CBSE Board Exam 2021 in Feb-March Says Sanyam Bhardwaj: What This Means for NEET 2021, JEE Main 2021 Date, Form

With one day to go for Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank’s webinar, the headline on CBSE board exam 2021 has caught everyone by surprise. As per a leading daily, Sanyam Bharadwaj, a high ranking official in CBSE, has told that the board exams will be held in February and March as always.

This news has upset students. Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, as well as the Education Ministry has been regularly tweeting that they want students to send their queries to them, and they will answer all of them on 10th December at 10 AM during the Education Minister’s webinar. And a number of students have requested to postpone the board exams, JEE Main 2021, and NEET 2021.

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So if the board exams are held in Feb-March, how does it impact the entrance exams? And now when can we expect the JEE Main 2021 application form, and NEET 2021 application form to release?

CBSE Board Exam 2021 in Feb-March: The complete story

As per the report, Sanyam Bharadwaj told Education Times that there are no plans to delay the board exams. They will be held in February-March as usual. This he said citing that the board was able to successfully hold compartment exams also during the pandemic without any issues. Also, he said that the board exams will be in offline mode.

Who is Sanyam Bharadwaj?

Mr. Sanyam Bharadwaj is an official at the Central Board of Secondary Education. He is the Joint Secretary and Officer on Special Duty there, says his LinkedIN profile. As per the news report, he is Controller of Examinations at CBSE.

This news, one day before the Minister’s address has upset students as they feel that their concerns have not been heard.

Now there are 2 big questions

(1) Is this true that CBSE will actually hold board exams in Feb-March 2021?

(2) How does this affect JEE Main 2021, and NEET 2021 exam dates, application form?

Let us start with #1.

Qs 1. Will CBSE really hold board exam in Feb-March 2021?

Logically, there seem to be very less chances of this happening. This is because of the following reasons:

  • The month of December is already going on, and until now the CBSE date sheet 2021 for 10th and 12th have not been released. The board should give some time for students to prepare for the exams.
  • Schools have not re-opened across the country. It is true that the education of students has been hampered a lot. A sudden decision like this, to not delay board exams will be impractical, if not absolutely not feasible.
  • Even CBSE pre-board exams 2021 have not concluded by now. There is a lot of confusion in schools as to how to hold the pre boards too. Until the preliminary steps are not clear, how will the board exams be held?

However, if the board decides to actually hold the exams in Feb-March, then there is nothing technically stopping them from doing so.

Therefore everyone has to wait for a final decision, which will come when CBSE 10th date sheet 2021, and the CBSE 12th date sheet 2021 are released.

Qs 2. How does CBSE board exam 2021 dates affect NEET 2021 and JEE Main 2021 date, form filling?

The largest deciding factor of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET UG) and Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Mains) are the dates of board exams.

Impact on NEET 2021 Date, Form

NEET 2021 will be held once. Every year it is on the first Sunday of May. Therefore the expected date for the exam this year is 2 May 2021.

Now if the board exams happen in Feb-March, then NEET will be held on the expected date.

But if the board exams get delayed (which students want to happen, and since schools are still closed, there are high chances of delay in board exams), then board exams may be held in May. And if the board exams happen in May, then NEET 2021 will have to be delayed. There has to be a comfortable enough gap between the board exams and the entrance exams.

And at the same time, the exam has to be on such a date that admissions can be concluded to satisfy the NMC (National Medical Commission) schedule for MBBS admissions.

Nevertheless, the application form of NEET 2021 is expected in December only, or latest by January.

Impact on JEE Main 2021 Date, Form

JEE Main 2021 on the other hand is held twice a year. Every year it is held first in January and then in April.

Now this year, the dates for the January attempt are yet to be announced, and looking at the delay, it seems that the Jan exam will be delayed to at least Feb (Dr. Vineet Joshi also said it last month). But there are still expectations, and reports, that the application form of JEE Main 2021, whether it be in Jan or Feb, should be available soon in December.

Now, if JEE Main Jan exam is in Feb – and CBSE will also hold board exams in Feb-March, then there will be a clash – which cannot happen! So when will JEE Main Jan exam be held if not even Feb?

If the Jan exam gets delayed to March – then again it will clash with board exam dates if CBSE holds board exams in Feb-March. So then the JEE Main Jan will get delayed to April – in that case when will the JEE Main April 2021 exam be held? So all in all, there will be a lot of issues with the JEE Main 2021 dates, and they are completely dependent on the board exam dates!

Expect NEET 2021, JEE Main 2021 Exam Date, Form Date on 10 December 2020 in Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank’s Webinar #EducationMinisterGoesLive

Education Minister will go live tomorrow. He has promised to answer student queries. Since most of the queries are around the exam dates, there are high expectations from him to clarify the dates in his webinar, which you can watch live on twitter at the #EducationMinisterGoesLive.

Latest official news on NEET 2021: NTA may allow students to take OMR sheets with them after exam. This news has come after hearing the court on the plea of 19 students who claimed discrepancies in their recorded answers last time.

Also, the Education Minister has asked NTA to look into the syllabus of NEET, JEE. Other than this, there is no official news on NEET 2021 by NTA or any other official.

Latest official news on JEE Main 2021: JEE Main 2021 will be held in Feb and May and application form will release soon. This news came last month when Dr. Vineet Joshi, Director General of NTA stated related to this in an online meeting.

Also, a related news is that AKTU has scrapped UPSEE 2021 for engineering exams and will now take admission on basis of JEE Main 2021.

The education minister also confirmed earlier this year that the JEE Mains will be held in more regional languages this time.

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