Art and Humanities Entrance Exams 2021

Arts and Humanities can take you by surprise as this field covers a wide range of degrees. The candidates looking to be associated with careers in archaeology, history, literature, languages, writing, media and communications studies, etc., can take a look at the list of Art and Humanities Entrance Exams 2021 here.

Exam NameFull Form
HSEE 2021Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination
TISS BAT 2021Tata Institute of Social Sciences Bachelor’s Admission Test

Benefits of Art and Humanities Degree

Gone are the days when the Arts and Humanities students had a limited scope and options in career fields. Your career awaits in many places, to name a few of the these, we have law, journalism, fashion, marketing, aviation, teaching and more.

A person with creative skills possesses a foundation for a lot of different careers. having a degree in arts and humanities allows expansion in of critical thinking. Additionally, many of the skills learned in the Arts and Humanities have applications in other disciplines too.

Though this stream is not mainstream, but once a career is established in this arena, it is worth it.

Career Opportunities

If you are looking for career opportunities after appearing in arts and humanities entrance examination, do not worry. There are many! In today’s era, arts and humanities have many lucrative career opportunities and job titles for students which are in high demand nowadays.

  • Teacher
  • Technical Writer
  • Author
  • Artist
  • Journalist
  • Content Developer
  • Event Manager/Organizer
  • Travel Agent
  • Lawyer
  • Editor
  • Curator
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Archaeologist
  • Painter
  • Jewelry Designer, etc.

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