COMEDK Syllabus 2021 (Reduced) – Check and Download Revised Syllabus

COMEDK Syllabus 2021

COMEDK 2021 syllabus has been reduced. As per the official notice, the syllabus of Consortium of Medical, Engineering, and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (COMEDK) is the same as that for Karnataka State PU Board. The state board syllabus is the same as CBSE. This year, CBSE syllabus has been reduced by 30%. Hence, the syllabus for COMEDK 2021 has also been reduced. However, the entire syllabus of Class XI for the year 2019-20 will be considered. You can check the new syllabus and deleted syllabus from below. Know more details on COMEDK 2021 syllabus from this page.

Latest COMEDK 2021 notification for reduction of syllabusDownload download here

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COMEDK 2021 Syllabus PDF Download – As per CBSE Board Syllabus

COMEDK 2021 Syllabus will be the existing reduced syllabus of 10 + 2 / 11th &12th STD / 1st & 2nd PUC. Therefore, you can download the syllabus of CBSE Board and 1st and 2nd PUC to study for COMEDK exam.

MathematicsClick Here
PhysicsClick Here
ChemistryClick Here

COMEDK 2021 Syllabus PDF Download – As per Karnataka PUC I, II Syllabus

COMEDK 2021 Deleted Syllabus

Here are the topics from the Class 12th syllabus that are no more part of COMEDK 2021 syllabus:

Deleted portion from Class XII syllabus-Physics:

UnitDeleted Portion
Unit 1:ElectrostaticsUniformly charged thin spherical shell (field inside and outside)
Unit 2: Electrostatic potential and capacitanceNA
Unit 3: Current electricitCarbon resistors, colour code for carbon resistors; series an parallel combinations resistors
Unit 4: Moving charges and MagnetismCyclotron
Unit 5: Magnetism and matterMagnetic field intensity due to a magnetic dipole (bar Magnet) along axis and perpendicular to its axis.
Torque on a magnetic dipole (bar magnet) in a uniform magnetic field
Para-, dia and ferromagnetic substances, with examples.
Electromagnets and factors affecting their strengths. Permanent magnets.
Unit 6: Electromagnetic inductionNA
Unit 7: Alternating currentPower factor, Wattles current
Unit 8: Electromagnetic wavesBasic idea of displacement current
Unit 9: Ray opticsReflection of light, spherical mirrors, (recapitulation) mirror formula
Scattering of light –blue colour sky and reddish appearance of the sun sunrise and sunset
Unit 10: Wave opticsDavisson-Germer experiment
Unit 12: AtomsNA
Unit 13: NucleiRadioactivity, alpha, beta, and gamma particles/rays and their properties; radioactive decay law, half life, and mean life
Binding energy per nucleon and its variation with mass number
Unit 14: Semiconductor devicesZener diode and their characteristics, Zener diode as a voltage regulator

Deleted portion from Class XII syllabus-Chemistry

UnitDeleted portion
Unit 1 The Solid StateElectrical properties, Magnetic properties
Unit II: SolutionsAbnormal Molar masses
Unit III: ElectrochemistryGalvanic Cells, Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Corrosion
Unit IV: Chemical KineticsTemperature Dependence of the Rate of a Reaction, and Collision theory of chemical reactions.
Unit V: Surface ChemistryCatalysis, Emulsions
Unit VI: General Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsEntire unit is deleted
Unit VII: p-Block ElementsOxides of Nitrogen (structures)
Phosphorus -allotropic forms,
Phosphine; Preparation and properties
Phosphorous halides 7.9 Oxoacids of Phosphorus.
Sulphuric Acid: Industrial process of manufacture.
Unit VIII: d and f Block ElementsSome important compounds of Transition elements
The Lanthanoids: Chemical reactivity of lanthanoids.
Actinoids –Electronic configuration, oxidation states and comparison with lanthanoids
Unit IX: Coordination CompoundsIsomerism in coordination compounds, Importance and Applications of coordination compounds
Unit X: Haloalkanes and HaloarenesPolyhalogen Compounds
Unit XI: Alcohols, Phenols and EthersSome Commercially important Alcohols
Unit XII: Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsNA
Unit XIII: AminesMethod of preparation of Diazonium salts.
Physical Properties
Chemical Reactions
Importance of Diazonium salts in synthesis of Aromatic Compounds.
Unit XIV: BiomoleculesDisaccharides
Importance of carbohydrates.
Vitamins and Hormones
Unit 15 Polymersentire unit is deleted
Unit 16 Chemistry in Everyday lifeentire unit is deleted

Deleted portion from Class XII syllabus-Maths

UnitsDeleted Portion
Unit 1: Relations and FunctionsComposition of functions and invertible functions
Unit 2: Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsGraphs of inverse trigonometric functions, and Elementary properties of inverse trigonometric functions
Unit 3 : MatricesProperties of determinants, and Consistency, inconsistency and number of solutions of system of linear equations by examples
Unit 5: Continuity and DifferentiabilityRolle’s and Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorems (without proof) and their geometric interpretation.
Unit 6: Applications of DerivativesRate of change of bodies, use of derivatives in approximation
Unit 7: IntegralsIntegrals of the functions√(ax²+bx+c), and(ax+b)√(ax²+bx+c), and Definite integrals as a limit of a sum
Unit 8: Applications of the IntegralsArea under multiple curves
Unit 9: Differential EquationsFormation of differential equation whose general solution is given. Solutions of linear differential equation of the type: dx/dy+px=q,where p and q are functions of y or constants
Unit 10: VectorsScalar triple product of vectors
Unit 11: Three -dimensional GeometryCalculating the Angle between (i) two lines, (ii) two planes, (iii) a line and a plane
Unit 12: ProbabilityMean and variance of random variable. Binomial probability distribution

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COMEDK 2021 Exam Pattern

Apart from knowing COMEDK 2021 syllabus, the candidates must be aware of the exam pattern as well for the preparation of the exam. Check COMEDK 2021 exam pattern given below.

  • Mode of Examination: COMEDK is a computer-based test
  • Duration: The duration of the exam is 3 hours
  • Medium of exam: The question paper will be in English
  • Type of questions: There are multiple-choice questions in the test
  • Marking Scheme: 01 marks for the correct answers. There is no negative marking
Sections in Exam Marks 
Physics 60
Chemistry 60
Mathematics 60
Total 180 

How to Prepare as Per COMEDK Syllabus 2021 Effectively

The candidates can check below some tips for COMEDK 2021 preparation as per the syllabus.

Tip 1: Understand the syllabus of the exam first. Check all the topics in the syllabus and mark all the important topics that are asked in the exam. Identify these in each subject and if required make a list of such topics and sub-topics. This can be done by analysing the previous year question papers of the exam.

Tip 2: Chalk out a study plan as per subject-wise priority. Some topics are time-consuming while others take lesser time to prepare. Similarly, a candidate who is weak in one topic may be strong in the others. Prioritize topics to study and devise them in a study plan. This way the candidates can divide the entire COMEDK 2021 syllabus as per their plan. This shall help the candidates complete the syllabus on time and effectively.

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COMEDK 2021 Important Books

Candidates will only be benefited from COMEDK 2021 syllabus if they have good books with them to prepare for the exam. Check some of the books given below for COMEDK 2021:

BooksClick Here
Physics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK Paperback – 2010Buy Here
Physics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK Paperback – 2010Buy Here
10 Years COMEDK Chapterwise Solutions 2015Buy Here
Karnataka CET/COMEDK-UGET And NEET UG Previous exam papers solvedBuy Here
MTG COMEDK Chapterwise Solutions (11 Yrs 2015-2005) (Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Mathematics) (English)Buy Here
NCERT Solutions Physics 12thBuy Here
NCERT Solutions Chemistry 12thBuy Here
Mathematics for Class 12 by R D Sharma (Set of 2 Volume) (2019-2020 Session)Buy Here

About COMEDK 2021

COMEDK is conducted to offer admission into B.E./B.Tech, B.Arch. It is conducted by the Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka. It is a computer-based test. The test consists of multiple-choice questions from the subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. There are total of 180 questions in the test. The test is conducted for a duration of 3 hours. Through COMEDK, the candidates can take in any one of the 198 engineering colleges of Karnataka.


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