Best Books for NEET 2022 Physics – Check Preparation Books Suggested by Experts and Toppers

Best Books for NEET 2022 Physics – NEET 2022 is one of the most awaited medical exams of India. It is conducted every year to provide admission to the medical UG courses such as MBBS / BDS / BAMS / BSMS / BUMS / BHMS. In the test, the questions are asked from 4 subjects namely Zoology, Botany, Chemistry and Physics. According to the students, Physics is the most challenging subject in the paper.

Physics comprises lots of calculations, formulas, and rules. To get good marks in this section of NEET 2022, the candidates need to first make notes based on the theories and rules. Physics section has lengthy formulas and calculations, so it is important to prepare from the best books available in the market. Check the best books for NEET 2022 Physics listed below.

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Best books for NEET 2022 Physics

Check the below-mentioned books and their buy links for the preparation of physics for NEET 2022.


The books published by the National Council Education Research and Training are very helpful for NEET aspirants. Also, NCERT books are published after long research and exploration. These books act as the fundamental basis of preparation. Check the books mentioned below and the link to buy.

Name of BookLink
NCERT Class 11th vol 1 and vol 2Click to check
NCERT Class 12th vol 1 and vol 2Click to check

Conceptual Books

Conceptual books of Physics contain several rules and theories. Also, these rules and theories are very necessary to understand as many questions in the exam are focused on the concepts. Below mentioned books are conceptual books that are necessary to gear up the preparation.

Name of the bookLink
Objective NCERT at FingertipsClick to check
Objective NCERT Gear Up PhysicsClick to check
Physics MasteryClick to check
MTG NEET Complete GuideClick to check
40 day crash course for NEET PhysicsClick to Check

Practice books

These practice books provide a variety of questions and enhance your calculations. Check the practice books for NEET 2022 Physics section preparation.

Name of BookLink
MTG Question BankClick to check
Concepts of Physics vol 1 and vol 2Click to check
Problem in general physicsClick to check
Practice set by ArihantClick to check
Objective physics by DC Pandey vol 1Click to check
Objective physics by DC Pandey vol 2Click to check

Previous year’s papers books

The previous year paper is a boon to an aspirant. These books help the candidate to understand the format and the content of the questions asked. On the other hand, this type of book indicates what type of questions can be asked in near future exams.

Name of BooksBuy Link
MTG 34 years previous paper TopicsClick to Check
NEET Entrance winnerClick to Check
33 years solved paper Chapter-Wise by ArihantClick to Check

Important Topics for NEET 2022 Physics

For an aspirant, it is very important to understand the syllabus and the exam pattern. It is necessary to understand the details about the exam because it helps in making a better preparation schedule which eventually helps in getting 650+ marks. In the table below, you can find the weightage of each topic for class XI and class XII.

IPhysical-world and measurement2%
IIILaws of Motion3%
IVWork, Energy and Power4%
VMotion of System of Particles and Rigid Body5%
VIIProperties of bulk matter3%
IXBehaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory3%
XOscillations and Waves3%
Class IX
IICurrent Electricity8%
IIIMagnetic Effect of current and magnetism5%
IVElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating current8%
VElectromagnetic waves5%
VIIDual nature of matter and radiation6%
VIIIAtom and nuclei3%
IXElectronic device9%
Class XII

Significance of Best books for NEET 2022 Physics

Check the importance of best books for NEET 2022 Physics from below.

  • With the assistance of NCERT books, candidates can strengthen their theories if important topics.
  • In the exam, majority of the questions will be based on the NCERT concepts. The preparation books will help candidates to understand the high-level concepts.
  • NEET 2022 includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and with the help of the practice books, the candidates can get in the habit of solving paper in the 3 hours.

In a nutshell, the books for NEET 2022 Physics section will help an aspirant to understand the level of questions that come in the exam, weightage of each topic, important concepts etc.

NEET 2022 Preparation Strategy

Given below are the tips and tricks to crack NEET 2022.

  • Firstly, the aspirant must understand the syllabus and test pattern of the NEET 2022. This will help the aspirants to build and plan their preparation in a better and nuanced way.
  • Plan to complete a topic each day and try to complete it on the same day, if possible. This will build up your confidence and morale.
  • Try to start your preparation by understanding the basics from NCERT. These books are like the introductory structure blocks towards the NEET 2022 preparation.
  • Give mock tests on a regular basis. This will help the candidates to self-evaluate and eliminate their weak points.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Books for NEET 2022 Physics

Ques: What are the minimum expected marks should a candidate score to gain a seat?

Ans: A candidate should score a minimum of 650 marks or even more.

Ques: Why NCERT is considered the best book for NEET 2022 preparation?

Ans: NCERT is considered the best book as the language is simple and strong fundamentals are provided to the students.

Ques: Which type of book is relevant in making notes and understanding theory?

Ans: The conceptual books are best for making notes and understanding the theory. This type of book is helpful in clearing concepts and building fundamental and bases.

Ques: What are the profit of practising from a practice book?

Ans: Physics is full of formulas and calculations and you need to practice more and more. So these books provide you with a variety of questions for strong calculation.

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