AIBE 2021 Answer Key: Download AIBE XV (15) Answer Key 2021 Here

AIBE 2021 Answer Key: Bar Council of India (BCI) will release the AIBE XVI answer key 2021. Whereas, AIBE XVI (16) Exam Date is April 25, 2021. Earlier, AIBE 15 answer key 2021 has released at Using it, candidates know the correct answers to all 100 questions asked in exam and calculate their marks. Marks calculation is as per the final key. Those who get qualifying score in the exam as per it will get Certificate of Practice.

Official AIBE 15 2021 Answer Key – Available

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Important Dates for AIBE Answer Key 2021

AIBE XV (15) 2021 Exam was held on24 Jan 2021
BCI released answer key of AIBE XV (15) 2021 on30 Jan 2021
Raising of objections until07 Feb 2021
AIBE XVI (16) 2021 Exam was will be held on25 Apr 2021
BCI is expected to release answer key of AIBE XVI (16) 2021 aroundTo be announced!

Important: AIBE XVI (16) Registration 2021

Memory Based AIBE XV (15) Answer Key 2021 – Available

The memory based unofficial answer key of AIBE 2021 (15) has been published, as per questions-answers discussed by candidates who took the test and subject matter experts. These questions-answers are just for reference. Candidates should check the official answer key for correct answers.

1“Mere illegality of the strike doesn’t per se spell unjustifiability” Justice Krishna Iyer. Name the caseGujrat Steel Tube Vs. Gujrat Steel Tube Mazdoor Sabha
2A is accused of waging war against Govt of India by taking part in an armed insurrection in which property is destroyed, troops are attacked and goals are broken open. The occurrence of these facts is relevant, as forming part of general transaction, though A may not have been present at all of them, under which section of Inia Evidence Ac.Section 6.
3A is at work with a hatchet, the head flies and kills a man who is standing by. Here is there is no want of proper caution on the part of A, his act is.Not an offence
4A K Kraipak Vs Union of India case.Administrative discretion
5A marriage between a girl of 22 years marries her maternal uncle’s son of 23 years in accordance with the Special Marriage Act. Such marriage is.Valid only in north India
6A workman aggrieved by the order of _____ may directly make an application to the labour court or tribunal for adjudication of the dispute and the court/tribunal is empowered to adjudicate such dispute as it had been referred to it by the appropriate government.Dismissal, Discharge, retrenchment or otherwise termination of service.
7A, residing in Delhi, publishes in Kolkata statements defamatory of B, B may sue A in.Either in Kolkata or in Delhi
8A, with an intention of causing Z to be convinced of a criminal conspiracy writes a letter in imitation of Z’s handwriting, purporting to be addressed to an accomplish in such criminal conspiracy, and puts the letter in place which he knows that the officers of police are likely to search, A has committed an offence under.Section 192 of IPC
9According to the classical doctrine of act of state in law of Torts means.An act of the sovereign power of the country that cannot be challenged, controlled or interfered with by municipal courts.
10Agreement is a.promise or set of promises forming considerations to each other.
11An order issued by the court under CPC 1908, as per order XXI, rule 46 fort recovery of amount due to judgment creditor is known as.Garnishee order
12Anuradha Bhasin Vs. Union of India related to a challenge under Art 32 of the Constitution seeking issuance of appropriate writ.For seeking aside orders of government by which all mode of communication including the internet have been shut down in J&K.
13Attachment of property of a person absconding can be done under which section of CrPc.Section 83
14Bar to taking cognizance after the lapse of the period of limitation is dealt under which section.Section 468 of CrPc (Option did not give in the paper)
15Decree holder means.Any person in whose favour a decree has been passed or an order capable of execution has been made.
16Deliberate and malicious act intended to outrage religious feeling s of any class by insulting its religious belief, is an offence under.Section 295 A
17Delivery of some good from one person to another for some purpose upon a contract that they shall when the purpose is accomplished, be returned or disposed of according to the directions of the person delivering them. This process is termed as.Bailment
18In Torts, all person who aid or counsel or direct or join in the committal of the wrongful act are known as.Joint Tortfeasors
19In which of the following case, the offence of sedition was an issue .Kedarnath Singh Vs. State of Bihar
20Judicial control of delegated legislation can be exercised on the grounds of.Doct, of Ultravires, Malafides, Exclusion of Judicial review.
21Magistrate may dispense with personal attendance of the accused under which section of CrPc.Section 205
22MC Mehta Vs Union of India 1986 related to.Olieum Gas leak
23Peek Vs. Gurney is a famous case related to.Fraud
24Provision regarding the filing of a suit by an alien under Code of Civil Procedure is dealt under.Section 83
25Section 105 (H) of CrPc deals with.Forfeiture of property in certain cases
26Section 110 of Evidence Act deals with.Burden of Proof as to ownership
27Section 14 A inserted by the Specific Relief (Amendment) Act 2018 relates to .Power of the courts to engage experts
28Section 14 of CrPc deals with.Presumption as to foreign judgement.
29Section 265 A to 265 L Chapter XXIA of CrPc deals with the concept of.Plea bargaining
30Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act.Conditions of Hindu Marriage
31Section 66 A of the IT Act was struck down by the Court under which case?Shreya Singhal Vs. Union of India.
32Section 88 read with Order XXXV of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, deals with.Interpleader suit
33Security of good behaviour from habitual offenders ios dealt under .Section 110 of CrPC
34Temporary occupation of waste or arable land, procedure when the difference as to compensation exists is provided under.Section 35 of the Land Acquisition Act.
35The National Dispute Redressal Commission was constituted in the year.1988
36The principle of Res Judicata is dealt under which section of CrPc.Section 11.
37The provisions of IPC also apply to any offence committed by.All of the give options – (A – Citizen of India, B – Any person on any ship registered in India, C – Committing offence targeting a computer resource in India.
38The SC invoked the principle of Transformative Constitutionalism in the case of.Naz Foundation Vs. Govt. of Delhi.
39Under Article 145 (3), the number of minimum judges who can sit for the purpose of deciding any case involving a substantial question of law shall be.Five
40Under Section 29 of CrPc, the court of any judicial magistrate may pass any sentence authorized by law except.A sentence of death, Imprisonment for life, imprisonment of a term exceeding seven years.
41Under section 70 of Indian Contract Act, where a person does lawfully anything for another person or delivers anything to him, not intending to do so gratuitously, and such other person enjoys the benefit thereof, the letter is bound to make the compensation to the former in respect of, or to restore the thing so done or delivered. This principle is known as.
42Under the Land Acquisition Act, the expression “Land” includes.Benefits to arise out of the land, things attached to the earth, Things permanently fastened to anything attached on the earth – (All of the above)
43Under the Patent Act, which of the following are not Patentable?All of the given options
44Vis majors mean.Act of god.
45Voluntarily throwing or attempting to throw acid is an offence punishable under.Section 326 B of IPC
46What is the limitation period applicable to the three forums in entertaining the complaint under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.Two years from the date on which the cause of action has arisen
47Which provision under CrPc1973 deals with the procedure to be adopted by the magistrate to record confessions and statements?Section 164
48World Intellectual Property Organization has replaced which of the following.BIRPI
49X, Y, Z, jointly promise to pay A an amount of Rs 50,000, subsequently S, Y became untraceable. Can A compel Z to pay?A can under section 43 para 1.
50Indemnity Contract is defined under?Section 124 of the Indian Contract Act.

How to download AIBE Answer Key 2021?

Bar Council of India releases AIBE answer key 2021 on the official website, that is The process of obtaining it is to simply go to the website and download it there. Nevertheless I have explained the step by step process here so that things are simple for you on the day.

Step 1: Go to the official website,

Step 2: Once there, you will see that there are three sections on the page – a left sidebar, a middle notifications section, and right side bar also for notifications. Now here on this page, the middle part, BCI publishes all notifications one by one. The answer key download link will also be available here. Please locate and click it.

OR, you can avoid the hassle of above steps, and simply click the direct link to download answer key that we will provide on this page as soon as BCI releases it!

The AIBE 2021 answer key is issued as a PDF.

Calculate Score Using AIBE 2021 Answer Key

One of the most important reasons of getting the answer key is to be able to calculate score, before result is announced. After taking such a critical exam, you are anxious to know how well you performed. This is where the answer key helps.

Thus, download the answer key and match the answers in it with the answers you have marked.

Then, use the marking scheme to calculate your score.

The marking scheme in AIBE 2021 is as follows:

Is answer right / wrong / not attempted?Marks for it
Correct Answer+1
Incorrect Answer0
Unattempted question0

Therefore, the score you get in the All India Bar Examination is as follows:

Your score in AIBE 2021 = Number of correct answers x 1

AIBE Answer Key 2021 – Submit Objections

After you have downloaded the answer key, you may come across some dubious questions. In this case, you will want to tell Bar Council of India about them, so that you and other candidates do not lose marks because of it. To enable you to do that, BCI provides AIBE 2021 answer key objection facility. The process of submitting objections is as follows:

  • Note down all dubious / incorrect questions or answers in one place.
  • Use the objection link above to inform which questions you find incorrect.
  • Give remark of why the answer key wrong.
  • Also give proof of why you think those questions are incorrect.
  • Attach reference documents in support of your argument.

You should ensure that you send the objection within the deadline. If you send email on any date after the last date, then even if your objection is valid, it will not be accepted.

There is no fee for submitting objections.

AIBE 2021 Answer Key – Provisional and Final Answer Keys

Bar Council of India releases the AIBE answer key two times. The answer key that it releases first is the provisional answer key. And the answer key it releases after looking into the objections of all candidates is the final answer key.

The difference between them is that the provisional answer key contains answers that BCI deems correct initially. Whereas the final one contains answers that it has decided to be correct after considering all genuine objections.

Some answers may vary between the two versions. Result of AIBE 2021 is declared on the basis of final answer key only.

After Issuance of AIBE Final Answer Key 2021 – AIBE 2021 Result, Cut off, Certificate of Practice

As mentioned above, BCI will calculate the scores of all candidates on the basis of the final AIBE 2021 answer key. Marking scheme for the same is +1 for correct answer, and nil for incorrect and not-attempted questions.

AIBE is a qualifying exam. That is, there is no ranking et al in it. Instead, the exam tells whether you have qualified to get the CERTIFICATE OF PRACTICE or not.

How to check AIBE 2021 Result?

  • Visit
  • In the first sidebar, locate the link for AIBE XV Result 2021, or AIBE XVI Result 2021, depending on the exam you appeared in. Click the link.
  • You reach the AIBE 2021 result check login page. Here, enter your roll number and date of birth. Then click the submit button.
  • The result of AIBE 2021 appears on your screen!

After the release of the final answer key, the Bar Council of India publishes the AIBE 2021 result. Candidates who have appeared the exam can check their result by submitting their user id and password. The result determines the qualification status of the applicants. Also, the AIBE qualified candidates receive a “Certificate of Practice (COP)”.

How to obtain the BCI Certificate of Practice?

To obtain the COP, the applicants have to carry their AIBE Admit Card, along with the fee receipt of the AIBE 2021 examination to their State Bar Council. Candidates must note that the certificate is not sent by post. With the help of the COP, candidates can practice advocate anywhere in India.

Composition of AIBE 2021 Question Paper and Answer Key

All the questions in the All India Bar Examination 2021 are asked from the syllabus. As a result, all the answers and questions comprise of topics of the syllabus, which are as follows.

S.No.TopicNumber of questions
1Constitutional Law10
2I.P.C (Indian Penal Code)8
3Cr.P.C (Criminal Procedure Code)10
4C.P.C (Code of Civil Procedure)10
5Evidence Act8
6Alternative Dispute Redressal including Arbitration Act4
7Family Law8
8Public Interest Litigation4
9Administrative Law3
10Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional Misconduct under BCI rules4
11Company Law2
12Environmental Law2
13Cyber Law2
14Labour & Industrial Laws4
15Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Act and Consumer Protection Law5
16Law related to Taxation4
17Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Property Laws, Negotiable Instrument Act8
18Land Acquisition Act2
19Intellectual Property Laws2

Frequently Asked Questions on AIBE 2021 Answer Key

Qs. When will AIBE XV answer key release?

Ans. Bar Council of India will release the AIBE XV answer key on 30th January 2021.

Qs. Where can I download the Answer key of AIBE XV/XVI?

Ans. Candidates can download the solution key at

Qs. Can we raise objections for the answer key?

Ans. Yes, you can submit your objections / questions on the AIBE answer key via email.

Qs. How to download the AIBE answer key 2021?

Ans. In order to download the AIBE answer key 2021, go to and click on the AIBE 15 answer key 2021, or AIBE 16 answer key 2021 link. Or download directly from this page.

Qs. How to calculate score using the answer key?

Ans. To calculate score using the answer key, add 1 mark for every correct answer. There is no negative marking in the All India Bar Examination.

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