CAT 2020 Slot 3 Analysis, Review – 2 DILR Sets Doable, Calculation Intensive, RC On Screen Time

CAT 2020 Slot 3 Analysis

The 3rd slot (evening) of CAT exam 2020 concluded at 6:30 PM. This was the final slot. With this, IIM CAT 2020 exam has come to an end. Now begins the wait for CAT results.

If you too appeared in the third slot, or are just curious to know how the slot was, check the complete analysis of CAT 2020 slot 3 here. Overall, it was similar to 1st and 2nd slots, with the only difference being that test takers were prepared for the pattern and no-longer-surprise factor.

As always, DILR questions in CAT 2020 slot 3 would also be the fodder for nightmares for many nights to come…

CAT 2020 Slot 3 has just ended. Quick Summary of the Paper is as follows:

SectionNo of QuestionsTITA Questions
VARC26 Questions6 Questions
DILR24 Questions6 Questions
QA26 Questions6 Questions
Total76 Questions18 Questions

CAT 2020 Slot 3 Analysis – Good Attempts

40-42 Attempts overall with a 90+% accuracy shall fetch you a 99%ile  

Sectional good attempts are:

  • 14-16 in VARC
  • 12-13 in DILR
  • 14-16 in QA

CAT 2020 Slot 3 Analysis – Sectional Review

Overall Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult


Reading comprehension was dominated in the verbal section. There were two passages with 5 Questions remaining all had 4 questions in each passage. More inference based questions as seen in the Slot 1 as well and not direct easy factual questions. But this section for someone who has been studying and practicing Reading comprehension well with the Rules of RC by Rahul Sir wouldn’t find it difficult. Verbal ability was doable for the ones who didn’t get stuck on the difficult passages.

Ideal attempts in VARC Section: 14-16 Questions

Summary of Questions

  • Reading Comprehension 18 Questions
  • Verbal Ability 8 Questions
  • The Reading comprehension were based on the following themes:
  • Passage 1: Screen Time Based
  • Passage 2: Travel adventures
  • Passage 3: NA 
  • Passage 4: Economics
  • Verbal ability 8 Questions
  • Parajumbles 4 Questions Moderate
  • Parasummary 2 Questions Moderate
  • Out of Context 2 Questions Tough


Toughest Question with more dominance of reasoning than data interpretation in the puzzles seets. 

Ideal attempts in DILR Section: 12 -13 Questions

Summary of Questions

  • DILR Sets with 6 Questions: 2 Sets = 12 Questions
  • DILR Sets with 4 Questions: 3 Sets=12 Questions
  • Set1: COVID Patients + Blood Group Bottles arranging. —> Manageable.
  • Set 2: 4 Venn Diagram Based. –> Most calculation intensive but easy.
  • Set 3: Game based. –> Scoring of points High and Low Tricky but doable.
  • Set 4: Mango and Pine based. –> Most difficult set of all.


Ideal attempts in QA Section: 14-16 Questions

Quants was dominated yet again by Arithmetic and Algebra. The Arithmetic questions were time consuming and calculation intensive. Geometry was prevalent in the form of Coordinate geometry and mensuration questions. Algebra had a major chunk of its questions from Functions

For an in-depth analysis on each section, overall cut-off, which colleges to apply and how to gear up ahead stay tuned to the CATKing Youtube Channel.

Analysis By:

Rahul Singh ( Director CATKing ) – CATKing is a premier MBA Coaching institute of Maharashtra which  focuses on strategic, engaging and high quality education (

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Education :

  • Harvard Business School (SPNM)
  • MBA :SP Jain Institute of Management &  Research 
  • Master of Information Technology, Virginia Tech

TEDx Speaker at IIM Calcutta and NMIMS inspiring young minds on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

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  • Awarded Leader in Digital Engagement Strategy  Consulting (Engage7x) 2019
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  • Published in Harvard Business School’s “The 20 Years of Impact” across the Global
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