COMEDK 2021 Top Colleges – List of Member Institutions Engineering Colleges in Karnataka

The complete list of COMEDK UGET 2021 Member Institutions has been published. You can check this list of top engineering colleges in Karnataka that are accepting COMEDK scores here. These top engineering colleges are spread throughout the state. And they offer admission to BE / B.Tech course on the basis of COMEDK UGET 2021.

COMEDK 2021 Top Colleges

Following is the list of all engineering colleges in Karnataka accepting COMEDK UGET 2021 scores.

Institution CodeInstitution NameCity / Town
E001Acharya Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E002Acharya’s NRV School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E003A.C.S. College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E004Adichunchanagiri Institute Of TechnologyCHIKMAGALUR
E005Alpha College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E006Alva’s Institute of Engineering & TechnologyMoodbidri
E007AMC Engineering CollegeBANGALORE
E008Amruta Institute of Engineering and Management SciencesBANGALORE
E009Angadi Institute of Technology and ManagementBELGAUM
E010Appa Institute of Engineering & TechnologyGULBARGA
E012Atria Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E013Nandi Institute of Technology and Management SciencesBANGALORE
E015B.N.M. Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E016B.V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & TechnologyHUBLI
E017Ballari Institute of Technology & ManagementBELLARY
E018Bangalore College of Engineering & TechnologyBANGALORE
E019Bangalore Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E020Bangalore Technological InstituteBANGALORE
E021Bapuji Institute of Engineering & TechnologyDAVANGERE
E022Basava Academy of EngineeringBANGALORE
E023Basavakalyan Engineering CollegeBidar
E024Basaveshwar Engineering CollegeBAGALKOT
E026BLDEA’s V.P.Dr.P.G.Halakatti College of Engineering & TechnologyBIJAPUR
E027BMS College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E028BMS Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E029BMS School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E030Brindavan College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E031BTL Institute of Technology and ManagementBANGALORE
E032C.M.R. Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E033Cambridge Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E035Channabasaveshwara Institute of TechnologyTUMKUR
E036Christ University Faculty of EngineeringBANGALORE
E037City Engineering CollegeBANGALORE
E038Coorg Institute of TechnologySouth Kodagu
E039Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology & Management Technical CampusBANGALORE
E040Dayananda Sagar College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E041DON BOSCO Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E042Dr. Ambedkar Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E043Dr.M.V.Shetty Institute of TechnologyMANGALORE
E044Dr. Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Mahaswamy College of EngineeringBANGALORE RURAL
E046East Point College of Engineering & TechnologyBANGALORE
E048East West Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E049Ekalavya Institute of TechnologyCHAMARAJANAGAR
E050Global Academy of TechnologyBANGALORE
E051GM Institute of TechnologyDAVANGERE
E052Godutai Engineering College for WomenGULBARGA
E053Gopalan College of Engineering And ManagementBANGALORE
E054GSS Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E055GSSS Institute of Engineering and Technology for WomenMYSORE
E056H.K.E.Society’s P.D.A. College of EngineeringGULBARGA
E057HKE Society’s S L N College of EngineeringRAICHUR
E058Impact College of Engineering And Applied SciencesBANGALORE
E059J N N College of EngineeringSHIMOGA
E060JSS Academy of Technical EducationBANGALORE
E061J.S.S. Mahavidyapeetha Sri Jayachamarajendra College of EngineeringMYSORE
E062Jain College of EngineeringBELGAUM
E063Jnana Vikas Institute of TechnologyRamanagar
E064JSS Academy of Technical Education, MauritiusMauritius
E065KLE Dr. M S Sheshgiri College of Engineering and TechnologyBelgaum
E067K.S School of Engineering And ManagementBANGALORE
E068K S Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E071Karavali Institute of TechnologyMANGALORE
E072KLE Society’s K.L.E. Institute of TechnologyHUBLI
E073KLS Gogte Institute of TechnologyBELGAUM
E074KLS’s. Vishwanathrao Deshpande Rural Institute of TechnologyHaliyal
E075KNS Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E076M.S. Engineering CollegeBANGALORE
E077M.S. Ramaiah Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E078Maharaja Institute of TechnologyMYSORE
E079Malnad College of EngineeringHASSAN
E080Mangalore Institute of Technology & EngineeringMoodbidri Mangalore
E081Maratha Mandal’s Engineering CollegeBELGAUM
E082Moodlakatte Institute of TechnologyMoodlakatte Udupi
E083Nadgir Institute of Engineering & TechnologyBANGALORE
E084Nagarjuna College of Engineering & TechnologyBANGALORE
E085NIE Institute of TechnologyMYSORE
E086Nitte Meenakshi Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E087NMAM Institute of TechnologyNitte
E089P.E.S.College of EngineeringMANDYA
E090PES Institute of Technology & ManagementShivamogga
E092PNS Women’s Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E093Prasanna College of Engg & TechnologyBelthangady-Ujire
E094Proudhadevaraya Institute of TechnologyHOSPET
E095R V College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E096R.L.Jalappa Institute of TechnologyDoddaballapur
E097R.R.Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E098R.T.E.Society’s Rural Engineering CollegeHulkoti
E099Raja Rajeswari College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E100Rajeev Institute of TechnologyHASSAN
E101Rajiv Gandhi Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E102Rao Bahadur Y.Mahabaleswarappa Engineering CollegeBELLARY
E103Reva UniversityBANGALORE
E104RNS Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E106S C T Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E107SJB Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E108S J C Institute of TechnologyCHIKBALLAPUR
E109S.E.A. College of Engineering & TechnologyBANGALORE
E110S. G. Balekundri Institute of TechnologyBELGAUM
E111S.J.P.N Trust’s Hirasugar Institute of TechnologyNidasoshi
E112Sahyadri College of Engineering and ManagementMANGALORE
E113Sai Vidya Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E114Sambhram Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E115Sampoorna Institute of Technology & Research (SITAR)Channapatna Bangalore
E116Sapthagiri College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E117SDM College of Engineering & TechnologyDHARWAD
E118SDM Institute of TechnologyUjire
E119Secab Institute of Engineering & TechnologyBIJAPUR
E121Sri Sairam college of Engineering. Formerly Shirdi Sai Engg. CollegeBANGALORE
E122Shree Devi Institute of TechnologyMANGALORE
E123Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology & ManagementUdupi
E124Shridevi Institute of Engineering & TechnologyTUMKUR
E125Siddaganga Institute of TechnologyTUMKUR
E126Sir M.Visvesvaraya Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E127SJM Institute of TechnologyCHITRADURGA
E128Smt.Kamala and Sri Venkappa M.Agadi College of Engineering &TechnologyLaxmeshwar Gadag
E129Sri Basaveshwara Institute of TechnologyTIPTUR
E130Sri Belimatha Mahasamsthana Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E131Jain University-School of Engineering and TechnologyRamanagara
E132Sri Krishna Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E133Sri Krishna School of Engineering & ManagementBANGALORE
E134Sri Revana Siddeshwara Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E135Sri Siddhartha Institute of TechnologyTUMKUR
E136Sri Taralabalu Jagadguru Institute of TechnologyRanebennur
E137Sri Venkateshwara College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E138Srinivas Institute of TechnologyMANGALORE
E139Srinivas School of EngineeringMANGALORE
E140St Joseph Engineering CollegeMANGALORE
E141T. John Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E142The National Institute of EngineeringMYSORE
E143Tontadarya College of EngineeringGADAG
E144Veerappa Nisty Engineering CollegeYadgir
E145Vemana Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E146Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & TechnologyMYSORE
E147Vidyavardhaka College of EngineeringMYSORE
E148Vijaya Vittala Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E149Vivekananda Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E150Yagachi Institute of TechnologyHASSAN
E151Yellamma Dasappa Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E152ATME College of EngineeringMYSORE
E153Achutha Institute of TechnologyChikkaballapur
E156Jyothy Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E157Bharat Sevadal’s Aakar Academy of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E158Shri Pillappa College of EngineeringBANGALORE
E159Shetty Institute of TechnologyGULBARGA
E160Lingaraj Appa Engineering CollegeBIDAR
E161Adarsha Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E162Sharada School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E163SJB School of Architecture & PlanningBANGALORE
E165Alliance College of Engineering & Design. Alliance UniversityBANGALORE
E166Impact School Of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E168Mysore School of ArchitectureMYSORE
E169R R School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E170Cauvery Institute Of TechnologyMANDYA
E173Presidency UniversityBANGALORE
E174Aditya Academy of Architecture and DesignBANGALORE
E175Gopalan School of Architecture and PlanningBANGALORE
E176R V College of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E177BGS School of Architecture and PlanningBANGALORE
E178Centre for ArchitectureMYSORE
E179K S School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E180Mysore College of Engineering & ManagementMYSORE
E181Bearys Enviro Architecture Design SchoolMANGALORE

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10-Jun-21 UPESEAT Apply Now!!
15-Jun-21 GD Goenka Apply Now!!
15-Jun-21 Manav Rachna Apply Now!!
17-Jun-21 PESSAT Apply Now!!
20-Jun-21 BVP CET Apply Now!!
30-Jun-21 Jain University Apply Now!!
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