CAT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines, SOPs, Dress Code, What To Take To Exam Center CAT

Knowing CAT 2020 exam day guidelines, SOP, dress code, etc. is as important as preparing for the exam. Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore is conducting Common Admission Test (CAT) on November 29, 2020. Only those candidates will be allowed to take the test who will follow the exam days guidelines for CAT 2020. Due to the outbreak of corona virus, CAT is being held in 3 shifts, one each in morning, afternoon, and evening respectively. Hence, candidates need to follow the SOP as well. So, if you are appearing for CAT exam 2020 then do scroll down and check these important details.


CAT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines

First of all, candidates can only take CAT 2020 at the session and center mentioned in the admit card. Apart from these, here is what you need to know:

CAT 2020 Dress Code

Let us start by knowing the dress code for CAT exam. So,

No heavy footwear allowed: The candidates are not allowed to wear shoes or footwear with thick soles inside the examination lab. If you are wearing such a shoe, then you will be asked to remove it before entering the exam hall.

Big buttons and pockets is a no: It is strictly mentioned that candidates must not wear clothes with big buttons or pockets.

No ornaments allowed: On the day of examination, the candidates must refrain from wearing jewellery or any items containing metal.

What can you wear inside the exam center: The candidates can wear these items inside the examination hall; socks, plain pullovers, cardigans (without any pockets) are allowed inside the examination hall.

Metal Implant, Pacemaker candidates: The candidates who have a metal implant, pacemaker etc. in their body are usually required to bring a medical certificate for the same.

What to Carry to CAT 2020 Exam Centre?

The exam is being conducted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, so the candidates have to be cautious about the other necessary things that have to be taken along with the required documents. Check the details given below.

CAT 2020 admit card – It has to be carried as a printout, on an A4 sized paper and must have been printed using a laser printer. Details, images, and signature must be clearly visible on it.

  • Affix a photograph on the admit card.

An original valid id proof – Other than the admit card, candidates also have to carry a valid id proof, as oiginal. It can be any of the following:

  • PAN card
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card (With photograph)
  • E-Aadhaar
  • Ration Card
  • Identification Affidavit

COVID Kit – Other than the above mentioned, candidates also need to carry following:

  • Mask
  • Sanitizer (50ml)
  • Required medical certificate and scribe affidavit (if applicable)
  • Transparent water bottle
  • 2 simple pens
  • Self-declaration form

PwD candidates can also carry Testing Assistive devices (TA devices) – which are:

Abacus (without calculator)
Hearing Aid
Wheel Chair – provided an center, if requested in application form
Magnifying Screen – provided an center, if requested in application form

What is not allowed inside the exam hall? – No electronic devices like mobile phones, watches, calculators, stationery items, wallets, goggles etc are allowed inside the examination hall.

The writing pad shall be distributed at the start of the examination. However, the candidates are required to return these writing pads to the invigilator once the exam is over.

CAT 2020 Exam Day Activities – An Overview

The candidates can check the details given below. The information given below is what shall be done on the day of IIM CAT 2020 and this will be chronology:

  1. Arrive at the test centre.
  2. Locate lab.
  3. Scrutinize admit card.
  4. Deposit mobile, bags etc (if any).
  5. Go through the frisking process.
  6. Get the document verified.
  7. Arrive at block / lab.
  8. Complete the registration process.
  9. Then, locate console.
  10. Next, login to the test screen.
  11. Read all the instructions and then agree to declaration.
  12. Then, start the test.
  13. Next, complete the test and register feedback.
  14. Next, exit the lab and eventually exit the test centre.

The schedule for CAT 2020 is as follows:

ShiftsReporting TimeNot Allowed Entry After
Forenoon Session (8.30 AM – 10.30 AM)7.00 AMAfter 8.15 AM
Afternoon Session (12.30 PM – 2.30 PM)11.00 AMAfter 12.15 PM
Evening Session (4.30 PM – 6.30 PM)3.00 PMAfter 4.15 PM

Guidelines to Follow at CAT 2020 Exam Center (DO’s)

The instructions given below are to be followed by all the candidates appearing for CAT 2020.

  • The candidates are required to reach at the test center 30 minutes before the gate closing time.
  • The candidates are required to make their own arrangements for food, travel, accommodation etc. No arrangements shall be made by the official authority.
  • While leaving for the test center, cross-check twice that CAT 2020 admit card plus valid id proof has been carried.
  • It is advised to the candidates to maintain silence when they step at the exam centre. This includes maintaining silence in the queue at the test centre, during temperature check, document verification, IRIS and photo check, exiting from the test centre.
  • The candidates are required to cooperate with the staff present at the test centre during frisking and verification.
  • To locate the location of the lab from the barcode desk, use the bar code present at the CAT 2020 admit card.
  • At the console, use the mouse to select the right option as answer for MCQ and to use the on-screen keyboard to answer a non-MCQ.
  • In case of any query, contact the invigilator.
  • Make sure to mark your attendance in the form with your signature.
  • Once the exam is over, submit the duly signed admit card to the invigilator positively present at the exam lab.

Instructions to Follow at CAT 2020 Exam Center (DONT’S)

All the candidates appearing for CAT 2020 have to follow these details given below. The details given below are basically the things that the candidates are prohibited during the examination.

  • Do not request for entry 15 minutes after the starting of the test.
  • Do not try to copy the answers or cheat while the examination is going on.
  • The candidates are advised to indulge in any kind of arguments with fellow candidates or staff.
  • Do not use the keyboard at any point of time while the examination is going on. Doing so will lock your computer, so try to avoid this.
  • The candidates are advised no to bring their friends or relative at CAT 2020 exam center.
  • No request for the bio-break should be made while the examination is going on unless and until it is a medical emergency.
  • Do not request for the change of console or exam center on the day of the examination.
  • The candidates must focus on their examination only and must not provoke any other candidate to commit in any sort of malpractice.
  • Do not waste the pages in the writing pad as no extra writing pad shall be distributed. Also, the candidates are not required to carry these writing pads outside the exam center.

CAT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines

Check the exam day guidelines for CAT 2020 given below.

Frisking of candidates: The candidates shall be frisked with handheld metal detector before entering the exam center.

  • Both female and male security personnel shall be available to frisk candidates.
  • Separate canopy / enclosure shall be present to frisk female candidates.

No arrangement of safekeeping items at the test centre: Once the frisking is done, all personal belongings shall be kept at this point. No facility at the test center shall be arranged at the test center.

Social distancing at the exam center: As per the COVID-19 guidelines by the Government, the candidates need to maintain proper social distancing inside the exam center. The candidates are also required to sanitize their hand at the registration desk.

Photographs to be taken: During the registration process, the photograph shall be taken for the frisking purpose. A scan of IRIS of the candidates shall be also be taken.

Temperature check: The temperature shall be checked of all the candidates with a thermo gun. The candidates with any COVID-19 symptoms like fever, cough, cold shall be made to sit in another room with proper safety measure.

Surveillance: The candidates shall be under CCTV surveillance throughout the examination.

No display of lab number at the test centre: This time, no mapping of application number and display of lab number will be carried at the test centers. However, the lab number shall be provided to the candidates after the verification of their admit card and valid id proof.

Bio-Break: The candidates are advised to take bio break (if any) before entering the examination lab as no bio-break shall be allowed inside the exam lab unless it is a medical emergency. However, if any candidate avails the bio-break during the examination, a staff member shall escort the candidate.

Leaving the exam lab: Until the whole duration of the exam is over, the candidates cannot leave the examination hall. The candidates are required to be seated at the same place until the invigilator says them to leave the lab.

Test Day Exception Forms: The candidates are required to sign the exception forms if any exception situation comes up on the day of the examination. The staff present at the test centre shall the candidates to fill this form. The decision regarding the exception shall be taken by the concerned authorities on the same day only and ther decision shall be final.

Authorization Form: The candidates must carry authorization form provided by IIM. This is basically a form of allowing the candidates to carry any prohibited items inside the examination hall due to medical reasons. For this, the candidates need to contact to the CAT centre.

Important Instructions for CAT 2020

CAT 2020 Exam Pattern

CAT is a computer-based test that consists of multiple choice questions as well as non-multiple-choice questions. The medium of the exam is English only.

The exam will have 3 sections in total; Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA). To complete each section, a total of 40 minutes (total 120) are given to the candidates. No mark for the wrong non-MCQ questions shall be deducted. However, for the wrong MCQ question, 01 mark shall be deducted. 0 marks are awarded for the unattempted questions.

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