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GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering (EE) Answer Key – From this page candidates can check GATE EE answer key 2021. The answer keys help the candidates to calculate their estimated score of the exam even before the result s out. To use the answer key to calculate GATE 2021 score, candidates have to use the marking scheme of the exam. Check GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering (EE) Answer Key on this page below.

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GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering (EE) Answer Key

  • Exam Date: February 7, 2021
  • Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Subject Paper: Electrical Engineering
  • GATE 2021 Result Date: 22 March 2021

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Q1. There are four vertices of a rectangle given in a complex plane and the value of integral dz/ z2(z2 – 4).

Q2. A CMOS Schmitt trigger inverter has a low output level of OV and A high output level of 5V. It has input threshold of 1.6V and 2.4V. The input capacitance and output resistance of the Schmitt trigger are negligible. The frequency of oscillator is ____ Hz.

Q3. The power input to a 500V, 50Hz, 6-pole 3-phase induction motor running at 975 RPM. is 40kW. The total stator losses are 1kW. If the total friction and windage losses are 2.025 kW. Then the efficiency is _____ %.
Ans. 90

Q4. Wi1 = 2500W, T/F = 440V, 50Hz
Wi2 = 850W 220, 25 Hz
Wi3 = 440Vm 50 Hz

Q5. Belt driven D.C shunt Gen. supplying 100 kW D.C Bus Bar but suddenly belt broke & stator takes 10kW from Bus Bar VBUS = 200V, Ra = 0.025Ω, Vdrop = 2V. Ng = 300 r.p.m. Nm = ?
Ans. 275.18 r.p.m

Q6. 3φ SRIM which has 8D, 50 Hz supply. Rrotor = 0.08Ω, Nmax = 50 rpm. The Rx to get at starting is?

Q7. Gp(s) = 14.4 / s(1+0.1s) is plant T.F. GC(S) is compensator. For unit step input, the output response has damped oscialltions. The damped natural frequency is _______ Rad/ sec.
Ans. 10.91

Q8. The Bode magnitude plot for transfer function V0 (s) / V1 (s) of the circuit. The value of R is ______ Ω.

Q9. The generator have cost function F1 and F2. Then incremental cos characteristic are
dF1 / dP1 = 40 + 0.2 P1
dF2 / dP2 = 32 + 0.4 P2
The need to deliver a combined load of 260 MW. ignoring the n/w losses, for economic operation the generations P1 and P2 (MW are)
Ans. P1 = 160, P2 = 100

Q10. Rectangular polygon having 10 sides⇒ Interior Angle between sides of polygon in degree is
(A) 216
(B) 396
(C) 144
(D) 324

Q11. 7 Cars P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are parked in row not necessarily in that order. The cars T and U should be parked next to each other. The cars S and V also should be parked next to each other. Whereas P and Q can’t be parked next to each other. Q and S must be parked next to each other. R is parked to the immediate right of V. T is parked to the left of U. Choose incorrect option.
(A) There are 2 cars parked in between Q and V
(B) V is the only car parked in between S and R
(C) P is parked at extreme end
(D) Q and R are not parked together

Q12. The people __ were at demonstration were from all sections of society.
(A) whom
(B) who
(C) which
(D) whose

Q13. Oasis is to sand as island is to __.
(A) Mountain
(B) Stone
(C) Land
(D) Water

Q14. Which of the following numbers is exactly divisible by (1113 + 1)?

Q15. X is a continuous random variable denoting the temperature measured. Range of Temperature is [0, 100] degree Celsius and Let the probability density function of X be F(x) = 0.01 for 0 ≤ X ≤ 100. Mean of X is __.

Q16. Let p and q be real numbers such that p2 + q2 = 1. The given value of the matrix [p  q] are
q -p
Q17. f(x) real valued fn , f′ (x0) = 0 for some x0 ϵ (0,1), f ′′(𝑥) > 0 for all x ϵ (0, 1), Then f(x) has

Q18. Suppose circles x2 + y2 = 1 and (x − 1)2 + (y − 1)2 = r2 intersect each other orthogonally at the point (u, v). Then u + v =__________.

Q19. Let P(Z) = z3 + (1 + j) Z2 + (2 + j) Z + 3 where Z is a complex number. Which of the following is true?

Q20. A 16-bit syn-binary up counter is clocked with true. The 2 most SB are OR-ed together to form an o/p γ.M/m shows that γ is periodic and duration for which γ remains high in each period is 24m sec. The force is _________Hz.

Q21. In a 1 − ϕ transformer Pi = 2500 watts at nominal voltage of 440 volts and frequency at 50Hz the iron -Loss is 850 walts at 220 volts and 25 Hz . Then at nominal voltage and frequency , the Ph Pe loss respectively are –

Q22. Moved from (0, 10, 0) to (5, 5, 5) to (5, 0, 0). Calculate the total work done in moving the charge

Q23. A 1μ point charge of origin. If a 2nd point charge of 10μC is moved from (0, 10, 0) to (5, 5, 5) and subsequently to (5, 0, 0) the total work done is __________mJ

Q24. One columns of point charge moving with a uniform velocity 10 x̂ m/s enters the region x > 0 having B⃗ = (10yx̂ + 10xŷ + 10ẑ)T. The magnitude of force on the charge at x = 0 + is __ N.

Q25. h1 (n) = S(n − 1) + S(n + 1), h2 (n) = δ(n) + δ(n − 1) connected in cascade. The impulse response of the cascade system.

Q26. Let A be 10 × 10, such that A5 is a null matrix and Let I be 10 × 10. Then |A + I| is __________.

Q27. In open interval (0, 1), the p(x) = x4 + 4x3 + 2 has

Q28. Cascade System Z2 (𝑧 − 𝑎)−2 is

Q29. Maxwell bridge is used to measure
Ans. Induction

Ques. Students who pass the exam can’t appear for the exam again. Students who fail the exam in 1st attempt must appear for the exam in the following year. Students always pass the exam in their 2nd attempt. Number of students who took the exam for the first time in year 2 and year 3 respectively are

Year 15010
Year 2605
Year 3503

(A) 65 and 53
(B) 60 and 50
(C) 55 and 48
(D) 59 and 53



Ans. Correct option is [A]



Ans. 65 volt, resistance = 15Ω



Ques. Which of the following sequence is not correct? Hunting magetic locking armature reaction.

Damper windingInduction motor
Skewed rotor Slots Transformer
Compensating windingSynchronous motor
DC Motor


Ans. Correct option is [C]


Ans. Correct option is [B]

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GATE 2021 Answer Key

The GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering is of 2 types i.e provisional and final answer key. It consists of important details like question number, session, question type, sectional name, marks, key and marks. Shown below are the important dates for the same.

Particulars Dates
Release of answer key for EETo be notified
Exam date 7th Feb 2021

How to calculate score in GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering (EE) Answer Key?

The students can use the GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering answer key to calculate their probable raw score. The steps to do so are as follows.

1st step: First, you have to tally the answers in the GATE response sheet and the answer key.

2nd step: Next, add and deduct marks as per the following GATE 2021 answer key.

GATE 2021 Scheme of Marking

For correct answers:

  • For 1 mark MCQ: 1 mark is given
  • For 2 mark MCQ: 2 marks are given
  • For 1 mark NAT: 1 mark is given
  • For 2 mark NAT: 2 mark is given

For incorrect answers:

  • For 1 mark MCQ: 1/3 marks are deducted
  • For 2 marks MCQ: 2/3 marks are deducted
  • FOR MSQ: There is no negative marking
  • For NAT: There is no negative marking

3rd step: The score received is your probable score in the GATE 2021 examination

GATE Electrical Engineering Paper Cut Off

The past year cut off for GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering Paper is as follows.

CategoryCut off marks
General 39.6
OBC 35.6

GATE 2021 Question Paper

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, releases the GATE 2021 question paper along with the answer key itself. It is provided in the PDF format on the official website i.e The question paper for Electrical Engineering consists of the important details like set number, question number, 4 alternatives, name of subject paper and maximum marks. The candidates can use the GATE question paper to calculate scores and also to prepare for the examination for next year.

GATE 2021 Official Electrical Engineering Answer Key

The GATE 2021 official Electrical Engineering answer key is provided on the official website i.e on the Candidates should refer to this answer for estimating probable score. If any candidate is not satisfied with any question or answer key in the official GATE answer key, then they can raise objection against the same by logging in with their user id and password on the GOAPS portal.

How to Download GATE 2021 Official Answer Key?

Students should ensure that they have a strong internet connection and a compatible browser before downloading the GATE 2021 official answer key. The steps are as follows.

1st step: Go to the official website i.e

2nd step: Thereafter, you will have to login with the following credentials.

3rd step: On clicking on the submit button, the candidate dashboard will open, you can download the answer key, response sheet and question paper.

GATE 2021 Result

The GATE 2021 result is published on the official website i.e in the form of scorecard. You need to login with the enrolment number and password to download the same. The GATE scorecard comprises of name, registration number, gender, examination paper, sections, marks, ranks, GATE score, qualifying marks. Candidates should note that the GATE result is announced for all students, the validity of the same is uptill 3 years only.

About GATE 2021

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national level engineering entrance examination which is conducted by different IIT every year. It is held for admissions into the Engineering / Technology / Architecture and post-graduate level subjects in Arts, Commerce and Science. The exam is held in multiple sessions and is held different cities all over India. There are 27 papers in the GATE 2021 and is held in the CBT mode. The examination has objective type questions like MCQ. MSQ and NAT.

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