CAT 2020 Percentile Predictor (Forecast Your Result) – By Career Launcher, Hitbullseye, TIME

CAT 2020 Percentile Predictors

Use the percentile predictor of CAT 2020 exam to know probable percentile versus marks in the exam. Now that the most talked about MBA entrance exam of the year has concluded, the long (or short) wait for the CAT 2020 results has begun. And during this time, the CAT percentile predictors prove to be very useful. To that end, prominent coaching centers and CAT mentors have launched percentile predictors. While their accuracy depends on the number of users, difference between past and this year’s data, they are still a good way to analyse performance.

CAT 2020 percentile predictors have been launched by Career Launcher, TIME, and MBA Hitbullseye to name a few. You will have to enter certain details in the predictors to get your predicted percentile. The direct links to access the predictors are here. And read on to know how to use them, most accurate, and what next.

Name Of Coaching InstituteUse The CAT 2020 Percentile Predictor
Career LauncherUse Percentile Predictor of CAT 2020 by Career Launcher
TIME (TIME 4 Education)Use Percentile Predictor of CAT 2020 by TIME
MBA HitbullseyeUse Percentile Predictor of CAT 2020 by MBA Hitbullseye

Which of the CAT percentile predictors did you find most useful? Let us know in comments below!

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How to Use CAT 2020 Percentile Predictor by Career Launcher?

If you are using the percentile predictor or score calculator by Career Launcher, you may follow the steps as provided below:

1st Step: Click on the link as provided in the table below.

2nd Step: Now, once you have clicked on this link, next, you will need to enter the following details –

  • Number of attempts.
  • Estimated minimum number of correct answers.
  • Estimated maximum number of correct answers.

3rd Step: Once you have entered these details, click on the ‘submit’ button.

4th Step: If you are a new user, you will need to upload / valid your candidature by uploading your admit card.

5th Step: Once you have uploaded your admit card, your percentile score is sent to your registered email id.

How to Use CAT 2020 Percentile Predictor by Times4Education?

Now, if you are using the percentile predictor as released by TIMES4Education, you can follow the steps as mentioned below:

1st Step: First of all, click on the link as given in the table above for TIMES4Education CAT 2020 percentile calculator.

2nd Step: Now, you need to register by entering the following details –

  • Name.
  • Email id.
  • Mobile number.
  • Location.
  • Your Preferred City for MBA.
  • Type of MBA.
  • Gender.

3rd Step: Once you have registered, click on the ‘submit’ button.

4th Step: After this, enter the OTP as received on your mobile number.

5th Step: In the next screen, you need to enter number of total questions attempted and number of correct answers.

6th Step: Submit the details and based on the information provided by you, your percentile score is calculated.

How to Use CAT 2020 Percentile Predictor by MBA Hitbulleye?

The Percentile predictor as released by MBA Hitsbulleye will give you  approximate figure of your actual CAT percentile. To use the percentile predictor, you may follow the instructions as provided below:

1st Step: Click on the link provided in the table above.

2nd Step: After this, you need to click on the ‘sign up’ button.

3rd Step: To register, you will need to enter details like your name, email id, mobile number, select course and session. You can also register through your FB or Google account.

4th Step: Submit the registration details, an OTP will be sent on your mobile phone.

5th Step: After this, you need to enter the exam details like number of questions attempted, correct answers in attempted in each section, etc.

6th Step: Submit the exam details after which your percentile score is sent on your email id.

How is CAT 2020 Percentile Calculated by IIM?

For calculating the percentile score, the performance of the candidate in the exam is considered. The methodology adopted by IIMs for preparing CAT 2020 percentile of a candidate is as follows –

  1. First of all, the number of candidates who appeared for CAT 2020 is calculated in all the shifts.
  2. Based on the scaled scores obtained in each section, candidates are assigned a rank for the entrance exam.
  3. In case of two or more candidates obtain equal ranks / score, the tie-resolving criteria is used.
  4. After this, the percentile score (P) of a candidate is calculated with rank (r) in as per the formula: P = ( (N-r) ) x 100
  5. The percentile score is rounded off up to two decimal points. For example, all percentile scores of a candidate greater than or equal to 99.995 are rounded off to 100.

How do CAT 2020 Percentile Predictors Work?

The CAT percentile predictor works based on the guidelines as provided below –

Analyse your performance in the entrance exam – Using the CAT percentile predictor, candidates can get an estimated idea about their percentile score in the exam.

Check your performance level in CAT exam – In the percentile predictor, you will need to enter section-wise attempts as well as correct answers as attempted by you in MCQ and Non-MCQ type questions in in VARC, DILR and Quant sections. The more accurate you are, the more accurate these percentile predictors will give you the result.

Review your performance – The percentile prediction for section-wise ad overall will help you to check your chances of getting shortlisted by IIMs. This will further help you to know where you stand and how much chances you have to be shortlisted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

Accuracy of CAT Percentile Predictors

The accuracy of the CAT percentile predictor works based on how accurately you give the information. Hence, make sure that you enter the correct data in the tool. However, of course, the percentile score as obtained in the predictor tools and CAT 2020 result may differ from each other. These tools are designed to given an idea of your estimate score. So, the outcome of CAT percentile predictor is solely based on the estimated data available and past year cutoff trends.

Importance of CAT 2020 Percentile Predictor

The percentile predictor for CAT 2020 will help you to know your expected percentile score in the entrance exam. It is best advised to the test takers to use the CAT percentile predictor as soon as your shift is over as your memory is fresh and you will be able to give correct details needed for calculating your percentile score. Note that that your expected percentile score can be predicted accurate based on the accurate information provided by you.

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