Best Books for Assam JMEE 2022 – Check Books for English, Reasoning, Mathematics

Best Books for Assam JMEE 2022 – Assam Joint MCA Entrance Examination (Assam JMEE) is conducted by The Assam Science and Technology University( ASTU) for candidates who aspire to take admission into the MCA course in the colleges across the state of Assam. The questions asked in Assam JMEE are usually from Mathematics, English, Reasoning, and Fundamentals of Computing.

To ace the Assam JMEE 2022, candidates must choose the right resources before starting the preparation. Investing in the right exam books can help you be well prepared for the exam as well as help you get an edge over the other candidates. The right study material not only helps candidates in clearing their doubts but also gives an in-depth knowledge of all the concepts. Books with simplified language, flowcharts, mindmaps, practice papers and colourful diagrams should be preferred. So on this page, we have listed some of the best books for Assam JMEE 2022 that will give candidates a clear idea about the standard study material to be used to crack the exam.

Best Books for Assam JMEE 2022

Candidates often get confused about which books to choose for preparation because of the wide options available in the market. So, here we have mentioned some books which will not only help candidates in building concepts but are also easy to understand and best for the Assam JMEE preparation. Check below to know the books.

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How to Select Best Books for Assam JMEE 2022?

Candidates must choose the right books and study material to crack the exam. Candidates must select the appropriate study material that is up to date with the prescribed syllabus. Therefore, rather than studying from random books, it is better to first figure out books that must be selected.

Check the factors to select the right books for Assam JMEE 2022 below.

  • Candidates must select a book that contains all the basic concepts. The concepts should be written in such a manner that they are easy to understand and remember. The books which use flowcharts and diagrams to explain the concepts are more clear and easy to comprehend.
  • The book that are published in simple language are easy to learn can be selected for the preparation. Candidates can grasp the important topics quickly as the language is student friendly.
  • Consider using the latest edition of the book for each subject. Older version of books usually contains information which are no longer asked in the examination and are not required for the preparation of the exam.
  • Furthermore, check the language of book, syllabus covered and ease of understanding before choosing a particular book to study.

Assam JMEE 2022 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for Assam JMEE 2022 is given below.

  • Exam mode: The exam will be conducted in offline mode.
  • Duration: The exam will be held for 3 hours.
  • No. of questions: There will be total of 100 questions.
  • Marking scheme: Each question carries 4 marks and for every incorrect answer 1 mark will be deducted.
  • Question paper format: The paper comprises Multiple Choice Questions.

Preparation Tips for Assam JMEE 2022

Check the tips mentioned below before you begin your preparation for Assam JMEE 2022. These tips if followed during the preparation can help in boosting the exam score tremendously.

  • Know the syllabus: Go through the syllabus properly and know what all the topics are supposed to cover for the exam. Make a list of all the subjects and start giving priority based on the weightage of the topics. Knowing the syllabus beforehand will help you in organising the studies better.
  • Study material: Studying from right textbooks plays an important in determining success in the exam. Find the appropriate books to read and stick to them. Reading from multiple resources will create confusion so instead choose one standard book to study and revise it as many times as possible.
  • Study plan: Prepare a timetable according to the need of the examination and follow it religiously. Divide your time to study as per the need of each subject. Devote more time to topics you find difficult and also have a proper schedule for revision as well at last.
  • Make Notes: Note making is a very important during preparation as it helps in learning process. It will help you understand and grasp the topic quickly. Candidates must note down the important facts while studying in the form of notes and revise them later. Note making improves memory and you will be able to recall faster in the exam.
  • Stay consistent: Being consistent is one of the most important factor for success in the exam. Consistency will build discipline and confidence required to ace the exam. Consistent efforts will help you in achieving your daily goals without any distractions. Regular hard work will lead you to progress and you can easily track your preparation.

FAQs on Best Books for Assam JMEE 2022

Ques: Is it difficult to prepare for Assam JMEE 2022?

Ans: No, it’s not difficult to prepare for the exam but one must work hard and stay consistent to ace the Assam JMEE test.

Ques: What type of questions are asked in the exam?

Ans: The questions asked are objective in nature. In other words, there will be Multiple Choice questions.

Ques: How do I select the best books to study for the exam?

Ans: To select the best books, make sure that they are of latest edition and easy to understand and they cover all the topics asked in the exam.

Ques: What is the mode of exam?

Ans: The exam is conducted in offline mode.

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