Allen Modules for NEET 2021: PDF, Free Download, Price, Are They Enough?

Allen Modules for NEET 2021 are hot in demand. Medical aspirants across India study from the study material of Allen career institute, to prepare for NEET exam. For the upcoming NEET UG 2021, the distance learning programme (DLP) of the medical entrance exam coaching institute is being searched for extensively.

A majority of students are interested in getting the Allen DLP modules from the institute. For them, Allen is easily providing study material (SMP) with the option of also getting nurture online test series (NOTS), and leader online test series (LOTS). Besides the rush to fill NEET 2021 application form, there is a rush to apply for DLP too!

However some students wish to download Allen modules for NEET 2021 free PDFs. We have covered that query also here.

Also, we have explained the pricing details, and whether the modules are enough for your preparation or not.

Allen Modules for NEET 2021

NEET 2021 aspirants who are looking forward to appearing in the national level exam on August 01, 2021, can get their hand on Allen DLP study modules here. The distance learning programme (DLP) by Allen Career Institute is comprehensive study materials prepared by most experienced faculties of Allen.

These materials includes researched content, subject wise, and topic wise question bank based on latest pattern, in addition to previous year question papers and formula booklets.

To get this amazing all in one NEET 2021 preparation material, candidates have to apply online / offline. Once applied the study modules will be dispatched to the students as per the schedule.

To get the Allen NEET UG Modules, please visit

And if you want the full benefits of the distance learning program, please visit

The full study module is divided into 3 sets – Set 1, set 2, set 2. These sets have PCM chapters divided among them. Check below the checklist of the study modules sent to the candidates in each set:

SetDownload the checklistDispatch schedule
1Download Checklist PDFApril 2021
2Download Checklist PDFApril – May 2021
3Download Checklist PDFMay – June 2021

The different sets in the modules cover the NEET syllabus 2021 step wise.

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Chapters in Set 1: The following set of chapters are included in the set 1 of the module.

Chapters in Set 2: The following set of chapters are included in the set 2 of the module. You will get this after set 1.

Chapters in Set 3: The following set of chapters are included in the set 3 of the module. You will get this one, after set 2.

Allen Modules for NEET 2021 PDF

Throughout the internet, a lot of pdfs claiming to be the Allen modules for NEET 2021, 2022 are available. Some of these even have Allen watermarks. However, do not be fooled by these. Only Allen Kota provides official preparation pdf, to the registered candidates.

We tried checking out some of the websites, apps supposedly providing these modules for free. However it was sad to see many of them being clickbaits. Also, some of them contained download links that led to fishing websites.

Considering that the modules are provided by the institute only. It is best if you directly get them from the institute.

Note: All the study material will be dispatched by Post / Courier at address mentioned by the student in Application Form.

Are Allen Modules Enough for NEET 2021?

Allen modules are based on latest examination pattern which extensively covers the entire syllabus. Therefore these can be helpful for the candidates to prepare in a wholesome manner for the test.

However, are these materials enough or not depends on various factors like how much well prepared are you for the exam and whether you are able to comprehend the study materials sent by Allen.

The Allen modules if utilised properly can be enough for NEET preparation, based on the features of mentioned on the official Allen website, These features are:

  • The modules have subject-wise & topic-wise Question Bank based on the latest pattern, in addition to previous year question papers and formula booklets.
  • Modules consist of advanced-level problems which will increase the solving ability of the student.
  • These modules will provide systematic assessment & feedback of student’s performance which will help them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The modules also include material and tests prepared by a pool of expert faculties which prepares the student to compete with the best brains at the National platform.

Allen Modules for NEET 2021 Price

The Allen NEET 2021 study modules are divided into 3 types of packages. The packages and their cost is given in the table below:

PackagesCourse CodeTotal Amount (Inclusive of GST)
Study Material (SMP)3105Rs. 11200
SMP + Nurture Online Test Series (NOLTS) – For XIth Class3110Rs. 15000
SMP + Leader Online Test Series (LOLTS) – For XIIth / XIIth Pass3111Rs. 13900

Admission 2021 Application Tracker

Last Date Name Location Registration
04-Apr-21 UPES Dehradun (DAT for Design) Uttarakhand Apply Now!!
06-Apr-21 UPES Dehradun (MET for MBA) Uttarakhand Apply Now!!
20-Apr-21 Indian Institute Of Art and Design (IIAD) New Delhi Apply Now!!
25-Apr-21 Shiv Nadar University (SNU) Delhi NCR Apply Now!!
30-Apr-21 Lovely Professional University (LPU) Punjab Apply Now!!
Apr-21 Jindal Global Business School Haryana Apply Now!
Apr-21 MIT Institute of Design Maharashtra Apply Now!!
Apr-21 Amrita University (AEEE) Tamil Nadu Apply Now!!
Apr-21 NIIT University Rajasthan Apply Now!!
Apr-21 VIT University (VITEEE) Tamil Nadu Apply Now!!
02-May-21 Amrita University (M.Tech) Tamil Nadu Apply Now!!
02-May-21 BVP CET MBA Maharashtra Apply Now!
29-May-21 Chandigarh University Chandigarh Apply Now!
31-May–21 KIIT University Odisha Apply Now!!
31-May-21 SRM University (SRMJEEE) Tamil Nadu Apply Now!!
31-May-21 Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University (SAAT) Odisha Apply Now!!
31-May-21 Sharda University Delhi NCR, UP Apply Now!!
May-21 Acharya Institute Karnataka Apply Now!
04-Jun-21 Symbiosis (SET) Maharashtra Apply Now!!
05-Jun-21 Hindustan University Tamil Nadu Apply Now!!
10-Jun-21 UPES Dehradun (EAT for Engineering) Uttarakhand Apply Now!!
10-Jun-21 UPES Dehradun (ULSAT for Law) Uttarakhand Apply Now!!
15-Jun-21 GD Goenka Haryana Apply Now!!
15-Jun-21 Manav Rachna Haryana Apply Now!!
20-Jun-21 BVP CET Engineering Maharashtra Apply Now!
30-Jun-21 Jain University Karnataka Apply Now!!
30-Jun-21 DIT University Uttarakhand Apply Now!!
30-Jun-21 BML Munjal Haryana Apply Now!!
30-Jun-21 Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) Madhya Pradesh Apply Now!!
30-Jun-21 UEM Jaipur Rajasthan Apply Now!!
30-Jun-21 UEM Kolkata West Bengal Apply Now!!
15-Jul-21 ISBF (London School of Economics) New Delhi Apply Now!!
15-Jul-21 ISBF (Kingston University) New Delhi Apply Now!!
15-Jul-21 CGC Landran Punjab Apply Now!!
15-Jul-21 CGC Jhanjheri Punjab Apply Now!!
20-Jul-21 Japuria Institute of Management Rajasthan Apply Now!!
20-Jul-21 Quantum University Uttarakhand Apply Now!!
20-Jul-21 Plaksha University Punjab Apply Now!!

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