CAT 2020 Slot 3 (Evening) Answer Key, Questions, Analysis – Available

CAT 2020 Slot 3 (Evening) Answer Key, Questions, Analysis – Check CAT 2020 slot 3 analysis, memory-based questions, and answers from this page. The experts of the exam have released the answer key and exam analysis based on the initial reaction of the candidates. To know all about CAT 2020 slot 3 exams like difficulty level, types of questions asked, marking scheme and read below.

CAT 2020 Answer Key and Questions – Memory Based

Hi, If you appeared for CAT 2020 then submit questions here. We are providing memory based answer key for CAT 2020 slot 3 with answers and we will try reply to your answer as well. Submit question below.

Dear candidates, due to the non-disclosure agreement of the questions after the exam, the questions of the CAT 2020 paper are not shared. The following are only the answers to the memory-based questions shared by the candidates. The experts have provided the answers to such questions, check them below.

QA answer key for slot 3:

1. No of workers = 40
2. Trapezium area = 28
3. M-2n=1
4. Age=18
5. 6logb(1/loga-1/logc)= 3
6. Principal=16000
7. %markup=25
8. ab= 2^2017 => 2018
9. f(x+y)=f(x)f(y) => 15.9375
10. Circular race= 4.8 km
11. Time= 11 am
12. Distance 2/3, speed 1/3= 28 kmph
13. area of circle = 205π/9
14. Divisible by none of 2,5,7 = 41
15. Cricketer lowest score = 2
16. 100-999 alteast one repetition = 252
17. Area bound by x axis y axis and mod function = 10
18. Alcohol – 92%
19. Parallelogram value of c = 14
20. log(a) in terms of A,B=> 2/(A+B-3)
21. x(m+1)= x(m)-(m+1)=> -5050
22. Min value of m+n= 6
23. Unique solution=> |K| not equal to 2
24. No. of Distinct values of X+Y= 6
25. Log question 2*4*8*16 wala Ans = 24
26. Percentage marks given. Marks scored= 399

Q. Farmer Gifting 205 Trees 12 plots and the questions for this set were:
1) No of Mango Tress
2) No.of Pine trees in C’s plot
3) Which column has the highest number of trees
4) Which of the following is definitely not true
5) Who had the lowest number of trees and how much
6) Number of Trees with A, B, C, D?

CAT 2020 Slot 3 Analysis

Check the analysis of CLAT 2020 slot 3 below:

Overview of the CAT 2020 paper of slot 3

The marking scheme was same: The difficulty level of the exam was on par with CAT 2019. There were no other changes in the exam pattern. The marking scheme was the same that is +3 and -1.

Exam Difficulty level: As per the students, VARC and DILR were difficult. QA was easy. Overall the paper was said to be moderate to difficult.

Total questions reduced: Number of Questions Reduced to 76.

CAT 2020 Slot 2 Analysis for VARC

For the section Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), the candidates can check the analysis here:

  • Topics asked: summary type questions were easy, para jumbles were very hard, even and odds were hard, RCs were doable.
  • Good attempts: 17-18

Check more details in the table below:

Analysis2020Last year
Difficulty levelEasyTough and tricky
Number of VA questionssoon10
Number for RC questionssoon24
Number of TITA questions57
Number of MCQs2127
Total questions2634

The reading passages were on the following topics:
1. 5 different types of aggressions
2. 5 Piracy
3. 4 visual culture
4. 4 renewable energy

CAT 2020 Slot 2 Analysis for DILR

For the Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) section, the following analysis has been given by the students:

  • Topics asked:  Venn diagram, games, and tournaments, scheduling, COVID-19 situation based and other situation based questions.
  • Good attempts:12-14

Check more details below:

Analysis2020Last year
Difficulty levelDifficultModerate
Number of TITA questions68
Number of MCQs1824
Total questions2432

CAT 2020 Slot 2 Analysis for QA

For the Quantitative Analysis (QA) section, the following analysis has been given by the students:

  1. Topics asked: Coordinate geometry and other geometry questions, arithmetic, algebra
  2. Good attempts: 17-18

Check more details below:

Analysis2020Last year
Difficulty levelModerateModerate
Number of TITA questions812
Number of MCQs1822
Total questions2634

CAT 2020 Slot 3 Live Updates

6:30 PM: CAT 2020 exam ends. With the conclusion of slot 3 and the last slot of the CAT exam, the exam is overall over. The analysis and memory-based answer key will be available soon for this slot.

6:25 PM: This year CAT was held in more exam centers and more shifts so as to the COVID-19 protocols are maintained. This year the exam is being held in 430 exam centers and last year it was held in 376 centers.

6:15 PM: Last year all the ten 100 percentilers of CAT exam were engineers. Of them, six were from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), two from the National Institutes of Technology (NITs), and one from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

6:00 PM: In both the slots, the difficulty level of the exam was on par with CAT 2019. There were no major surprises in the question paper.

5:55 PM: The number of questions in Slot 2 and slot 1 was 76. The number of question in each section is as follows:

DILR – 24
QA – 26
VARC – 26

5:40 PM:  As per reports, in most of the exam centers, social distancing is followed. There is no disorder and it seems like everything is under control.

5:30 PM: The result of CAT 2020 is expected in the 2nd week of January 2021. The result will be available as a scorecard under the respective logins of the candidates at

4:50 PM: After slot 2 the expected marks for 99, 95 and 90 percentile is as follows as per the career launcher experts:

Section Name99%ile95%ile90%ile
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)655750
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)483932
Quantitative Ability (QA)554333

4:45 PM: The candidates need minimum marks in CAT 2020 to be able to qualify for admission in the IIMs. Last year the highest overall cutoff was 95 percentile for 3 IIMs that are IIM Tiruchirappalli, IIM Rohtak, and IIM Raipur.

4:40 PM: CAT 2020 slot 1 and slot 2 exams are over. The distribution of questions in both the slots was the same there were 26 questions in VARC and QA. In DILR there were 24 questions. The marking scheme of the exam is the same as every year that is +3 and -1. The total number of questions in the exam has been reduced to 76 from 100.

4:30 PM: CAT 2020 slot 3 exam starts.

4:25 PM: Candidates are instructed to read and agree to the declaration to start the exam.

4:20 PM: The candidates are asked to read and verify their profile details after logging into their respective systems.

4:10 PM: Candidates are given scribble pads ins the center for rough work. Candidates who have settled can now login to the test screens.

3:50 PM: Candidates are now going through the registration process at the exam center. Here the candidates are asked to sign the manual attendance sheets.

3:30 PM: Documents and ID cards are being checked at the center. Ar some centers candidates are also asked to remove their socks before entering the center.

3:15 PM: Candidates are asked to deposit their personal belonging outside the exam hall. Mobile phones and other barred items are not allowed inside.

3:00 PM: Candidates of slot 3 have arrived at the exam center. Gates have been opened and the candidates are entering the center. COVID-19 protocols are being followed at the center.

How to download CAT 2020 Slot 3 (Evening) Answer Key?

Candidates must ensure they have a strong internet connection and a compatible browser before downloading the CAT 2020 Slot 3 (Evening) Answer Key. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: First of all, the candidates need to click on the above given in link in the color box.

Step 2: Doing so, leads to the opening of candidate dashboard, where in the applicants need to enter the following details.

  • Username
  • Password
CAT 2020 Slot 3 (Evening)

Step 3: Thereafter, the candidate page opens, now click on the responses tab and click on the respective CAT 2020 answer key PDF.

CAT 2020 Slot 3 (Evening)

Step 4: At last, the download the PDF and keep safe for future references.

How to use the CAT 2020 Answer Key?

The applicants need three elements i.e question paper, response sheet and answer key to estimate the scores. The steps are as follows on how to use the CAT 2020 Answer Key?

Step 1: First of all, ensure that one has all of three mentioned elements i.e answer key, response sheet, Question Paper.

Step 2: Next, cross check the answers with that in the response sheet carefully.

Step 3: Now, calculate the raw score and add or deduct the marks as per the marking scheme given below.

Type of Question For correct answers For incorrect answers
MCQ3 marks – 1 mark
TITA3 marks None

Step 3: The marks obtained after the calculation is the estimated score of the candidate.

How to raise objection against the CAT 2020 Answer Key?

In case, the candidate is not satisfied with any question / answer in the CAT 2020 answer key, then they can raise an objection against the same. They can use the following steps to do the same.

Step 1: First of all, the candidates need to login with the user id and password.

Step 2: After the candidate dashboard opens, they need to locate the button for ” Objection Form” and click on it.

Step 3: After doing so, the applicants need to fill in the following details

  • Question Number
  • Type of Question
  • Any of the following options:
  1. None of the options is correct
  2. More than one option is correct
  3. The answer key is incorrect

Step 4: Next, the candidates have to upload a proof against their claim.

Step 5: At last, pay the objection fee of Rs.1200/- per objection through online payment mode like debit / credit or net banking facility.

CAT 2020 Question Paper

The question paper is released along with the CAT 2020 answer key on the official website i.e Candidates need to login with their user id and password to download the same. The question paper is a very important entity as it contains the question number code, question and instructions for the applicants. It can lso be used for preparation purposes.

CAT 2020 Response Sheet

The response sheet is defined as the OMR sheet, where in the applicants have to enter their correct answers. It is provided on the official website in PDF format. The correct answers are indicated in the green colour and incorrect answers are displayed in the red colour in the CAT 2020 response sheet.

About CAT 2020

CAT 2020 is held by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). It is conducted by different IIM every year, this year it is being held by IIM, Indore. The exam is held in three sessions for admissions into IIM’s and other 200+ B-schools all over India. The question paper consists of three types of topics which are Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Ability (QA).

FAQ’s for CAT 2020 Answer Key

Ques 1. Is CAT 2020 answer key released offline?

Ans 1. Candidates need to login with user id and password to download CAT 2020 Answer Key online.

Ques 2. Can I raise objection against the CAT 2020 final answer key?

Ans 2. No, the applicants cannot raise objection against the same.

Ques 3. Is it mandatory to submit a proof for the claim submitted against the CAT 2020 answer key?

Ans 3, Yes, it is important.

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      Wish you the very best of luck for your result!


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