submit your questions and we will provide you the answer key. Click on the button below to submit answers. All the best!

Ques. pb = 101kPa
DBT = 300K
Rh = 60%
psat @ 300K = 3.6kPa
Find the specific humdidity or humidity ratio.
Ans. 0.01359 KJ/kg of dry air

Qs. The critical path of a project consists of 9 activities. Each and every activity’s standard deviation is 3. What is the standard deviation of the project?
Ans. 9 days

Qs. p = 30,000
d = 15000
Ch = Rs. 20 unit / year
Co = Rs. 1800
No. of working days = 300
Ans. Q = 20124.6

Qs. Cast Iron possesses all carbon in combined form.
Ans. White Cast iron

Qs. Laplace transform F(s) = s+3 / (s+1)(s+2). What is the value of f(0)?
Ans. 1

Ques. Rolling length increased by 10% breadth decreased by 20%. What will be the final width when it was initially 3000mm?

Ques. Cubical casting size is given as 75 x 125 x 2. For this, the solidification time is given as 2 minutes. For the second casting, the dimensions are given as D = H = 50mm. Find the solidification time for the second casting?
Ans. 2826

Qs. What is Stanton’s number?

Ques. COP = 10
RC = 150kJ/kg
What is the heat rejection in the condenser?
Ans. 165

Ques. FC = 100N
FT = 600N
t1 = 0.75mm
t2 = 1.5mm
∝ = 12o
Ans. 590.36 MPa

Ques. i = 10,000A
t = 0.25
R = 0.0001 Ω
Vol = 70mm3
Unit = 12 J /mm3
Find the efficiency.
Ans. 33.6%

Ques. Consider a single mission workstation to which jobs are arriving at the work system. The Bison distribution with the mean arrival rate of 12 jobs/ hour. The processing time of each job on the work station is going to follow an exponential distribution. With the mean service time of 4 minutes. What is the expected number of jobs?
Ans. 4

Ques. O → centre of the circle, M, N lie on circle Area of right angle MON = 50 cm2. Area of the circle in cm2 ?
Ans. 100 π

Ques. Consider the following sentences:
(i) After his surgery, Roja hardly could work
(ii) After his surgery, Roja could barely work
(iii) After his surgery, Roja barely could work (iv) After his surgery, Roja could hardly work.
(A) (ii) and (iv)
(B) (iii) and (iv)
(C) (i) and (iii)
(D) (i) and (ii)

Ques. The number of hens, ducks, and goats in farm P are 65, 91, and 169 respectively. The total number of hens, ducks, and goats in a nearby farm Q is 416. The ratio of h:d:g in form Q is 5: 14: 13. All the h, d, and g are sent from farm Q to P. The new ratio of h: d: g in farms P is __
Ans. 10: 21: 26

Ques. If
“⊕” means ” − ”
“⊗” means ” ÷ ”
“△” means ” + ”
“∇” means ” × ”
Then the value of expression △2 ⊕ 3△((4 ⊗ 2)∇4) =
Ans. 7

Ques. The increased consumption of leafy vegetables in recent months is a clear indication that the people in the state have begun to lead a healthy lifestyle. Which one of the following can be logically inferred.
(A) The people in the state did not consume leafy vegetables earlier.
(B) Consumption of leafy vegetables may not be the only indicator of a healthy lifestyle
(C) The people in the state have increased awareness of health hazards caused by the consumption of junk food.
(D) Leading a healthy lifestyle is related to a diet with leafy vegetables

Ques. Ms. X comes out of the building through its front door to find her shadow due to the morning sun falling to her right side with the building to her back. From this it can be inferred that building is facing ____

Ques. 5 person P, Q, R, S, and T are seating in a row not necessarily in the same order. Q and R are separated by one person, and S should not be seated adjacent to Q. The number of distinct seating arrangements possible is _.

Ques. In modern CNC m/c tods, the backlash has been eliminated by
(A) Ratchet and binary
(B) Rock and option
(C) Preloaded ball screws
(D) Slider crack mechanism

Ques. In a gender operation of a metal sp energy consummation is J/mm3 if a grindiy whap with d = 200 mm is rotation of 3000 rpm to obtain MRR = 6000 mm3 / min then the Ft ___________N

Ques. An ortho and cutting operation is performed using an SPCT with a rocket angle of 12° on a latue. During turning the Fc and FF are 1000 N and 600 N. If tc and uncut tc during turning are 1.5 mm and 0.75 mm the FShear =____________N

Ques. A right solid circular cone starting on its base on a horizontal surface is of height H and base
radius R. The cone is made of a material with sp weight w and elastic modular E. The vertical
deflation at the mid-Hight of the condenser to self-weight is given by

Ques. A single Jet Pelton wheel operator at 300 rpm. Dmen = 2m. velocity of set = 40 m/s, Q = 53 /sec.The Jet is deflected by an angle of 165°. Neglect all losses, the power developed by Pelton wheel ________ mw .

Ques. A hot steal spherical ball is suddenly dipped into a low temp oil which both of the following dimensionless parameters are required to be for p. of the ball using Heisler chert?

Ques. A solid sphere (r = 10mm) is placed at the centroid of a hollow cubical enclosure of side = 30mm. The Outer surface of a sphere is 1 and the inner surface of the cube is 2. F22 =? _________

Ques. A rigid insulated tank is initially evacuated, it is connected through a value to a supply line that carries air at P = C and T of 250 kPa and 400k, now the value is opened, and the air is allowed to flow into the tank until the pressure inside the tank reaches 250 kPa at which point value is closed. Assume Lp, LV, R, and perfect gas. T2 =? Final temp. of air inside the tor __________k.


Ques. 4/3 Pl3/EI

Ques. The processing time of jobs are given below as. In order to minimize the makespan what is the sequence of jobs to be performed?

JobsTurning MachineGrinding Machine



Ans. 1/2


Ans. ML2 / 8EJ


Ans. Tb = 216632Nm


Ans. 664 rpm


Ans. 50%

You can also check: GATE answer keys for all 27 papers | GATE 2021 ME paper analysis

The memory-based answer key for the GATE 2021 exam can be accessed by the candidates in various formats like video, pdf, etc. These memory-based questions & answers are prepared by the subject experts of the coaching institutes. Hence, the actual data of the question may differ from the examination, however, examinees can still use it for rough score estimation.

GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Answer Key

From the table below, candidates can check the complete schedule for GATE 2021 examination –

GATE 2021Dates
GATE 2021 exam dates06, 07, 13, 14 Feb 2021
GATE 2021 answer key26 Feb 2021
GATE result declaration22 Mar 2021
Last date to download scorecard31 May 2021

How to Calculate Score Using GATE 2021 Mechanical (ME) Answer Key?

In order to calculate the score for GATE 2021 ME exam, aspirants can check the steps as provided below –

Step 1: From the link on this page, candidates can download GATE 2021 answer key for your respective paper. After this, you should also download your GATE 2021 response sheet and question paper as well.

Step 2: After this, you will need to match the responses given in the response sheet.

Step 3: Now, after cross-checking the answers, candidates need to add and deduct marks as per the marking scheme provided below:

Type of questionsFor correct answerFor wrong answers
MCQs – 2 marks questionsadd 2 marksdeduct 2/3 marks
MCQs – 1 marks questionsadd 1 marksdeduct 2/3 marks
NATs – 2 marks questionsadd 2 marksno negative marking
NATs – 1 marks questionsadd 1 marksno negative marking
MSQs – 2 marks questionsadd 2 marksno negative marking
MSQs – 1 marks questionsadd 1 marksno negative marking

Step 4: Finally, when the addition or deduction of marks is done, candidates will get to know their estimate GATE score.

GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME) Paper Cut Off

As the result for GATE 2021 is declared, IIT Bombay releases the cut off for all papers. Candidates can check the cut off core, i.e minimum marks needed to pass the entrance exam. You can check the cut off for GATE 2021 ME paper from the table below:

YearGATE ME paper cutoff
GATE ME paper cutoff
GATE ME paper cutoff
(SC / ST / PwD)
201532.7329.46 21.82

GATE 2021 Question Paper

Candidates can download the GATE question paper pdf from the official website, The question paper consists of questions on general aptitude and subject paper. It can be used by the examinees to evaluate their score in the entrance exam.

Official GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Answer Key

The official GATE answer key is released in two different forms:

  • Provisional answer key
  • Final answer key

Provisional answer key – The official answer key is released by IITs under candidate login a day or two after the exam is over. The provisional answer key is also open for the challenge of the candidates.

Final answer key – After the candidates submit the objections in the provisional answer key, if it is found to be correct, the necessary changes are done in it. Based on it, the exam conducting authority then releases the final answer key online. Candidates can submit any further challenge in the final answer key and as per the options marked in the final key, the result for GATE 2021 is evaluated.

How to Download Official GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Answer Key

The official answer key for the GATE 2021 ME paper is released online in pdf format. To download it, aspirants may follow the instructions provided below.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the exam at
  • On the homepage of the website, find the link for downloading the official answer key.
  • Next, find the answer key link for your respective subject paper and click on it.
  • After this, candidates can download the pdf on their device.
  • Finally check the answer key pdf to evaluate the probable score.

GATE 2021 Result

After the exam conducting body releases the final answer key, the result for GATE 2021 is prepared based on it. Candidates can check their GATE 2021 result from the login of GOAPS. The result is declared in the form of a scorecard and consists of details like their marks on the paper and all India rank. The scorecard for GATE 2021 is valid for a period of three years from the date of the declaration of the result.

GATE 2021

One of the IITs is responsible for conducting the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) on a rotational basis. The entrance exam is conducted at the national level in online mode. This year, IIT Bombay has been given the responsibility for conducting GATE 2021. It is mandatory for the aspirants to qualify GATE for seeking admission to Postgraduate Programs (Master’s and Doctoral) in engineering/technology/architecture and doctoral programs in relevant branches of science. Furthermore, the GATE 2021 score is also used by various PSUs for recruitment purposes.

GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Answer Key FAQs

Ques. What is number of papers in GATE 2021?

Ans. GATE 2021 exam is being conducted for 27 Subjects over a period of six days and twelve sessions on February 5, 7, 12, 13, and 14.

Ques. How can I check my GATE 2021 Answer Key?

Ans. Candidates can check GATE 2021 answer key for their respective paper from the exam’s official website. It is released in the pdf format. Along with it, students can also download their question paper pdf.

Ques. Is it necessary to attempt both 2 papers in GATE 2021?

Ans. No, it is not mandatory and is complete choice of the candidate.

Official website:

GATE 2021 Answer Key

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