CMAT Percentile Calculator 2021 – Calculate / Predict with CMAT Score vs Percentile, Formula by NTA

CMAT Percentile Calculator 2021 is available here. Candidates who appeared in the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT 2021) can calculate their score, normalization, score vs percentile. These help you assess your performance before NTA declares CMAT result, merit list. Moreover, you can also know about the different CMAT percentile calculator, percentile predictor, rank predictor and such tools available online for free.

CMAT Percentile Calculator 2021

The CMAT percentile calculator is of following kinds

  1. Use the formula for percentile calculation as per NTA
  2. CMAT Score vs Percentile

The exact percentile is arrived at by the first method. However that requires such data, that candidates do not have. Therefore for candidates, waiting for result, the best CMAT percentile calculator is to use the score vs percentile data using steps below.

  1. Calculate raw score
    1. First of all, check the CMAT 2021 Answer Key to know how many questions you attempted correctly, and how many incorrectly.
    2. For every correct answer, add 4 marks.
    3. Whereas for every incorrect answer, deduct 1 mark
  2. Then refer CMAT score vs percentile data to predict your percentile

Note – You will know your exact percentile, as well as NTA score in CMAT 2021 result.

CMAT Score vs Percentile 2021

You can refer the following table to predict your percentile, based on score.

Score Range (Out of 400)Predicted Percentile

Note – The above table is as per third party analysis of the exam, past year trends, and other factors. The data may vary this year as paper was said to be tougher (read CMAT 2021 Exam Analysis), and also due to other change in factors.

CMAT 2021 Rank vs Score vs Percentile

You can check the last year’s top rankers rank vs score vs percentile data below.

RankCMAT ScoreCMAT Percentile

Note – As you can see, candidates with the same score got different ranks. This is because of the tie breaking process. In CMAT 2021, if two candidates get the same score, their tie will be broken using the below rules.

  • Ranking will be as per sectional scores considered in the order of: – Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, General Awareness.
  • As per DOB
  • If tie still does not break, they will get same merit rank.

CMAT Percentile Calculator Using NTA Formula

  1. Calculate raw score using CMAT 2021 Answer Key
  2. Then calculate percentile using formula below

NTA has explained the process of calculating CMAT 2021 percentile in detail. It involves the following steps:

CMAT Percentile Calculator 2021

For this formula of CMAT Percentile Calculator, you need the following details

  • Number of candidates appeared in your session with raw score equal to or less than you
  • Total number of candidates appeared in your session

Unfortunately, you do not have access to any of the above data! Therefore, you cannot calculate percentile like this. Therefore, the best way for you to calculate percentile is to use the score vs percentile method.

Free Tools for CMAT Percentile Calculator, CMAT 2021 Rank Predictor

When you search for CMAT Percentile Calculator, CMAT 2021 Rank Predictor online, you will come across some results. However, there are as such no tools to get predict percentile, rank.

You can go through the exam analysis and expected cut off analysis by some experts on youtube. However beyond that, there is not any other reliable tool per se online.

Normalization for CMAT 2021 Using Percentile Score

In the calculation of the percentile score, the number of the candidates that have scored equal to or less than the obtained raw scores of the candidates and the total number of candidates who appeared in the session is calculated.

By doing so, the candidate who obtained the highest marks of each session will get the same percentile of 100 which is desirable. The marks obtained by the candidates between the highest and lowest score are also converted to the appropriate percentiles.

The resulting percentile scores are considered as the normalized score of the examination which is used in the preparation of the merit list.

To better understand the calculation, candidates can stick to the analysis given below:

CMAT 2021 Percentile Calculation

NOTE: All the numbers and figures showing in the table above are taken randomly for the example only to provide a better understanding of the candidates.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Normalization Using CMAT 2021 Percentile

Step-1: Distribution of Examinees in two Shifts:

  • Candidates will be distributed into two sessions randomly so that each session has an approximately equal number of candidates.
  • These two sessions would be as: Session-1: Day-1 Shift-1, Session-2: Day-1 Shift-2.
  • For further days of examination, the candidates will be divided accordingly.
  • The authority ensures that there must not any bias in the distribution of candidates.

Step-2: Preparation of Results for each Session:

  • The results for each session will be prepared in the form of Raw Scores and Percentiles Scores of Total raw scores.
  • The percentiles will be calculated for each candidate in the session as per the formula given above.

Step-3: Compilation of NTA score and Preparation of Result:

  • The Percentile scores for the total raw scores for all the sessions would be merged and shall be called the NTA scores.
  • The NTA scores will be used for the compilation of result and further processing for deciding the allocation.
  • The lowest percentile will be the eligibility cut-off for a particular category for all candidates.

FAQs on CMAT Percentile Calculator

Qs. How to Calculate CMAT 2021 Raw Score?

Ans. Candidates can calculate the rough score by counting the correct answer and incorrect answer. All correct count should be multiplied by 4 to get the total marks of the correct answer. Then count the incorrect answers. Now subtract the count of incorrect answers from the total marks of the correct answer. The resulting score will be a CMAT raw score.

Qs. What is CMAT Percentile?

Ans. The percentile score is the score carried out based on the relative performances of the candidates who appeared in the examination. The CMAT raw score transformed into a score (percentile score) by using a formula on a scale from 100 to 0 for each session and slot of the examinees.

Qs.  How is the CMAT percentile calculated?

Ans. The CMAT percentile is calculated by formula as:
Percentile P = 100 x Number of candidates who appeared in the examination with raw marks equal to or less than the candidate/the Total number of candidates who appeared.

Qs. What is a good score in CMAT?

Ans. Around 300 is a good score in CMAT. By scoring good marks you can get a good college. Though this will depend on a lot of factors.

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