CAT 2020 Slot 2 (Afternoon) Answer Key, Questions, Analysis – Available

CAT 2020 Slot 2 (Afternoon) Answer Key, Questions and Analysis – Get here CAT slot 2 answer key 2020 with CAT 2020 slot 2 exam analysis, questions, and more. The experts have compiled the answers to the memory-based questions and have shared them. The candidates can use the marking scheme of the exam that is +3 and -1 to calculate their probable score in the exam. Check below CAT slot 2 answer key 2020, exam analysis, and questions.

CAT 2020 Answer Key and Questions – Memory Based

Hi, If you appeared for CAT 2020 then submit questions here. We are providing memory based answer key for CAT 2020 slot 2 with answers and we will try reply to your answer as well. Submit question below.

Dear candidates, due to the non-disclosure agreement of the questions after the exam, the questions of the CAT 2020 paper are not shared. The following are only the answers to the memory-based questions shared by the candidates. The experts have provided the answers to such questions, check them below.

QA section answer key for slot 2

1. 2x+5y=99 Ans=17
2. 7 before 3 4 digit nos: 315
3. Avg min max = 5
4. CI SI Principal amount = 90000
5. Concentric circle diameter : 10
6. Discount offered: 50 percent
7. How many values of a,x will satisfy
8. Interest Q: 10000 or 100000?
9. Jack Jim Joey = 4days
10. Log = 1
11. Max value: 1/rt2
12. Partnership contribution: 400 or 1600?
13. Perimeter Triangle Q: s/rt3
14. Possible length of chord = 8.8
15. R-N-M min value = ?
16. Race A B C = 450km
17. Ram Rahim with different circles and 5kmph 15kmph speed. Rounds completed before meeting = 3
18. Ratio of speed: 2
19. Ratio of speed: 7:5
20. Set Theory Maths: 20
21. Sharpner Pencil = ?
22. Spending on wheat: 560
23. Triangle Q = 27

CAT 2020 Slot 2 Analysis

CAT 2020 slot 2 is from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm. Check here live from the center and more.

Overview of the CAT 2020 paper of slot 2

The marking scheme was same: The difficulty level of the exam was on par with CAT 2019. There were no other changes in the exam pattern. The marking scheme was the same that is +3 and -1.

Exam Difficulty level: As per the students, VARC was overall easy, DILR was difficult and QA was moderate. Overall the paper was said to be difficult.

Total questions reduced: Number of Questions Reduced to 76.

CAT 2020 Slot 2 Analysis for VARC

For the section Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), the candidates can check the analysis here:

  • Topics asked: summary based questions, 4 Reading passages, para jumbles, odd one out.
  • Good attempts: 16-18

Check more details in the table below:

Analysis2020Last year
Difficulty levelEasyTough and tricky
Number of VA questionssoon10
Number for RC questionssoon24
Number of TITA questions57
Number of MCQs2127
Total questions2634

The reading passages were on the following topics:
1. 5 different types of aggressions
2. 5 Piracy
3. 4 visual culture
4. 4 renewable energy

CAT 2020 Slot 2 Analysis for DILR

For the Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) section, the following analysis has been given by the students:

  • Topics asked: arrangements, parking slots, scheduling, matrix cube logic, sales figure, voting poll based questions
  • Good attempts: more than 13

Check more details below:

Analysis2020Last year
Difficulty levelDifficultModerate
Number of TITA questions68
Number of MCQs1824
Total questions2432

CAT 2020 Slot 2 Analysis for QA

For the Quantitative Analysis (QA) section, the following analysis has been given by the students:

  1. Topics asked: Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, number system, modern maths.
  2. Good attempts: 16-17

Check more details below:

Analysis2020Last year
Difficulty levelModerateModerate
Number of TITA questions812
Number of MCQs1822
Total questions2634

CAT 2020 Slot 2 Live Analysis

2:40 PM: Number of Questions in Slot 2

The number of questions in Slot 2 is the same as slot 1, i.e. 76. The number of question in each section is as follows:

DILR – 24
QA – 26
VARC – 26

2:30 PM: Toughest Section in Slot 2

Just like the slot 1, the most difficult section in slot 2 is also VARC. However, as per the students, the DILR section was also tough.

2:30 PM: The slot 2 for the exam is over.

1:20 PM: The candidates who will qualify the CAT 2020 exam, have to appear for the admission process of the IIMs. The admission process includes GD / PI and written tests.

1:00 PM: To check the exam day instructions ad guidelines, candidates can check the video here – Click here.

12:45 PM: As per the analysis after slot 1, CAT 2020 was moderate. VARC has some tricky questions but DILR and QA were easy as compared to last year. Read full analysis here.

12:30 PM: CAT 2020 slot 2 exam starts now. The exam will end at 2:30 PM.

12:25 PM: After slot 1 the expected cutoff of CAT 2020 as per the experts are:
Quant: 40-42
DILR: 32-34
VARC: 46-48 Overall: 105-110

12:10 PM: Th result of CAT 2020 is expected in the 2nd week of January 2021. The result will be available as a scorecard under the respective logins of the candidates at

12:00 noon: At the exam center, in slot 1 many students were asked to remove their socks before entering the exam hall.

11.40 AM: Now the candidates can go to their test labs. However, only those candidates are allowed to do so, who got a green signal after frisking.

11.30 AM: As per reports, in most of the exam centers, social distancing is followed. There is no fuzz and it seems like everything is under control.

11.25 AM: After submitting the belonging, the candidates need to go for frisking. The frisking of the candidates is done, by the authority at the center.

11.15 AM: The authority at the test center are now checking the admit card of the candidates. Once the admit card has been checked, the candidates need to move to deposit desk to submit their bag, phones, etc belongings.

11.00 AM: Test center gates have opened and candidates have started to go to the barcode desk to locate their test lab, on the basis of barcode on the admit card.

10.30 AM: Slot 1 for CAT 2020 has ended. The exam was moderate to difficult and main highlights are as follows but to check the complete analysis, click on the button above.

Most difficult section was VARC.
Most easy section was DILR.
There were total 76 questions this time, instead of 100.
VARC section had 26 questions.
DILR and QA sections has 24 questions, each.

Students reaction is as follows:

CAT 2020 Slot 2 Answer Key

CAT is a national level entrance exam which is held in computer based mode. The answer key of CAT released on the exam day is the memory based answer key. It is released by the coaching institutes and teacher, as per the information provided by the candidates who appeared or the exam.

How to Calculate Scores CAT 2020 Slot 2 Answer Key?

In order to calculate scores using CAT 2020 Slot 2 (Afternoon) answer key, the candidates have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First of all, click on the direct link of the answer key provided above on this page.

Step 2: Next, download the answer key.

Step 3: Now, start cross-checking the answers and take a rough sheet to write the correct answers and incorrect answers.

Step 4: Then, use the marking scheme specified by the official authority to calculate raw scores.

CAT 2020 Marking Scheme

  • Add 03 marks for every correct answer whether MCQ or Non- MCQ (TITA)
  • Deduct 01 marks in case of incorrect answers – only for MCQ questions
  • There is no negative marking in case of Non-MCQ incorrect questions

Formula to calculate raw marks: 3 x (No. of correct answers) – 1 x (No. of wrong MCQs)

How to Download CAT 2020 Slot 2 Answer Key?

The candidates can follow the steps given below to download CAT 2020 Slot 2 (Afternoon) answer key.

Step 1: Firstly, access the link of the answer key given above on this page and click on it.

Step 2: After following the step given above, a new page will open.

Step 3: Now, download the answer key that is displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Then, start cross-checking the answers.

Step 5: Lastly, use the marking scheme to calculate the scores.

Note: The official CAT 2020 answer keys are released at the candidate’s login. So, to download CAT 2020 official answer key, the candidates have to enter their user id and password.

Types of CAT 2020 Answer Key

It must be noted that two types of answer keys for Common Admission Test (CAT) are released once the exam is over. Check the details given below.

Unofficial CAT 2020 Answer Key – As soon as the exam is over, many coaching institutes, subject experts, teachers publish the answer keys of CAT. These answer keys are released in the pdf format or in the form of a videos at the social media. The candidates can use these answer keys to have a vague idea about the marks secured in the exam.

Official CAT 2020 Answer Key – The official conducting body publishes CAT answer key online at its official website after some days of the exam conclusion. These answer keys are known as Official Answer Keys. This year, CAT 2020 official answer keys will be released by IIM Indore.

To download the official answer key, the candidates are required to enter their login credentials. The official answer keys are the most reliable source to calculate the marks and have an estimation about the scores. The candidates can further challenge official CAT 2020 answer keys if they find any error in it.

Final CAT 2020 Answer Key – After the submission of objections against the official CAT answer key, the official body goes through all the errors and publishes a revised final answer key. The final answer key cannot be further challenged.

CAT 2020 Question Paper

Along with CAT 2020 answer key, the question paper for the same shift are also released. The candidates can use the question paper and answer key together to calculate the scores and have a better idea about the result.

If we talk about the official CAT 2020 question paper, then it will be released online at along with the official answer key. Last year, the question paper and the answer key were released together at the candidate’ login.

CAT 2020 Response Sheet

The response sheet of CAT releases online along with the answer key only. Last year, the response sheet was released along with the answer key. To download the response sheet, the candidates have to enter their login credentials. The response sheet is basically a sheet showing the recorded responses of the candidates that they marked during the examination.

An Overview of CAT 2020

This year, Common Admission Test (CAT) is supposed to take place in 3 shifts; forenoon, afternoon and evening. The exam is conducted as a computer-based test. However, this year the exam has been held with proper COVID-19 guidelines issued by IIM.

The test consists of two types of questions MCQs (multiple-choice questions) and TITAs (Type in the answer type questions). The candidates are given 40 minutes each to complete 3 sections of the test. These sections are Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA).

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