GATE 2021 Civil Engineering (CE-1, 2) Paper Analysis; Exam Moderate!

GATE 2021 Analysis for CE Session 1 – GATE 2021 analysis for CE Session 1, as well as session 2, is now available here. As per the initial reaction of the students after shift 1 and 2 of the GATE civil paper, the overall difficulty level stands to be moderate to difficult. The paper was calculative, conceptual, and lengthy. Maximum questions were from fluid mechanics, Geotech and Structural Analysis, Geotech and Foundation, and more. Check more details on GATE 2021 CE Session 1 analysis here.

Latest: GATE 2021 exam analysis for CE forenoon and afternoon is available, check below.

GATE 2021 Analysis for CE

GATE paper: Civil Engineering (CE)
Date of exam: 06 Feb 2021
Paper Analysis available for: 2 sessions – S1 and S2
GATE 2021 Result Date: 22 March 2021

GATE 2021 Answer KeyGATE 2021 Result

GATE 2021 CE Paper Analysis Shift 2 as Per Initial Student Reactions

Difficulty level: Overall the paper was moderate. GA and Engineering Maths were easy. However, the paper was calculative.

How were the newly introduced MSQ questions?

  • MSQs were very less. There were 1 or 2.

Topics asked:

  • Questions came from newly added topics
  • Questions came from hydrology. It was very easy.

You can also check the GATE2021 CE shift 2 analysis from the video below:

GATE 2021 CE Paper Analysis Shift 1 as Per Initial Student Reactions

Check below the analysis of GATE 2021 CE paper:

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult and lengthy. The paper was highly conceptual.

How were the newly introduced MSQ questions?

  • MSQs were mostly theoretical and they were very conceptual.

A question repeated over 9 years:
There is one question in CE paper which has now been re[eted over 9 years. This question is as follows:
d2y / dx+2 dx/dy + y = 0
y(0) = 1, y(1) = 3 

Topics asked in GATE 2021

  • The number of MSQs was 6 to 7. Most of the MSQs were from fluid mechanics, Geotech and Structural Analysis.
  • Questions did come from the newly added topics in the syllabus.
  • The topics asked were from the density of air.
  • 1 to 2 questions were from the air quality index.
  • Most of the questions were from Geotech and Foundation. Most of them were from the topic of retaining walls.
  • There were 1 to 2 questions from transportation.
  • 1 question came from open channel flow.
  • 3 questions came from the strength of materials.
  • 2 to 3 questions came from steel structure.
  • There were questions from Building materials.
  • There were 2 questions from RCC.
  • The weightage of English was 4 marks.

You can also watch the live analysis gor GATE 2021 CE paper below:

Previous Year GATE CE Paper Analysis

To get a comparison of the paper from last year, we have also given the paper analysis from last year:

  • Overall difficulty: As per the initial reaction of the students, the paper of CE was overall the paper was moderate.
  • Number of NATs: There were total of 25+ NATs
  • Most of the questions came from: The maximum number of questions came from Geo Tech and environment. Maths and GA were easy.

Weightage of the topics are as follows:

TopicsWeightageNo. of 1 marks questionsNo. of 2 marks questions
Fluid Mechanics9%52
Building material2%20
Structural Analysis6%22
Steel Structure2%01

GATE 2021 Exam Over Today, What Next?

After the exam is over today, aspirants have to look out for GATE 2021 official answer key, question paper, and response sheet to be uploaded by IIT Bombay. On the official website of GATE 2021,, the candidates will be able to get all the updates.

The response sheet will be available under the login of the candidates on GOAPS, to access them candidates have to use their enrollment number and password. Question paper and answer key will be available in PDF format and will be available for challenge.

GATE 2021 Result

 The result of GATE 2021 will be available under the login of the candidates in the form of a scorecard. candidates can check their score out of 100, AIR in the respective paper, and the GATE score on it with other details too. The score of GATE will remain valid for 3 years and can be used for PSU recruitments too.

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