Forgot CMAT 2021 Application Number, Password?

If you have forgotten CMAT 2021 application number or password then you do not need to panic. NTA has provided facility for getting application number. Also, they have provided a way to reset password if you forget it. We have explained here both the things, and also given the links to do them. You will need application number, password to download CMAT 2021 admit card, check answer key, result.

Please note that if you have forgotten your application number, you need to fill the form (link for which we have given here), in which you will have to fill your name, father’s name, mother’s name, and other such details that you filled in the CMAT 2021 application form. So please be ready with these.

Forgot CMAT 2021 Application Number or Password

Click Here if you have forgotten your application number or password for CMAT 2021 login.

Now once you click on the link, you will reach the CMAT 2021 login page. Here you will see a login form, and when you scroll down, you will see two links – (1) Forgot Password, and (2) Forgot Application Number.

We cannot give you the direct link of these two things because the direct links do not open in browser. It is necessary to first go to the login page and then click on the link. To help you understand what to do next, check out the following screenshot with directions.

So you have to click the link “Forgot Password” if you have forgotten password. And if you have forgotten application number, click the link “forgot application number”.

How to Retrieve Application Number of CMAT 2021?

As soon as you click the forgot application number link, you will be taken to a form. Here, enter your name, father’s name, mother’s name, and date of birth. At once, you will get your application number.

Screenshot of how to get application number

How to Reset Password of CMAT 2021 Login?

Go to the CMAT 2021 login page (link given here). Then click on forgot password link.

On the next page, you will get 3 options – (1) using security question and its answer you chose during form filling; (2) using a verification code sent via text mesage (SMS) to your registered mobile number; (3) using a reset link send via email to your registered email addres.

If you opt for the first option, then you will reach a form. Here, you have to enter application number, security question, security answer, and security pin.

If you select the second option, you will reach another form. Here you will have to enter application number, date of birth, security pin. Check sms with verification code. Then you can reset your password.

If you pick the third link, then in this case you will reach a form similar to the second link. Here too you have to enter application number, date of birth, security pin. But in this case you will get reset link in your email id.

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