CAT 2020 Slot 1 (Morning) Answer Key, Questions, Analysis – Available

CAT 2020 slot 1 answer key, questions, and analysis – Candidates can check CAT 2020 answer key and paper analysis from this page. This time there were only 76 questions in the exam. Overall, the exam was moderate to difficult. However, VARC section gave students a tough time. CAT slot 1 answer key is also available here and you can use it to evaluate marks in the exam. Check more details on CAT 2020 slot 1 answer key, questions, and analysis from below.

Hi, If you appeared for CAT 2020 then submit questions here. We are providing memory based answer key for CAT 2020 slot 1 with answers and we will try reply to your answer as well. Submit question below.

Dear candidates, due to the non-disclosure agreement of the questions after the exam, the questions of the CAT 2020 paper are not shared. The following are only the answers to the memory-based questions shared by the candidates. The experts have provided the answers to such questions, check them below.

QA answer key for slot 1:

Q1 . rhombus 6π/25
Q2 . (Cone frustrum 225cc ) 243
Q3. Dye and water mixture- 8
Q4. Simple interest 12
Q5. office travel speed doubles 12
Q6.(x²-…..)^(x^….) 6 solution
Q7. Alloy of metals 84
Q8. A to B B to A … 90
Q9. Log(base 2)… = log(base 3) ….. Log2(1/3)
Q10. 2-7 numbers 3 digit … 21
Q11. desktop and laptop … 20000
Q12 . minimum value of a+b+c 46
Q13.value of a+b (the one with average ) – 6
Q14. Average of aabb – 5544
Q15. TSD increase in speed – 66%
Q16. Train passing pole… 82
Q17. rectangle circle removed 3√π(5+12/π)
Q18.|x| -y <= 1graph ….. 3
Q19. F(x+5) = F(5-x) 20
Q20. illiterate Old people 67
Q21. 2^x + 2^-x ….. 0
Q22. y²-3y+2= 0 Y= x + 1/x ….. 1
Q23. 64 = x^(7-4√3)/2
Q24 . stock TITA question … 62
Q25. 36 ( LOG question)
Q26. Max min of 100 people having birthdays … 9

CAT 2020 Slot 1 Analysis

CAT slot 1 was from 8.30 to 10.30 am. Candidates who shall be appearing for the next slots candidates check slot 1 analysis of CAT 2020 with questions and answers to know the paper pattern, level of difficult in VARC, QA, DILR, and more.

An overview of the slot 1 exam:

The marking scheme was same: The difficulty level of the exam was on par with CAT 2019. There were no other changes in the exam pattern. The marking scheme was the same that is +3 and -1.

Exam Difficulty level: As per the students, DILR was said to be the toughest section as it was very lengthy. Quant was also called out by respondents as tricky. However, some students also said that VARC was difficult while QA and DILR were easy. Overall the difficulty level was like last year that is moderate to difficult.

Total questions reduced: Number of Questions Reduced to 76.

CAT 2020 Slot 1 Analysis for VARC

For the section Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), the candidates can check the analysis here:

  • Topics asked: 3 summary based questions, 4 Reading passages, 3 para jumbles, 2 odd one out.
  • Good attempts: 18

Check more details in the table below:

Analysis2020Last year
Difficulty levelTough and trickyTough and tricky
Number of VA questionssoon10
Number for RC questionssoon24
Number of TITA questions57
Number of MCQs2127
Total questions2634

The reading passages were on the following topics:
1. Chinese economy ancient time – 3 different currencies.
2. 5 Anarchism
3. 2 sounds of seals
4. 5 Migration

CAT 2020 Slot 1 Analysis for DILR

For the Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) section, the following analysis has been given by the students:

  • Topics asked: soon
  • Good attempts: 14

Check more details below:

Analysis2020Last year
Difficulty levelEasyModerate
Number of TITA questions68
Number of MCQs1824
Total questions2432

CAT 2020 Slot 1 Analysis for QA

For the Quantitative Analysis (QA) section, the following analysis has been given by the students:

  • Topics asked: Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, number system, modern maths.
  • Good attempts: 19

Check more details below:

Analysis2020Last year
Difficulty levelEasyModerate
Number of TITA questions812
Number of MCQs1822
Total questions2634

How to calculate score using CAT 2020 answer key?

The candidates have to use the marking scheme of the exam to calculate the score of CAT 2020 using the answer key. Here is how:

  • Check the answer you are checking matches with the one on the answer key.
  • If yes then add 3 marks and if not deduct 1 mark for the MCQ type questions. For TITA deduct no marks.
  • Total up the scores and this is the probable score of the candidates in CAT 2020


Candidates can simply use the formula below to calculate the scores:

CAT raw score = 3 X (no. of correct answers) – 1 X (number of wrong MCQs)

CAT 2020 Slot 1 Live Updates

10:30 AM: Inside the exam hall candidates are allowed to carry masks, hand sanitisers, gloves, 2 simple pens, and a water bottle.

10:15 AM: Last year all the ten 100 percentilers of CAT exam were engineers. Of them, six were from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), two from National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and one from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

10:00 AM: This year CAT is being held in more exam centers and more shifts so as to the COVID-19 protocols are maintained. This year the exam is being held in 430 exam centers and last year it was held in 376 centers.

9:45 AM: The candidates need minimum marks in CAT 2020 to be able to qualify for admission in the IIMs. Last year the highest overall cutoff was 95 percentile for 3 IIMs that are IIM Tiruchirappalli, IIM Rohtak, and IIM Raipur.

9:30 AM: After the slot 1 exam is over, candidates can check the memory-based question and answers on this page. Also based on the initial reaction of the candidates, the analysis of slot 1 shall be available after the exam. The analysis of the slot 1 exam shall help the candidates of slot 2 and 3 to know the difficulty level of the exam, understand the exam patterns, know the number of questions, type of questions, etc.

9:20 AM: Shift 2 of CAT 2020 will start at 12:30 PM. The candidates have to report for shift 2 exam at 11 AM. The gates of the center will close at 12:15 PM.

9:00 AM: Candidates have been given scribbled pads for rough works at the exam hall.

8:30 AM: First slot for CAT 2020 has started. All the best to all the candidates.

8:25 AM: Before taking the test, candidates have to read the decleration and agree to it, by clicking on the accept button.

8:20 AM: The candidates have been signaled to verify and confirm profile information which was filled during the registration process.

8:15 AM: The gate for the exam center have been closed. No candidate is allowed to enter now.

8:15 AM: Candidates who are done with all the formalities can now login to test screen.

8:10 AM: Now the candidates have taken seat and the invigilator is distribution scribble pad.

8:05 AM: Once the photo has been taken, candidates need to check in the registration terminal their photo is correct.

7:55 AM: Registration process has started at the exam center. Here, candidate’s photograph shall be taken and IRIS shall be captured.

7:40 AM: Candidates must reach the respective test lab by now.

7:30 AM: Candidate who have finished all the formalities of CAT can now go to their test lab. At the entrance of the test lab, candidates need to show admit card and the id card.

7:25 AM: Next step is frisking of the candidate. The assigned authority staff is doing frisking to check if the candidate as got any banned item or not.

7:15 AM: Candidates whose admit card has been scrutinized and no issue is found, now need to submit their personal belongings. Inside the exam hall / test lab, bags, mobile, books, etc are not allowed. Hence, if candidate is carrying anything they need to deposit it.

7:10 AM: Now, the candidates who have located their lab number can move further for checking of the admit card has started. Authority at the center will check admit card, details on it, ID card, etc.

7:05 AM: The candidates now need to go to the barcode desk. Their they need to show the barcode on the admit card and on the basis of it, locate their test lab number.

7:00 AM: The gates of CAT exam center have opened. The candidates can now enter inside and proceed with frisking. The exam starts at 8.30 am and gate will close 15 minutes before the exam.

CAT 2020 Unofficial Answer Key

The memory based question and answers available just after the exam are the unofficial answer key. The unofficial answer keys are released by the experts of the exam based on the memory based questions shared by the candidates. These are not the official keys and hence candidates cannot use them to calculate their score in the exam. These can be just used to get an idea of how the candidates have performed in the exam.

CAT 2020 Official Answer Key

The official answer key of CAT 2020 is released by the conducting IIM. This year it shall be released by IIM Indore under the respective logins of the candidates at These keys can be used by the candidates to calculate their most accurate scores in the exam. CAT 2020 official answer key has the correct answer to all the questions asked in the exam. These keys can be challenged, and if the challenges are considered and changes are made in the key then a revised final key is released. Based on the final answer key the result of CAT 2020 is prepared.

CAT 2020 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of CAT remains constant each year. However, the part of the pattern that changes each year is the distribution of the questions in the sections and the number of MCQs and non-MCQ type questions.

The exam pattern of CAT 2020 is as follows:

Mode of the exam: CAT 2020 is a computer based test.

Exam duration: The exam will be of 2 hours duration.

Marking scheme: +3 for correct answer and -1 for incorrect answer.

Language: The question paper will be set in English language only.

Number of sections in the exam: There will be 3 sections in the exam, they are:

  • VARC: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension.
  • DILR: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.
  • QA: Quantitative Ability.

Now as per the last year the distribution of the questions in the exam was as follows:

Section NameTotal No. of Ques.No. of MCQsNo. of TITA

In the year 2015, section wise time limit was introduced in CAT and since then it is being followed. 1 hour per section. However in 2020 as the time duration of the exam has been reduced from 3 hours to 2 hours, the sectional time limit is 40 minutes per section.

Top IIMs and their CAT Cutoff Percentile

The candidates a need minimum percentile to qualify the CAT exam and appear for further rounds of IIM selection process. This minimum marks is set by the IIMs and each IIM has a different cutoff percentile. For CAT 2020, IIMs shall release their cutoff percentile later. Till then candidates can check the cutoff percentile of CAT for admission in IIMs from last year. The cutoff percentile is needed to qualify CAT is section wise as well as overall.

IIM Ahmedabad70707080
IIM Calcutta≥ 75≥ 80≥ 80≥ 85
IIM Bangalore80757585
IIM Lucknow85858590
IIM Indore80808090
IIM Kozhikode75757585
IIM Shillong757575
IIM Raipur80808095
IIM Ranchi80808090
IIM Rohtak70707095
IIM Kashipur80808090
IIM Tiruchirappalli80808095
IIM Udaipur80808090
IIM Amritsar80757580
IIM Bodh Gaya80808090
IIM Nagpur72727285
IIM Sambalpur80808094
IIM Sirmaur80808090
IIM Visakhapatnam80808085
IIM Jammu80808090

CAT 2020

Common Admission Test (CAT) is the biggest MBA entrance exam. It is conducted every year, as per the guidelines provided by Indian Institute of Management (IIM). The exam is held on computer-based mode, around the nation. There are 4 sections in the exam for verbal ability and reading comprehension, quantitative ability, and data interpretation and logical reasoning. The score of CAT is accepted by 20 IIMs and over 200 B-Schools. CAT qualifiers have to apply individually for each college. Then, on the basis of CAT percentile, the colleges call candidates for group discussion and personal interview rounds. The final admission is granted on the basis of CAT percentile score and performance in GD / PI.

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