CAT 2021 Exam Guidelines – Do’s and Don’ts, Dress Code, Activity Schedule

CAT 2021 Exam Guidelines – IIM Ahmedabad has announced the CAT exam day guidelines on the official website i.e. CAT 2021 is going to be conducted on 28 Nov 2021. Those guidelines contain all the do’s and don’ts the candidates have to follow on exam day, besides that the guidelines have a detailed time-based exam process that is to be followed inside the exam center. Candidates can refer to this page for detailed CAT exam day guidelines, followed by the whole exam day process, what to carry inside the exam center, what not to carry, COVID guidelines, and etc.

CAT 2021 Exam Guidelines

Latest  IIM Ahmedabad has released the CAT 2021 Test Day guidelines. Click here to download.

IIM Ahmedabad has released the following guidelines on the official website. Candidates can click on the link given above or refer to the below-mentioned points for the CAT exam day guidelines.

  • Registered candidates must reach their respective exam centre at least 30 minutes earlier to the gate closure time. You can refer to the below table for the CAT exam timing.
SessionsCAT 2021 Exam TimeReporting TimeGate Closing Time
Morning session08.30 am – 10.30 am07.00 am08.15 am
Afternoon session12.30 pm – 02.30 pm11.00 am12.15 pm
Evening session04.30 pm – 06.30 pm03.00 pm04.15 pm
  • You must print the CAT admit card on an A4-size paper either black & white or colored using a laser printer. Candidates must make sure that their photograph and signature are vlearly visible.
  • At least one government issued photo ID proof should be accompanied with the admit card such as driving license, passport, PAN card, voter ID, aadhar card or identification affidavit.
  • Medical certificate would be required in the case of a candidate using
    • Pacemaker
    • Metal Implants
    • other devices for medical reasons.
  • Candidates are advised to make necessary arrangements for travel and accomodation prior to the exam day to avoid any hassles.
  • You may use the google map link to exactly locate the test centers and plan your commute to the center.
  • Candidates must affix the photograph in the box provided on the admit card. Make sure that the photograph is same as the one uploaded during application.
  • Covid guidelines should be properly followed the whole time a candidate is inside the exam hall. Also candidates shold maintain silence inside the exam hall.
  • On reaching the exam center, candidates should locate their test lab number, and then approach for frisking and verification process.
  • Candidates ahould only use the mouse to navigate during the test, use of keyboard is strictly prohibited during the exam.
  • A scribble pad and a pen will be provided before the test, which the candidate has to deposit after the completion of exam.
  • Upon reaching inside the respective exam labs, candidates should sign on the attendance sheet.
  • A candidate is only allowed to appear in one slot, if a candidate is found to appear for CAT in more than 1 slot their candidature will be canceled.
  • Candidates must not carry the prohibited items inside the exam center, as this could lead to the cancellation of their exam.
  • Since only one scribble pad will be provided to the candidates, do not waste any page.
  • Footwears with thick soles are not inside the exam center, and garments with many pockets or large buttons are also prohibited. Socks, plain sweaters/cardigans are allowed inside the exam hall.

CAT 2021 Exam Day Process

Once the candidates have reached their respective CAT exam center they have to go through the below-mentioned activities.

  • Upon reaching the exam center, the candidates have to get their admit card inspected by security personnel on the entry gate to get inside the exam center.
  • Now the candidates have to go through the frisking process inside the exam hall. Male candidates will be frisked by male security personnels and female candidates by female security personnels.
  • If the candidates would have any prohibited items they would be asked to deposit it outside the exam center.
  • Once the frisking process is complete, candidates will be asked to go through the document verification .
  • After the completion of document verification, candidates will be allowed to go into their repective exam lab where they have to go through the registration process. At registration desk they have to sign the attendance sheet.
  • After the registration candidates will be provided a pen and a scribble pad. Now the candidates can go to their assigned terminals/computers.
  • Invigilators will announce to the candidates about when to log into their terminals.
  • Candidates will also be instructed when the exam time starts.
  • After the completion of exam, candidates have to submit the feedback about the test, and then they have to deposit their admit card, scriblle pad and pen in the exam lab.

CAT 2021 Exam Day Covid Protocols

IIM Ahmedabad has announced some covid protocols that need to be followed on the exam day.

  • Candidates have to bring their own masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer to the exam center. Without face mask, there will not be any entry.
  • Social distancing needs to be followed at the exam center during the whole duration.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at different places inside the exam venue for the safety of candidates and staff.

What to Carry at the CAT 2021 Exam Centre

Candidates must make sure that they carry these things to the CAT exam center.

  • CAT admit card
  • Government issued photo ID card
  • 2-passport size photographs
  • Transparent hand sanitizer (50 ml)
  • Transparent water bottle
  • Medical certificate (if applicable)

What Not to Carry at the CAT 2021 Exam Centre

IIM Ahmedabad has strictly prohibited these items inside the exam hall. If any candidate is found to have these items their candidature will be canceled.

  • Mobile phone
  • Watch
  • Bag/wallet
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Stationery items
  • Extra Pages for rough work
  • Any jewelry containing metal.

CAT 2021 Dress Code

Candidates should make sure they follow the below-mentioned CAT dress code for exam day. This dress code is prescribed by IIM Ahmedabad.

  • Garments with large buttons are strictly prohibited inside the exam hall.
  • Candidate’s trousers or topwear does not have enough pockets, candidates should wear those clothes which does not have any pockets.
  • By keeping in mind the winter season in the northern arts of India, IIM Ahmedabad has allowed socks, plain sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts insdide the exam hall.
  • Footwears with heavy soles or thick soles are not allowed inside the exam hall.
  • Candidates can wear somthing like slippers or slip on shoes with thin soles.

CAT 2021 Exam Day Activity

IIM Ahmedabad has released a time-based activity schedule for the CAT exam day on the official website i.e. Candidates can refer to the below table for the same.

Slot 1Slot 2Slot 3Activity
07.00 am11.00 am03.00 pmReach your exam center
07.05 am11.05 am03.00 pmLocate your exam lab no.
07.10 am11.10 am03.10 pmAdmit card scrutiny/inspection
07.15 am11.15 am03.15 pmDeposit of personal belongings at the entry gate
(bag, mobile phones, etc)
07.25 am11.25 am03.25 pmFrisking process of candidates by security personnel
07.30 am11.30 am03.30 pmVerification of documents
07.40 am11.40 am03.40 pmReach your assigned exam labs
07.50 am11.50 am03.50 pmArrive at the registration desk & sign the attendance sheet
07.55 am11.55 am03.55 pmRegistration process
08.05 am12.05 pm04.05 pmVerification of candidate’s photo on registration terminal
08.10 am12.10 pm04.10 pmSit at assigned computers
08.15 am12.15 pm04.15 pmLog into the test screes
08.20 am12.20 pm04.20 pmConfirm your profile information on the test screen
08.25 am12.25 pm04.25 pmRead the declaration form and agree to it
08.30 am12.30 pm04.30 pmStart of CAT 2021 exam
10.30 am02.30 pm06.30 pmConclusion of test and sharing of feedback
10.35 am02.35 pm06.35 pmDeposit your admit card, pen, and scribble pad
10.40 am02.40 pm06.40 pmExit from exam lab and collect your personnel belongings
10.45 am02.45 pm06.45 pmExit from test center

FAQs about CAT 2021 Exam Guidelines

Can I take my bag to the CAT exam?

No, you are not allowed to take a bag inside the exam hall. You have to deposit all your personnel belongings outside the exam hall.

What is the timing of the CAT exam?

For the morning session, the CAT exam will be conducted between 8.30 am – 10.30 am. For afternoon session: 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm. And for the evening session: 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Can we use a calculator in the CAT exam?

A virtual calculator is available on the screen of the CAT exam. Any type of electronic gadget is not allowed inside the exam hall.

Is Mehendi allowed in the CAT exam?

Since the fingerprints of candidates are recorded in the CAT exam, IIM Ahmedabad has prohibited the use of Mehendi on the palm.

What is the reporting time for the CAT first slot?

Entry inside the exam center will be started at 7.00 am and the candidates can get the entry at last as 8.15 am. After 8.15 am no one is allowed to enter the exam center.

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