GATE 2021 Instrumentation (IN) Answer Key (Released) – Check Question Paper and Solutions Here

GATE 2021 Instrumentation (IN) Answer Key – Check GATE Instrumentation answer key 2021 from this page. Now that the exam is over, the memory-based GATE 2021 Instrumentation paper key is uploaded here. On the other hand, the official GATE 2021 instrumentation answer key is uploaded a few days after the GATE exam is over for all 27 papers. Candidates can use the answer key to get an estimate of their GATE 2021 score. This is a rough estimation, however, it can help candidates get an idea of their performance. To check GATE 2021 Instrumentation (IN) answer key, read below.

Latest: GATE 2021 Instrumentation (IN) answer key by GATE Form, The GATE Academy, Made Easy is now available below. You can also check the IN paper analysis – click here

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GATE 2021 Instrumentation (IN) Answer Key

  • Exam Date – February 6, 2021
  • Time – 9.30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Subject Paper – Instrumentation Engineering (IN)
  • GATE 2021 Result Date: 22 March 2021

If you appeared for GATE 2021 IN paper, then submit your questions and we will provide you the answer key. Click on the button below to submit answers. All the best!

Q1. If the reverse bias on the gate of a JFET is increased, then width of the conducting channel ___________
Ans. is decreased

Q2. When voltage feedback (negative) is applied to an amplifier, its input impedance ______
Ans. is increased

Q3. The driver stage usually employs___________
Ans. Class A power amplifier

Q4. A feedback circuit usually employs ___________ network
Ans. Resistive

Q5. A MOSFET can be operated with ___________
Ans. positive as well as negative gate voltage

Q6. Binary coded decimal is a combination of?
Ans. Four binary digits

Q7. Let ⊕ and ⊙ are two operators on p and q 
p ⊕ q = p2+ q2/ pq and p ⊙ q = p2/q
If x ⊕ y = 2 ⊙ 2,then x will be equal to
Ans. y

Q8. Getting to the top is ________ than staying on top.
Ans. Easier

Q9. Two papers M and N have identical dimension of 6m ∗ 4m.
Operation 1: Folded the paper joining the short sides
Operation 2: Folded the paper joining the longer sides.
If operation 1 is done on paper M and operation 2 is done on paper N, then the ratio of the perimeter of paper N to M is
Ans. 13: 7

Q10. Humans have the ability to construct worlds entirely in their minds, which does not exist in the physical world. So far as we know, no other species possess this. This skill is so important that we have different words to refer to its different flavors such as imagination invention and innovation.
With respect to the above, which of the following is correct?

Q11. Let λ(p, q) = { (p − q)2 if p ≥ q
    p + q if p < q
Then λ(−(−3+2),(−2+3)) / (−(−2+1)) will be

Q 12. In a company, 35% of employees drink coffee, 40%. Drink tea and 10% drink both tea and coffee. Then how much percentage of employees will neither drink coffee nor tea?
Ans. 35%

Q13. For person P, Q, R, S are to be seated in a row facing the same direction. P and Q cannot be seated adjacent .S should be seated right of Q. Then how much distinct seating arrangement is possible?
Ans. 4

Q14. Taking N as positive for CW encirclement the number of N of (−1, 0) in the Nyquist plot of
G(s) = 3 / s-1 is __________.

Q15. An infinity long line with uniform positive charge density lies along Z-axis. In cylindrical coordinates (r, ϕ, z) at any point P⃗, not a Z-axis. The direction of the electric field is

Q16. An AM scheme uses tone modulation with a modulation index of 0.6. The power efficiency of AM scheme is _______ % (up to 1 decimal place).

Q17. A household fan consumer 60w & draws a current of 0.3125 A (rms) when connected to a 230 V (rms) ac, 50Hz single-phase mains. The reactive force drawn by the fan is _______ VAR (round off nearest integer)

Q18. In Michelson interferometer, when arm is moved by 300μm, then the number of fringes are displaced by 1200 then the wavelength of monochromatic light is __ nm

Q19. f(z) = (z − 1)−1 − 1 + (z − 1) − (z − 1)2 + ……… is the series expansion of

Q20. Let f(z) = 1 / z2 + 6z + 9 defined in complex plane. This intergal ∮ F(z) 𝑐 over the contour of c circle C with center at the origin and unit radius is ______________

Q21. If f(z) = -x2 + 10x + 100,the minimum of f(x) in interval [5, 10] is ______

Q22. V = [1 0] w = [2 0]
Rank of M = 2VTV + 3WTW is ______
Ans. 1

Q23. x and y independent continuous random variables x~(2, 3), y~(1, 4).
P(y ≤ x): _______________

Q24. Given A = [2 5], then |A4 – 5A3 + 6A2 + 21| = ___________
[0 3]

Q25. A signal having a bandwidth of 5MHz is transited using PCM. As follows: Signal is sampled at 50% above Nyquist rate and quantized into 256 bids. Binary pulse rate of PCM is ______ Mbps.
Ans. 120 Mbps.

Q26. AM scheme with a modulation index of 0.6. The power efficiency of AM scheme is _______%
Ans. 15.25%

Q27. Draw a 4 × 1 mux diagram and the inputs are
Io = Z̅ + w S1= X
I1 = 0 S2 = Y
I3 = ZW Output is F.

Q28. A 10 bit ADC has a full scale voltage of 10.23 V, when the digital o/p is (11 1111 1111)2 Quantization error of ADC in mv__________ ?

Q29. A 16-bit microprocessor has 20 address liner (A0 to A19) and 16 data liner. Higher 8 data liner are tied to the 8 data liner of 16 KB memory that can store one byte in each, of its 16k address locations. Memory chip should map on to contiguous memory location and occupy only 16 KB mom space.

The GATE 2021 answer key has correct answers to all the questions asked in the exam. Since the memory based answer key is based on the candidate’s memory of the questions asked in the exam, it may not be 100% accurate.

GATE 2021 Instrumentation (IN) Answer Key Dates

GATE 2021 official answer key releases within 10 days after the exam, usually. The official schedule is as follows:

GATE 2021 Answer KeyDates
GATE 2021 exam dates06, 07, 13, 14 Feb 2021
GATE 2021 answer keyto be announced
GATE result declaration22 Mar 2021
Last date to download scorecard31 May 2021

How to Calculate Score Using GATE 2021 Instrumentation (IN) Answer Key?

You can check the steps below to calculate score using GATE answer key 2021:

Step 1: You have to first download the GATE 2021 answer key for your subject paper.

Step 2: Also, download the GATE 2021 response sheet and question paper of GATE 2021. IIT releases the question paper and response sheet too on the official website

Step 3: Now, match the responses given in the answer from the response mentioned in the response sheet.

Step 4: Next, the candidates need to add or deduct marks, as per the marking scheme. It is as follows:

Type of questionsNegative Marking
MCQs and MSQs– 1/3rd Mark will be deducted for 1 mark question
– 2/3rd Mark will be deducted for 2 mark question
NATsNo negative marking

Step 5: When marks are added or deduct for all the questions, candidates get their estimated score of GATE.

GATE Instrumentation (IN) Paper Cut Off

You can check the cutoff of GATE 2021, with the result of GATE. Till then, we have given below the GATE 2021 cutoff for IN paper for the last few year:

YearGATE IN paper cutoff
GATE IN paper cutoff
GATE IN paper cutoff
(SC / ST / PwD)

GATE 2021 Question Paper

IIT Bombay is also going to upload the GATE 2021 question paper as PDFs with the answer key. The question paper has all the questions asked in GATE 2021. Candidates can check the question papers available subject wise for all 27 papers of GATE 2021. Thus, using the GATE question paper, answer key, and response sheet candidates can evaluate their score in the exam.

Official GATE 2021 IN Answer Key

The official GATE answer key is of two types: Provisional answer key and Final answer key. IITs release the provisional answer key after the exam. It is open for a challenge by the candidates. The objections submitted against the provisional answer key are checked. As per all the valid challenges, changes and made in the answer key. The updated answer key is the final answer key. It is to be noted that the final key cannot be challenged. Further, as per the answers in the final answer key, result of GATE is evaluated.

How to Download GATE 2021 Official Answer Key

Here is how you can download GATE 2021 official answer key:

1st step: Go to, there is no need to login at GOAPS.

2nd step: Next, locate the link for answer key of GATE 2021.

3rd step: Then, locate the subject paper for which you appeared in GATE 2021.

4th step: After that, click on the answer key link corresponding to your subject paper name.

5th step: The answer key is downloaded in your system as PDF file.

6th step: Use the same to evaluate a probable score in the exam.

GATE 2021 Result

The GATE result is calculated on the basis of the final answer key published on the official website, once all the challenges against the answer key have been resolved. Candidates can download the result by using login id and password from GOAPS.

Only those candidates who score more than or equal to the qualifying marks are able to download their GATE Scorecards. The scorecards are available for download online one week after the declaration of the results. The candidates are advised to keep a printout of their Scorecards for future procedures of admissions and/or recruitment. The GATE Scorecard is valid for a period of 3 years.

GATE 2021

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the biggest PG entrance exams for M.E / M.Tech / M.Arch / Ph.D. admission. It is a national level entrance exam conducted in online mode. GATE is held for a duration of 3 hours. There are 3 types of questions in the exam such as multiple-choice questions, multiple-selective questions, and numerical answer type questions. The score of GATE is also used for PSU recruitment. This year there has been an addition of 2 new subject papers in the exam ES (Environmental Science and Engineering) and XH (Humanities and Social Sciences).

GATE 2021 Instrumentation (IN) Answer Key FAQs

When will GATE 2021 answer key be released?

The memory based answer keys releases on the day of the exam. However, the official answer key releases within 10 days of the last GATE exam.

How to use GATE answer key to calculate the scores?

You have to use the marking scheme of the exam ti calculate score using the GATE answer key.

How do I download the GATE answer key?

When the official answer key releases, candidates will have to visit the official GATE 2021 website,, and download the answer key PDF.

Official website:

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