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GATE 2021 Civil (CE) Answer Key – From this page, candidates can check the GATE Civil Engineering answer key 2021. Using the GATE 2021 Civil answer key, candidates can check their probable score. GATE 2021 CE answer key is to be used with the marking scheme of the exam. Know more details on GATE 2021 Civil (CE) Answer Key from this page.

GATE 2021 CE Answer Key by Coaching Institutes

Various coaching institutes have also released answer key for GATE 2021. Candidates can check and download it from below.

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GATE 2021 Civil (CE) Answer Key

  • Exam Date – February 6, 2021
  • Time – 9.30 am to 12:30 pm | 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Subject Paper – Civil Engineering (CE)
  • GATE 2021 Result Date: 22 March 2021

If you appeared for GATE 2021 CE paper, then submit your questions and we will provide you the answer key. Click on the button below to submit answers. All the best!


Q1. A proposed cantilever beam XY with any internal hinge at the middle is carrying a uniformly distributed load of 10 KW/m. Find vertical reaction at X.
Ans. 30 kN

Q2. Solid circular torsional number OPQ is subjected to torsional moment as shown in figure. The yield stress strength of the ……. in 160 MPa. Find absolute maximum shear stress (in MPa round of to one decimal).

Q3. The hyetograph in the figure corresponds to a rainfall event of 3cm. If rainfall event has produced a direct small of 1.6 cm, the φ index is.
Ans. 4.2mm/hr

Q4. A 12 hr VH (1 cm rainfall excess) of a catchment is of triangular shape with a base width of a inner peak discharge of 23m3/sec. The area of catchnen is
Ans. 596.16 km2

Q5. Relation between traffic speed and density is described using a negatively sloped straight line. If Vf is free flow then the speed at which max flow will occur.
Ans. Vf/ 2

Q6. In an aggregate mix, the percentage weight of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, mineral fillers are 55%, 40%, 5% respectively. Bulk specific gravities of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, and mineral filler are 2.55, 2.65, 2.70. The theoretical specific gravity of aggregate mix is _____
Ans. 2.58 or 2.6

Q7. The softening point of bitumen has the same unit of

Q8. Determine the critical depth of the rectangular channel section if the width is 6 m and discharge is 20 m 3 sec.
Ans. 1.04m

Q9. For a traversal latitudinal departure are calculated and it is found that sum of latitude = +2.1m
sum of department = -2.8m
length & bearing of closing error one respectively.
Ans. 3.5m

Q10. 2o curve (H speed broad Gauge) maximum speed sanctioned (100km/hr) equilibrium speed = 80 kmPh. Considering dynamic gauge B.G rail 1750mm. The degree of curve defined as angle substantial at its center 30.5 arc, the cant deficiency in mm _______.
Ans. 56mm

Q11. Flexural stiffness of beam = 4π2 kN/m. Natural frequency in (Hz) is.

Q12. Seasoning of timber is done for
Ans. Removal of sap and water

Q13.The solution of dy/dx – y/x = 1
with k as a constant is
Ans. y = x ln (kx)

Q14. If A is a square matrix then orthogonality property mandates
Ans. AAT = I

Q15. Two unbiased dice thrown simultaneously. The probability of getting both even is ______.
Ans. 1/4



Ques. The most probable value of angle Q


Ans. 36o


Q1. R [1 2], Q = [0 1]. Find QT . RT
[3 4] [1 0]
Ans. [2 4]
[1 3]

Q2. Which is not correct –
Traversing is carried out for a close traverse PQRS. The internal angles at vertices PQR & PQS are measured 92o, 68o, 123o, 77o respectively. If F.B of a line PQ = 27o. Then, F.B of line RS =?
Ans. 192

Q3. All member has same anxial Rigidity
R = 500 x 103 KN
P = 150 KN
L = 3m
Magnitude of horizontal displacement of joint is

Q4. d2y / dx2 +2 dx/dy + y = 0
y(0) = 1, y(1) = 3
Ans. y = (c1 + xc2 ) e-x

Q5. Spot speed of a vehicle observed at a point on a highway are – 40, 55, 60, 65, 80. Find the space means speed (in km/hr).
Ans. 56.99 km/hr

Q6. If the water is flowing at the same depth is the most hydraulically efficient triangular and rectangular channel section. The ratio of the hydraulic radius of the triangular section to that of the rectangular channel section is?
Ans. 1/√2

Q7. Total time loss as given as 3 seconds per phase. The number of phases are two, determine the optimum cycle length if y1 and y2 are given as 0.47 and 0.3 respectively.

Q8. The most preferred curve for vertical alignment is
Ans. Parabola

Q9. V = 70(1 − 0.7) determines the time had way maximum traffic volume.

Q10. At an intersection, vehicle arrival follows poison distribution. The mean vehicle arrival is 2 veh/minute. What will be the probability that at least two vehicles will be arriving at the intersection?

Q11. A two-phase signal is designed at an intersection with an average delay of 3 seconds per phase. If the ratio of normal flow and saturation flow are 0.37 and 0.4 for the phases. The optimum cycle time will be?

Q12. The design speed of a road is 80 KMPH. It has a horizontal curve of a 250 m radius. If lateral friction is assumed to be developed, the required superelevation will be?

Q13. Speed and density on a highway stretch are found to be obeying the relationship V = 70 − 0.7 k (where V is the KMPH & k in veh/km). At capacity condition, the time-mean speed will

Q14. Determine the ratio of the hydraulic depth of most economical rectangular and triangular.

Q15. Assuming diodes are ideal in the figure. the current in Diode D1 is ______

Q16. In a company, 35% of employees drink coffee, 40%. Drink tea and 10% drink both tea and coffee. Then how much percentage of employees will neither drink coffee nor tea?
Ans. 0.3

Q17. Gypsum is added in the concrete mixture for
Ans. Prevent quick setting time

Q18. 50 ml volume of sample empty weight of crucible = 54.352gm. After 100o C = 55.129 gm. After 500o C (1 hr muffle furnace) 54.783 gm. Find the concentration of volatile solids in mg/L.
Ans. 6920 mg/L

Q19. K = 25 m/per day, n = 0.3 head difference 10m. Length 2km. Time taken in days is.
Ans. 2400 days

Q20. Let ⊕ and ⊙ are two operators on p and q 
p ⊕ q = p2+ q2/ pq and p ⊙ q = p2/q
If x ⊕ y = 2 ⊙ 2,then x will be equal to
Ans. y

Q21. Getting to the top is ________ than staying on top.
Ans. Easier

Q22. Two papers M and N have identical dimension of 6m ∗ 4m.
Operation 1: Folded the paper joining the short sides
Operation 2: Folded the paper joining the longer sides.
If operation 1 is done on paper M and operation 2 is done on paper N, then the ratio of perimeter of paper N to M is
Ans. 13: 7

Q23. Humans have the ability to construct worlds entirely in their minds, which does not exist in the physical world. So far as we know, no other species possess this. This skill is so important that we have different words to refer to its different flavors such as imagination invention and innovation.
With respect to the above, which of the following is correct?

Q24. Let λ(p, q) = { (p − q)2 if p ≥ q
    p + q if p < q
Then λ(−(−3+2),(−2+3)) / (−(−2+1)) will be

Q25. In a company, 35% of employees drink coffee, 40%. Drink tea and 10% drink both tea and coffee. Then how much percentage of employees will neither drink coffee nor tea?
Ans. 35%

Q26. For person P, Q, R, S are to be seated in a row facing the same direction. P and Q cannot be seated adjacent .S should be seated right of Q. Then how much distinct seating arrangement is possible?
Ans. 4


Ans. 15


Ans. Correct Option is [C]

Ques. Following data is observed on a ground where runway is to be constricted

0 to 300m1.2%
300 to 600m−0.7%
600 to 11000.6%
1100 to 14000.8%
1400 to 1700−1.0%

Effective gradient will be? (in%, row 1 decimal)

Ans. 0.0058


Ans. 1.72

Ans. 5√3 x 10-4

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The memory-based answer key for the GATE 2021 exam is available in various formats like image, video, PDF, etc. These answer keys are prepared based on the questions out of the memory of the GATE candidates. Hence the accuracy of these keys can be less, but they are enough for a rough score estimation.

GATE 2021 Civil (CE) Answer Key

The important dates for GATE 2021 answer key are as follows:

GATE 2021Dates
GATE 2021 exam dates06, 07, 13, 14 Feb 2021
GATE 2021 answer keyto be announced
GATE result declaration22 Mar 2021
Last date to download scorecard31 May 2021

How to Calculate Score Using GATE 2021 Civil (CE) Answer Key?

To calculate score using GATE answer key, candidates can use the steps below:

Step 1: Download GATE 2021 answer key for your subject paper. Also, download the GATE 2021 response sheet and question paper of GATE 2021.

Step 2: Now, match the responses given in the answer from the response mentioned in the response sheet.

Step 3: Next, the candidates need to add or deduct marks, as per the marking scheme. It is as follows:

Type of questionsFor correct answerFor wrong answers
MCQs – 2 marks questionsadd 2 marksdeduct 2/3 marks
MCQs – 1 marks questionsadd 1 marksdeduct 2/3 marks
NATs – 2 marks questionsadd 2 marksno negative marking
NATs – 1 marks questionsadd 1 marksno negative marking
MSQs – 2 marks questionsadd 2 marksno negative marking
MSQs – 1 marks questionsadd 1 marksno negative marking

Step 4: When marks are added or deduct for all the questions, candidates get their estimated score of GATE.

GATE Civil Engineering (CE) Paper Cut Off

In GATE, each paper has a different cutoff, you can check below the cutoff score or the minimum marks that you need in CE to pass it. The cutoff marks for this year shall be available with the declaration of the GATE 2021 result.

YearGATE CE paper cutoff
GATE CE paper cutoff
GATE CE paper cutoff
(SC / ST / PwD)

GATE 2021 Question Paper

Along with the answer key, IIT also uploads GATE question paper pdf. It is available for all 27 subjects of GATE, including the session 1 and 2 of the CE paper. The question paper of GATE 2021 contains all the questions for general aptitude and subject paper. The candidates can use the GATE question paper, answer key, and response sheet to evaluate their score in the exam.

Official GATE 2021 Civil (CE) Answer Key

The official GATE answer key is of two types:

  • Provisional answer key
  • Final answer key

Provisional answer key – IITs release the provisional answer key after the exam. It is open for a challenge by the candidates.

Final answer key – The objections submitted against the provisional answer key are checked. As per all the valid challenges, changes and made in the answer key. The updated answer key is the final answer key. It is to be noted that the final key cannot be challenged. Further, as per the answers in the final answer key, result of GATE is evaluated.

How to Download Official GATE 2021 Civil (CE) Answer Key

Candidates can download the official answer key of GATE 2021 CE paper from this page. The answer key can also be downloaded from It is made available as PDF. While downloading the answer key, make sure to check the paper code. Here is how to download the answer key:

  • Go to, there is no need to login at GOAPS.
  • Next, locate the link for answer key of GATE 2021.
  • Then, locate the subject paper for which you appeared in GATE 2021.
  • After that, click on the answer key link corresponding to your subject paper name.
  • The answer key is downloaded in your system as PDF file.
  • Use the same to evaluate a probable score in the exam.

GATE 2021 Result

After the closing of the Contest window, the exam conducting body releases a final answer key on the basis of which the scorecard (result) is prepared. The candidates can check their GATE 2021 result / scorecard with their marks and an all India rank through the login at the official GOAPS website. The candidates can download their GATE 2021 result on the scheduled date.

Note: The Scorecard is valid for a period of three years from the date of the declaration of the results.

GATE 2021

GATE 2021 is held at a national level and in online mode. One of the IITs conducts this exam on a rotational basis. GATE 2021 is conducted by IIT Bombay. Also, the score of GATE 2021 is also used by many PSUs for recruitment. Qualifiers of the exam get admission in master’s programs and direct Doctoral programs in engineering/technology/architecture and doctoral programs in relevant branches of science.

GATE 2021 Civil (CE) Answer Key FAQs

If the official GATE Answer Key has a wrong answer, and it is corrected by the authorities, will all the candidates get the marks?

Yes, if the exam conducting body finds adequate proof against any wrong question, they then release a corrected answer key.

What does “Marks to All” in GATE official answer key mean?

The term “Marks to All” in the GATE official answer key means that all the candidates will get the marks for that particular question irrespective of them attempting the question because the question was either ambiguous, incomplete or wrong in the question paper itself.

How can I calculate my Score using the GATE 2021 Answer Key?

The candidates can use the Answer Key to determine the number of correct answers attempted by them in the GATE 2021 exam, and by using the official marking scheme, you can get an estimated score of the exam.

 Is there any difference between the Official and the Unofficial GATE Answer Key?

Yes, official and Unofficial Answer Key are different. At times, the coaching institutes that publish the Unofficial versions of the Answer Key may not know the complete question or there might be certain discrepancy due to ambiguous questions, the answers may differ. However, the candidates must note that only the Official Answer Key is used for evaluating GATE results.

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