Documents Required for NEET 2021 Application Form / Registration

Here is the list of documents that will be required for NEET 2021 application form. The process of registration for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test will be a crucial one. Therefore you should do it fully prepared. It is best to click on the apply online link only when you have all the documents, payment card, and other things with you. To apply for NEET UG 2021, you will need photograph, signature, and other documents as well. Some, you will need to scan as JPG, others as PDF. This list will help you prepare them all.

Note – The list here is on the basis of last year’s registration process, and the current JEE Main 2021 application form. Since NTA is the common organizer for both exams, the registration form of JEE gives us a good idea of what to expect from NEET UG too.

Documents Required for NEET 2021 Application Form

1. Passport Size Photograph

Passport Size Photograph

You must have had your passport photograph taken a number of times in a photo studio. If yes, then just do it again – it is best to get a recent picture taken. If you have never been to a photo studio before, do not worry; just google photo studios near me and go to one. Ask the photographer to take a passport size photo taken and give you both soft copy as well as hard copy. The specifications of the photo are as follows.

  • The photograph should be taken on or after the date specified by NTA in the NEET 2021 information bulletin. Last year the cut off date was 01 September.
  • You should not be wearing caps or goggles at the time of taking photograph.
  • 80% of the photograph should be your face, with ears visible.
  • Background should be white.
  • Wear spectacles only if glasses are a regular wear thing for you.
  • The photograph should be a color photograph.

In the NEET application form, you have to upload the photograph as a JPG file of size 10 kb to 200 kb. Instructions for scanning are given below.

2. Post Card Size Photograph

This is another photograph you will need to upload in the form. You need to get this taken professionally too. When you go to the studio for the passport pic, get a pic taken for post card size too. The only difference between passport pic and post card size picture is the size, and nothing else.

  • Dimension of post card size photograph is 4 inches by 6 inches.
  • You have to scan this also as a JPG file.
  • File size of the photo should be between 50 kb to 300 kb.
  • All the guidelines that were applicable on passport pic – background, face coverage, goggles – also apply to post card size picture.

Important note for both photos – Polaroid pictures will not be accepted. Also, do not take a selfie for your NEET application form. Please get the pictures taken professionally in a studio to avoid any issues. Also, there is no need to attest the photographs.

3. Candidate’s Signature

You do not have to go anywhere for getting the signature. This has to be yours. Just get a white paper and black ink pen.

Then sign your signature on the white paper properly. Please ensure that your signature is not in all capital letters. It should be in running hand writing.

Now scan the paper and crop it as a rectangular box around the signature. Then save it as a image file.

4. Left Hand Thumb Impression

For this too, you do not have to go anywhere. Just get a white paper, and a blue ink pad. Then press your left hand thumb on the ink pad, and then press that thumb on the white paper.

Note that you should not press the thumb on the paper – too lightly, or too hard. If you press too lightly then the impression will be unclear. And if you press too hard, then the impression will get smudged. So press it just right! You can do it a few times and see which impression comes out to be the best.

Then scan it and crop it as a rectangle box around the impression. Then save it as a JPG file. Size of the file should be 10 kb to 50 kb.

5. Class 10 Passing Certificate

This is the certificate you got from your education board after clearing class 10 exams. Scan the document and save it as a file of size between 100 kb to 400 kb.

6. Duly verified result awaited attestation form

This is a new document that may be needed in NEET UG 2021. This document is mentioned in JEE Mains information bulletin. However even for JEE students it was not clear how and when to upload it – because even though the document is mentioned, in the form there was no field to upload it. It is being assumed at the moment that this document could be required if board exam results get delayed.

7. PWD Certificate

Candidates who belong to PWD category, with 40% or more disability, and wish to seek reservation and PWD relaxations, should upload the PWD certificate. Document should be a JPG. PwD certificate should be issued by the authorized medical officer.

8. Category Certificate

This may also be required for NEET UG application form, as it was needed in the JEE Mains application form. It is recommended that you get your category certificate, recognized one, for the form. However you may also note that for JEE Mains, NTA provided an undertaking for candidates who were unable to provide category certificate. Such candidates who are not uploading their category certificate in JEE form right now, are being allowed to upload the undertaking, and they can later submit the certificate by May 2021.

9. Identity Proof

During the registration for NEET 2021, you will have to enter details of one of your ID proofs. The options you will get are PAN, school id, passport, qualifying exam admit card, voter id, ration card, passbook, DL. So keep any one, or more of these documents ready. You will have to enter its details in the form. And also, you will have to take these on the day of your exam.

10. Class 10/12 Certificates / Mark Sheets

You will need these documents for reference purposes.

In the NEET 2021 application form, you will have to fill a number of crucial details – name, parents’ names, board of exam, percentage, marks, address, and so on. All these details need to be accurate and as per your certificates. When you fill these details, please refer your class 10/12 mark sheets and certificates. All spellings, numbers, data should be as per your official documents only.

Instructions for Scanning The Documents To Upload In NEET UG Application Form

If you have used a scanner before, then this step will be easy for you. However if you have not, then also do not worry, we will tell you how to use the scanner.

  • Attach a scanner to your computer.
  • Open the scanning software in the computer.
  • Set the scanner resolution to a minimum of 200 dpi.
  • Set color to true color.
  • Then place the document – one at a time – in the scanner.
  • Press the button on the scanner, or press the scan button in the software to initiate scanning.
  • As soon as the document is scanner, you will get a notification on your screen.

Cropping the image – In most cases, you get the option to crop an image when you the scanning is over. You will know if the option is available or not by checking for dotted lines in the scanning screen. If there are dotted lines and you get arrows when you take your mouse to the dotted lines, then you can crop then itself.

Otherwise, you can save the image while scanning, and crop later.

How to crop the image after scanning?

With the advancement in technology, I am happy to tell you that do not even have to download any software to crop the image. There are so many online tools only available for it. Simply google “crop image online” and you will get many results. Some of the online tools I have used to crop images online include,, and You can go to these websites, upload your image, and crop as needed.

How to change the file size?

As you can see above, the file size of the documents should be within a certain limit. However when you scan and crop, the file size is often times really large. In such cases, you have to reduce the file size.

Once again, you can simply use any of the online file size reduce / compress websites. For example you can use, For PDF files size reduction you can use,

Frequently Asked Questions

Qs. What are the required documents for filling out the NEET form?

Ans. The documents required for filling out the NEET form are – photograph passport size, photograph post card size, signature, thumb impression, PWD certificate.

Qs. Can digital documents from DigiLocker be used in the NEET forms (like a class 10 pass certificate)?

Ans. NTA has not provided any concrete guidelines on whether such a document is acceptable. It is recommended to use scanned version of the hard copies only.

Qs. What should I do next? I have uploaded my documents in the NEET form filling process, and it is showing a pending status.

Ans. If you are able to download the confirmation page, then your NEET 2021 application form is submitted. If not, then please see what’s missing and complete the form.

Qs. My name in the NEET form is as per 10th & 12th boards and my name in all of my documents has a spelling mistake so will it create any problem during admission or counselling?

Ans. Every detail that you fill in the NEET 2021 application form should be as per your official documents only.

Qs. Which documents are required for the filling of the NEET application form for repeater students?

Ans. The list of documents required for repeater students are the same as for non-repeater students.

If you have any queries regarding the documents for NEET 2021 application form, then please feel free to ask in comments below! 🙂

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